Take a Break

Take a Break

Star Chest Games

Version: v0.3

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Game Info

Name: Take a Break

Version: v0.3

Updated: 2024-04-27 16:47:43

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Android, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, adventure, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Fantasy, female domination, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Monster Girl, Vaginal Sex


Take a Break: Where Relaxation Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Star Chest Games’ “Take a Break” isn’t your typical slice-of-life game. Sure, you’ll experience the familiar rhythms of daily life – making coffee, catching up on work, and unwinding after a long day. But beneath the surface of this seemingly ordinary apartment complex lies a world of unexpected erotic encounters and hilarious mishaps.

You step into the shoes of Alex, a young man who’s just moved into a vibrant apartment complex teeming with life. However, his new bachelor pad dreams are quickly upended when he discovers his next-door neighbors are none other than the stunning Reina, a free-spirited artist with a penchant for spontaneous nudity, and the equally captivating but more reserved programmer, Yuri.

“Take a Break” thrives on its exploration of unexpected intimacy. Living in close proximity to two beautiful women naturally leads to a series of hilarious misunderstandings and near-misses. Imagine catching Reina out of the shower, her laughter echoing through the hallway as you scramble to apologize. Or perhaps you find yourself helping Yuri debug a particularly frustrating coding issue, the tension crackling in the air as you lean in closer, both oblivious to the double meaning taking hold.

The beauty of “Take a Break” lies in its open-ended approach to romance. The game allows you to explore your feelings for both Reina and Yuri, their contrasting personalities offering a unique flavor to your developing relationships. Do you find yourself drawn to Reina’s uninhibited spirit, her playful advances igniting a passionate fire within you? Or perhaps Yuri’s quiet intelligence and subtle touches spark a deeper connection, leading to a more emotionally nuanced romance.

“Take a Break” transcends the limitations of the standard harem genre. The humor is witty and self-aware, poking fun at the tropes of the genre while still delivering a genuinely engaging story. The choices you make throughout the game determine the nature of your relationships with Reina and Yuri, allowing you to craft a unique narrative that blends hilarious situations with steamy encounters.

Ready to ditch the daily grind and take a break filled with laughter, love, and a dash of chaos? Step into Alex’s shoes in Star Chest Games’ “Take a Break” and discover a world where relaxation takes on a whole new meaning.


Version 0.3 is finally here! While it doesn’t have much content yet, it marks the beginning of a new experience with ‘Take a Break.’

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1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Star Chest Games Patreon – Discord – Twitter

Hi, im starchest and im creating a nsfw game, that game is about daily life in a magic world, where the hero will fight,
live and fuck monster and people in her life.


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