Takei's Journey

Takei’s Journey


Version: v0.24.2 P2

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Takei’s Journey: A Legacy of Forbidden Pleasure

Ferrum’s Takei’s Journey throws you headfirst into a world where ancestral duty collides with untamed desires. This is no ordinary tale of a lone warrior saving the day. It’s a provocative exploration of sexuality and the hidden legacy passed down through the generations of the Takei clan.

For centuries, the Takei family has lived a seemingly ordinary life, blending into the civilian populace. However, beneath the surface lies a powerful lineage of warriors, protectors of a forbidden secret. You, the last remaining Takei heir, are thrust into the spotlight when a ruthless enemy, the embodiment of your family’s ancient rival, launches a vicious attack. Her motives are shrouded in mystery, but one thing is certain – she’ll stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

Suddenly, the weight of your heritage crashes down upon you. You must not only unravel the secrets your family has shielded from you but also master the ancient fighting techniques passed down through the bloodline. But fear not, for you won’t embark on this Takei’s Journey alone.

A clandestine sect of kunoichi, the protectors of your lineage, emerge from the shadows. These skilled and alluring women offer not just their combat prowess but also a unique form of support. Their training emphasizes a blend of physical and sensual arts, a lineage of pleasure intertwined with combat mastery.

As you train alongside these kunoichi, the lines between duty and desire blur. Each encounter unlocks a deeper understanding of your lineage’s legacy, revealing a hidden truth: the Takei clan’s strength lies not just in their martial prowess but also in their ability to harness forbidden desires and channel them into potent weapons.

Takei’s Journey transcends the typical “save the damsel in distress” narrative. Here, the damsels are every bit as capable as you, and the path to victory lies in a potent combination of combat and erotic awakening. Each rescued family member unlocks a new aspect of your forbidden heritage, and each kunoichi offers a unique perspective on the art of pleasure and power.

Are You Ready to Claim Your Forbidden Legacy?

Takei’s Journey is an experience unlike any other. It’s a game that explores the depths of human desire, unveils the secrets of a hidden lineage, and offers a journey of self-discovery fueled by forbidden pleasures. Do you have the courage to embrace your heritage, master the art of combat and seduction, and write the next chapter in the Takei’s Journey?


v0.24.2 Part 2

  • 680k + Words
  • 2 New Sarada Events
  • 2 New Eida Events
  • 2 New Sumire Events
  • 2 New Hako Events
  • 2 New Yodo Events
  • 2 New Tsunade Events
  • 2 New Mei Events
  • 2 New Anko Events
  • 1 New Team Fun (Lady Takei + Ino)
  • 7 New Animations (H-Scene)
  • Improved dialogue
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • 400+ New Images

v0.24.1 Part 1

  • 635k + Words
  • 2 New Tenten Events
  • 2 New Himawari Events (*)
  • 2 New Namida Events
  • 2 New Temari Events
  • 2 New Kurotsuchi Events
  • 2 New Moegi Events
  • 2 New Chocho Events
  • 1 New Team Fun (Wasabi + Namida)
  • 7 New Animations (H-Scene)
  • Improved dialogue
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • 350+ New Images

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Ferrum – Patreon – Discord

  1. This game contains flashing images that may impact people with epilepsy. Please play at your own risk.​
  2. The game contains no NTR content​
  3. Hima Patch unlocks her content, but first, you need to progress with Hinata. It also unlocks Yuina Itomaki, Hako Kuroi, and some extra content.​


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