Sunwave Hotel

Sunwave Hotel

Will Atkers

Version: 14.9.3

4.1/5 - (160 votes)


In the game, you will be essential for a hired soldier couple who crash-arrived on a tropical island. Utilized by a wrongdoing ruler of a Sci-Fi world, you and your accomplice should recover financially and sort out a method for getting done with the task that carried you to the planet. En route, you’ll tackle issues and meet new companions and allies to assist with finishing your central goal.
Normally, on an island heaven, enticements, and debasement prowl everywhere. Will you adhere to the way back to space, or will you wait and take in the sights and experience of your tropical region?


In all, we have 10 new events and 2 new erotic scenes.
In the two new scenes, Mirru has two alternative ways to enjoy her content, so be sure to check out both when you play through it in the gallery.

· We have now hit 52 scenes total in Sunwave Hotel
· 10 scenes have been added. We also have 3 alternate/expanded scenes along with a brand new scene with everyone’s favorite mooch, Vynore.
· Mystic Alliance – Forge your blade and chose whether to truly embrace your power or not. If you’re on the Mystic Alliance path, troubling visions will follow you as you work on completing your last trials with the supernatural organization. Be wary, there are dangers both within and without.
· Smuggling Cartel – Chaos reins in the downtown area after a firebomb goes off at Omi and Olera’s birthday party. You must track down their kidnapper to make sure you stay in their mother’s good graces. If the twins die, you’ll never get the information you need to track down the Dream Master.

Corsoni – A dream of things to come? Pregnant Mode – Content
Our gothy wolfgirl’s appetites have certainly increased after she found out she’s expecting a child with you.
Eshana – A special massage for one of her best customers.
Eshana’s special services have another option available to space cowboys in need of a break from corpo plots, kidnappings, and rival guardians.
Vynore – The horned mooch has been very naughty.

Vynore can’t be as lazy as she seems right? Yes. Yes she is. But, it kind of works out, because she makes sure to always be around for those lazy mornings after a busy night in Onakinii.
Secult – A more cute scene with your favorite catgirl pet.
Secult doesn’t always need to be strapped up with bondage girls. Sometimes the horny neko girl just wants to have some fun with her Master.
· Around 15 new incredible hand-drawn Images
· Nearly 25000+Words have been added. 8 times the size of the previous update.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

I enjoy writing and got into erotic writing after spending time doing working on fanfiction. I consider myself very fortunate that I get to do this full-time. For over five years, my life has revolved around building stories with fun characters, adventures and heroes. Most include some whacky and naughty encounters as well.


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