Tamara Exposed

Tamara Exposed

Adorable Romaine

Version: v0.9.7 The Next Chapter

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Game Info

Name: Tamara Exposed

Version: v0.9.7 The Next Chapter

Updated: 2024-04-17 16:43:17

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, BDSM, Blackmail, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Female protagonist, Groping, Group Sex, Handjob, humiliation, Oral Sex, Rape, Sandbox, Sex Toys, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex


Tamara Exposed: Unveiling Desires, Embracing Liberation

Adorable Romaine’s “Tamara Exposed” picks up where “The Beginning” left off, delving deeper into Tamara’s newfound exhibitionism and the profound impact it has on her life and the lives of her closest friends. This erotic visual novel explores themes of self-discovery, female empowerment, and the exhilarating liberation that comes with embracing one’s sexuality.

Tamara Exposed isn’t your typical public exposure story. While the initial incident may have been accidental, Tamara discovers a thrilling sense of liberation in baring all. The public’s reactions – a mix of shock, fascination, and even secret admiration – fuels her newfound confidence. Soon, public nudity becomes more than just an impulsive act; it transforms into a way for Tamara to reclaim her body and explore her sexuality on her own terms.

The game features a close-knit group of friends – Tamara, the bold and adventurous leader; Sarah, the supportive and curious voice of reason; and Nadia, the shy but secretly adventurous artist. As Tamara delves deeper into public exposure, her friends are drawn into her world. Sarah, initially hesitant, finds herself increasingly intrigued by Tamara’s newfound confidence and the freedom it exudes. Nadia, inspired by Tamara’s liberation, begins to explore her own sensuality through voyeurism and artistic expression.

Tamara Exposed offers a diverse and inclusive approach to intimacy. The game explores the sensuality of public exposure, both from Tamara’s perspective and from the reactions she elicits. Will you choose to expose yourself in crowded streets, seeking the thrill of public scrutiny? Or will you target specific individuals, testing the boundaries of intimacy and exploring the potential for voyeuristic encounters with your friends?

Tamara Exposed is a celebration of female sexuality and the power of female friendship. Can Tamara navigate the world of public exposure without succumbing to recklessness? Will her friends embrace her journey, or will their relationship be strained by her newfound desires? The game offers multiple branching storylines and diverse sexual encounters, allowing you to shape Tamara’s journey and explore the desires of all the characters.

Are you ready to embark on Tamara’s journey of self-discovery? Will you guide her towards uninhibited public exposure or explore the sensual possibilities with her close-knit group of friends? Dive into Tamara Exposed and discover the answer.


104. The new subs imagination”:
A new substitute teacher at Tamara’s college has an interesting imagination…….
105. Sarita Bunny
Trevor tells Sarita to dress like a bunny…….
106. Tanjas little show
Tanja catches Norm jerking off and decides to help…..
107. Cheerleader tryouts
Mia wants to become a cheerleader and is trying to get the boys votes….
108. Sarita’s pet
Sarita and Shobana having fun at the porn store….
109. Horseplay
Tamara wakes up in a shed and is put to work……..(Lewdpatch required for full story)
110. Confused substitute
The substitute teacher doesn’t know what’s real anymore…….

96. The devil in me
Tanja is getting help with her evil side…..
97. Tanja has a new job
Tanja discovered a money maker in the park…..
98. Bambi in the morning
Bambi does yoga after jogging…..
99. Tamara goes for a hike
Tamara decided to go for a walk to the lake enjoying her freedom….
100. Tamara the hunter
Tamara is hunting for perverts trying to lurk her into places….
101. Tamaras new look
Tamara is changing her hairstyle to be a better hunter…..
102. Naked Yoga
Tamara does naked yoga in the park…for a reason…..
103. Farmers
Tamara ends up on a farm on the way home……..

86. Drone thief
A guy tries to take advantage while Tamara is tied up…..
87. Tanja does it again
Tanja and public transport…hahaha……
88. Tamara’s drone video
Tamara is going back home to check out her video…but not directly…..
89. Lupe and her bicycle
Lupe is telling a story about riding a bike…..”
90. Public swimming
After her..ahem…bike ride, Lupe goes for a swim…..
91. Lupe and Rex
While trying to find some clothing Lupe has an interesting experience with a dog called Rex….”
92. Old pervert”:
Lupe trusts the old guy from the cafe while hiding from her classmates…..
93. Watching friends
Lupe is watching some of her friends getting naughty…..
94. Lupe and Snake
Lupe meets a very drunk gangster on the way home and can’t resist to do something really naughty…..
95. Sarita, Shobana and pimps
Sarita wants to get back at Shobana and gets more than she bargained for…..

77. Table delivery
Tamara gets a delivery and forgot something important…..
78. Lupe
Tamara is checking her Onlyfans account and get’s some interesting messages…..”
79. Nice view
Lupe is telling Tamara a story about a place with a nice view…
80. Lupe at night
Lupe has some fun at night…..
81. Lupe at the butcher
Lupe is picking up some stuff from the butcher and get’s caught by the policia…..
82. Lupe and Diego
Lupe shows Diego how brave she is…..
83. Food delivery
Tamara ordered some food but can’t pay…..
84. Drone
Tamara is trying her new drone…..
85. The flasher
Tamara meets someone with similar interests…..
86. Girls night
While Tamara has fun with her drone, Sarita and Tanja do something naughty…..

72. Classroom fun
Tanja is having some fun with Norm during class…..
73. Sarita and the bum
Tamara and Mia have a discussion while Sarita is having some fun….
74. Sarita can’t say no..
Sarita should really go home….instead she does as she told…..
75. Trying stuff
Tamara is trying some clothes she found in a box…someone is watching…..
76. Showing off
Tamara and the girls taking turns showing interesting outfits to some guys on a bench…..

65. Tanja and Norm
Tanja meets Norm on the bus…..
66. Meeting Yvonne
Tamara and Sarita are meeting Yvonne..one of mom’s old friends…..
67. Yvonne and Cora
Yvonne tells the girls how Tamara’s mom and her became friends….
68. Playing at school
Yvonne and Cora have some fun in school…..
69. Roller skating in the 80s
Cora and Yvonne going rollerskating in very interesting outfits…..
70. Girls on the way
Sarita, Tamara and Mia are on the way to an appointment with Ashley…..
71. Tanjas pictures
Tanja is going back to college despite being suspended and decides to take some pictures…..

In order to follow the whole Tamara story start with “Tamara Exposed – The Beginning v1.0”. This version is now complete.

“Tamara Exposed – The next Chapter” carries on with that story. The current public version is 0.5. Patreon and Subscribestar are at 0.6

“Tamara Exposed – Chapter 2” has been replaced by “The Next Chapter”. It is still worth playing as there are a lot of short stories I have done differently in the replacement.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Please play “The Beginning” first for the story to make sense. “The Next Chapter” is a remake of “Chapter 2”.


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