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Name: SunSity

Version: v2.35

Updated: 2024-05-11 16:13:53

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Anal Sex, BDSM, Corruption, drugs, Exhibitionism, Groping, Handjob, humiliation, Lesbian, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Rape, Romance, Sandbox, Sex Toys, Sleep Sex, Spanking, Voyeurism


SunSity: Shaping Your Erotic Eden in a Post-Apocalyptic Sandbox

SunSity by SunSity isn’t your average visual novel. This innovative title throws you headfirst into a unique blend of erotic exploration and hardcore survival, all set within a vast, post-apocalyptic sandbox. Unlike a traditional visual novel with a predetermined narrative, SunSity puts the power firmly in your hands – you decide how this story unfolds.

The world as you knew it has crumbled. A cataclysmic event has ravaged the planet, leaving behind a desolate landscape teeming with danger and opportunity. You awaken in the ruins of what was once a bustling metropolis, thrust into the unforgiving embrace of SunSity.

But SunSity isn’t just another wasteland outpost. This settlement, built by and for survivors with a taste for the unconventional, thrives on a philosophy of unbridled hedonism. Here, survival and pleasure intertwine. Resources are scarce, but so are inhibitions.

The beauty of SunSity lies in its unparalleled freedom. You forge your own path in this ever-evolving world. Will you become a cunning scavenger, braving the treacherous wasteland to secure valuable resources for yourself and the community? Perhaps you’ll hone your skills as a charismatic leader, captivating the hearts (and bodies) of your fellow survivors and shaping SunSity into a haven of your own design.

The erotic elements of SunSity are as diverse as the inhabitants themselves. With a cast of characters representing a wide range of sexualities and desires, the game caters to a truly inclusive experience. Romance can blossom amidst the struggle for survival, with deep emotional connections forming alongside passionate encounters. Or perhaps you crave a more transactional approach, bartering your skills or resources for carnal pleasures in the bustling marketplace.

SunSity is still under development, and the final shape of this erotic sandbox is up to you, the player. Will you build a community based on mutual respect and shared pleasure, or will you carve out your own hedonistic haven? The possibilities are endless.

Ready to write your own erotic survival story? Dive into the ever-evolving world of SunSity and discover a post-apocalyptic paradise where survival and pleasure go hand in hand. Help shape this unique community, forge unforgettable connections, and unleash your wildest desires in the unforgiving yet strangely liberating embrace of SunSity.


SunSity 2.35 changelog:

  • New character – Hanna.
  • Continuation of the quest – “Jogging with Desire”.
  • Two new magazines in the sex shop.
  • New location – “Hospital”.
  • New set of clothes in the editor.
  • New set for the face editor.
  • A new fantasy story with Buffy – “Forever Bound”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.30 changelog:

  • Added the first part of a new quest – “Jogging with Desire”, which starts in the Park.
  • Added the ability to buy porn magazines in the sex shop. Reading improves your mood.
  • Added a random event that can occur when visiting the Mall.
  • Added fantasy story with Emma Stone, “The Kissing Game”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.25 changelog:

  • Added the ability to watch fantasy dreams.
  • Now you can study the desired book and watch several dreams per night.
  • New random event ‘Beach encounter’.
  • Added the ability to buy eau de toilette, which masks unpleasant odors.
  • A radar has been added that allows you to track the location of familiar NPCs via
  • your home computer and smartphone. You need to buy and install a “tracker” on the NPS.
  • New set of revealing clothes in Editor.
  • Replacement of fantasy faces has been completed.

SunSity 2.20 changelog:

  • Completion of the quest – “The inevitable ending”.
  • New missionary pose in the love branch. Unlocks after completing the quest “The inevitable ending”.
  • Added new sleep mechanics.
  • Replacing half of the fantasy faces with more detailed ones.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.15 changelog:

  • Continuation of the quest “The inevitable ending”.
  • A new action, “Spank a naughty schoolgirl,” opens after continuing the quest “On the benefits of tests.”
  • New activity – Peeping through the window (opens after purchasing a telescope).
  • Now you can check CCTV cameras via your smartphone.
  • Now in college the learning of intelligence is also accelerated.
  • New milf style character – Victoria.
  • Added fantasy story with Taeyeon – “Driving Taeyeon (Crazy with Lust)”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.10 changelog:

  • Start of a new quest “The inevitable ending”.
  • The ability to spank a girl has been added to touching.
  • Added information marker – shows the presence of NPCs in the location.
  • Accessing x-ray glasses is now easier, directly from the NPC interaction menu.
  • Gym spying now continues in the locker room (if a camera is installed in the locker room).
  • A new set of clothes (aprons) has been added to the Editor.
  • Added fantasy story with Megan – “Hotbox”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.05 changelog:

  • Completed the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • A new action – FFM threesome, opens after completing the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • Most of the backgrounds have been replaced.
  • new activity is peep on girls running around the park.
  • A new set of faces has been added to the Editor (nose, mouth, eyes for all body types).
  • Replaced faces in fantasy stories.
  • Added fantasy story with IU – “Film Festival Fun”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.00 changelog:

  • Continuation of the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • New action – “lesbo sex” that opens during the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • The end of the event with the mask (3 last events) is sex in three different positions.
  • Events with voyeurism on the beach have been completed (sex at the end is now possible).
  • New 5-piece clothing set for the Editor.
  • Added fantasy story with Carol– “Wingman”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.95 changelog:

  • New interaction with girls. Unlocked when buying a mask from a dealer. At the moment, 11 actions have been implemented from a kiss to a blowjob. To start harassing, you need to click on the mask on the screen (the mask must be in inventory).
  • Quest requirements are now shown in the quest description.
  • New character – Roxie.
  • New set – panties for the Editor.
  • · Added fantasy story with Sabrina – “Wolves, You and I”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.90 changelog:

  • New location – college gym.
  • New character – trainer.
  • In the gym you can spy on those who are training.
  • And also play basketball, increasing immunity and joy.
  • New set – eyes, nose, lips for the Editor.
  • New set – sportswear for the Editor.
  • Added fantasy story with Sue Storm – “A Little Gift”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.85 changelog:

  • Start of a new quest – “On the benefits of tests”.
  • New Action – “Masturbation for you”.
  • Continuation for the action “Peeping” on the beach.
  • Editor: 4 new underwear.
  • Added fantasy story with Katniss – ‘Hold me, hold me (never let me go)’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.80 changelog:

  • Added sleeping pills that can be bought at the pharmacy and used in the kitchen in any apartment.
  • Added events related to sleeping pills (3 stages).
  • Added lockpicks that can be bought from a dealer in the park.
  • With the help of lockpicks, you can get into any apartment while there is no one there. Then you can use sleeping pills, set up a camera, or rummage in the fridge.
  • Added fantasy story with Sansa – ‘Forbidden fruit’s in season, part II’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.75 changelog:

  • End of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • New interactions in Love and Submission. Unlocks after completing the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • Added fantasy story with Sansa – ‘Forbidden fruit’s in season, part I’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.70 changelog:

  • Continuation of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • Added fantasy story with Priyanka – ‘Before the World Fell At Our Feet’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.65 changelog:

  • New random event for food outlets.
  • Continuation of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • Added fantasy story with Alex – ‘More Transparent Than Water And Thicker Than Blood’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.60 changelog:

  • Continuation of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • Added fantasy story with Daenerys – ‘These wounds won’t seem to heal’.
  • Minor changes (danger of drowning drunk, etc.)
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.55 changelog:

  • New quest ‘Beach season’ started.
  • Editor: Added set of clothing; 2 items of clothing.
  • Added fantasy story with Rey – ‘Tremble For My Beloved’.
  • Changed the backgrounds of inventories and interaction objects.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.50 changelog:

  • Added a new girl – Julia, who works as a lifeguard on the beach.
  • Peeping at the beach.
  • Relaxing on the beach – restores stamina and slightly increases immunity. Increases thirst.
  • Now you can take photos in Actions menu and body and clothes editors.
  • Editor: Added 3 sets of clothing; 6 items of clothing.
  • Added fantasy story with Padme – ‘Without Attatchments’.
  • Reacquaintance warning and bugfix.

SunSity 1.45 changelog:

  • new girl has been added – Ava.
  • Random events no longer interrupt the gameplay. The random event is now activated by icons.
  • New random street event – “Peep street 1”.
  • Added location – “Beach”. You can swim there. This is a more effective way of pumping immunity (X1,7), it does not increase thirst and improves hygiene.
  • Editor: Added 2 sets of clothing from 3 items of clothing.
  • Added fantasy story with Diana – ‘ A Spirit Still Untrammeled ‘.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.40 changelog:

  • Added a new girl.
  • End of the quest “A piece of heaven”.
  • After completing the quest “A piece of heaven”, the girl can be invited to the hotel.
  • Added a system of small random events.
  • Added 3 new random events: Naughty wind 1, Naughty wind 2, Chikan 1.
  • Now you can make money on your home computer using online poker. Profit depends on intelligence. The maximum bet is capped at 2000.
  • Editor: Added a new 6-piece clothing set.
  • Added fantasy story with Lara – ‘Privileged‘.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.35 changelog:

  • Start of the quest “A piece of heaven”.
  • Now you can go shopping with the girl. The opportunity opens when you complete the “Passionate dates” quest.
  • The new girl is Lena, who is in college.
  • Editor: New 3-piece «casual» set.
  • Editor: New 3-piece «sleep» set.
  • Added fantasy story for Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.30 changelog:

  • Ending the quest “Education feelings”.
  • New Actions that open at the end of the quest “Education of the senses”: BDSM 1 and BDSM 2.
  • Editor: Five new clothes to suit all body types.
  • Editor: New eyes, nose and mouth for 5 body types.
  • New girl working in a restaurant.
  • Added fantasy story mode for tier 3 patrons.
  • Added fantasy story for Hermione.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.25 changelog:

  • End of the quest “Passionate dates II“.
  • Now you can eat in the restaurant (more expensive, but it increases Joy and player can have more than 100 Food).
  • date in a cafe from the Actions menu.
  • A treat in a cafe boosts an NPC’s Friend.
  • Date at the restaurant. Increases NPC’s Friend and Love.
  • You can now have fun on a date in a restaurant (you need to complete the quest “Passionate dates I” and Love 5.0).
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Shania Twain, Laureline (Cara Delevingne), Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer).
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.20 changelog:

  • The beginning of the quest “Passionate dates II”
  • Added a new Action to the Love branch – “Masturbation II” (opens in the ” Education of the feelings” quest).
  • Added a new Action to the Submission branch – “Masturbation II” (opens in the ” Education of the feelings” quest).
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Penny, Pam Beesly, Elisha Cuthbert.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.15 changelog:

  • The beginning of the quest – “Education of feelings”.
  • Added a new Action to the Love branch – “Masturbation I” (opens in the ” Education of the feelings” quest).
  • Added two new Actions to the Submission branch – Masturbation I (unlocked in the ” Education of the feelings ” quest) and Brainwashing III.
  • Now you can see a list of all active quests for all characters.
  • Light drunkenness now greatly increases the hero’s ‘Talk’.
  • Fixed work of the gallery in the smartphone.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Alison Brie (Annie Edison), Victoria Justice (Tori Vega), Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.10 changelog:

  • Ending the quest “Passionate dates”.
  • Two new locations involved in the quest.
  • Editor – Two new outfits: “Cocktail Dress” and “Jewelry”.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Jessica Stanley, Taylor Swift, Clarke Griffin.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.05 changelog:

  • Start the quest “Passionate Dates”.
  • A camera has been added to the electrical shop.
  • With the camera in your inventory, you can take photos (by pressing the “p” button).
  • gallery has been added to the smartphone where you can view your photos.
  • Reduced NPC files, which should speed up the launch of the game.
  • You can now buy a more favorable tariff for calls from a smartphone in an electrical store.
  • Editor – You can now access character editing from the info panel.
  • Editor – Added new clothes – “Dress with flowers”.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Princess Leia(Carrie Fisher), Satomi Ishihara, Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning).
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.00 changelog:

  • The angry girl doesn’t pick up the phone.
  • Dressing up in casual clothes when calling a girl on the phone.
  • The number of girl calls by smartphone is limited.
  • New Love Action – Handjob.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Kitty Pryde(Ellen Pryde), Taylor Darling, Vampire Queen(Salma Hayek).
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 0.95 changelog:

  • There are two new NPCs working in the strip club.
  • In the strip club, you can now order a “dance” or “lap dance”.
  • The player now has a smartphone.
  • Information about girls in the smartphone.
  • Private detective in the smartphone (like in a computer).
  • Information about the player in the smartphone.
  • You can play on your smartphone, increasing your joy (efficiency is less than that of a computer).
  • You can call the NPC from your smartphone. Talk, call to yourself or find out where the NPC is.
  • With Exploration 1.0, you can exchange phone numbers with the NPC (Actions – Other).
  • drug dealer can now be found in the park.
  • Drugs temporarily increase the Love of the drug dealer.
  • Drugs temporarily increase the Submission of the drug dealer.
  • Drugs temporarily increase the Depravity of the drug dealer.
  • Now you can reset the taken quest in the NPC menu.
  • Refrigerator 3 levels (even better than 2 level).
  • A message about the player gaining a skill level.
  • Editor – all default clothes sets are now available to replace the current clothes set in the editor.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Ariana, Catwoman, Maggie Greene.
  • Minor changes: gray for inactive Actions, renaming NPCs in the info panel, house numbers on the map, NPC addresses in the info panel.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 0.90 changelog:

  • Finale of the quest «Easy money».
  • After completing the quest «Easy money», the NPC can earn money for the player in the strip club.
  • New activity in a private place – “Party show”. Unlocked by completing the «Easy Money» quest.
  • Editor – Added a new lingerie set.
  • It is now possible to use a fantasy set of clothes in the main game, replacing any other (there are restrictions).
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Jennifer Сonnelly, Scarlet Witch, Rachel Green.
  • Small editor for fantasy appearances.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 0.85 changelog:

  • Continuation of the quest “Easy Money”.
  • Added an alcohol system that increases joy, but has consequences.
  • Alcoholic drinks: beer, champagne, vodka, cognac.
  • Also added a hangover that has negative effects, which, however, can be removed. The drug for this can now be bought at the pharmacy.
  • New location strip club. So far only for the quest.
  • Hints for completing the quest have been added to the game.
  • Expanded statistics of interactions with NPCs.
  • Added loading of default appearances in the editor.
  • Also in the main game, you can now use fantasy appearances.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: BuffyKajolAlexandra.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 0.80 changelog:

  • Stage 2 of the “Easy Money” quest.
  • Lap dance in Love and Submission actions (unlocked by completing the quest Easy Money).
  • The ability to work at a construction site. Good money, but a lot of thirst and fatigue.
  • New fridge – 2 times more space and 2 times longer storage time.
  • New location with a shop in the mall.
  • In the new location, you can buy 2 bags that increase your inventory.
  • And a shelf for the player’s room (inventory more than in the closet).
  • 24-hour shop with everything you need close to home.
  • Editor – Sort the list of available clothes alphabetically and by ID.
  • Three new fantasy characters.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 0.75 changelog:

  • Possibility to install CCTV in NPC apartments.
  • Jogging in the park (increases immunity).
  • Added a private place in the cafe (toilet) with a sink. Bring girls there for actions.
  • Information and Cheat on all known girls in the computer.
  • Added a sex shop in the city (so far only for the start of the quest).
  • A quest system has been developed.
  • The beginning of the quest “Easy money” (the first two stages).
  • New action – “Striptease” in Love and Submission actions. Unlocks after completing the beginning of the “Easy Money” quest.
  • Three new fantasy characters.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 0.70 changelog:

  • Glasses that help you see through clothes. In the menu of interactions with NPCs. Can be bought at the mall.
  • Rooms added to the NPC apartments: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom.
  • NPCs now have a schedule inside their apartment.
  • From a certain level of love or obedience in the NPC apartment, you can now take a shower, use the sink, and even take a nap on the couch.
  • Also, now you can take the key from the NPC and come to her whenever you want.
  • Three new fantasy characters: Sansa, Katniss, Sue Storm.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 0.65 changelog:

  • Added a new place – Сollege with 4 locations: Сollege, Lecture hall, Deanery, Locker room.
  • You can study in the Lecture hall . No textbooks (2x slower). 3 times faster with the necessary textbook.
  • Added 3 new characters.
  • Added the ability to install a camera to the Deanery and Locker room .
  • 2 new sets for the editor: eyes, nose, lips.
  • School clothes set (6 items).
  • Character icons in the editor.
  • Three new fantasy characters: Daenerys, Alex Russo, Priyanka.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 0.6 changelog:

  • Added 3 new characters:
  • Added the ability to work as a programmer in Cubisoft.
  • Added a new place – Cubisoft with 4 locations: cubisoft, cubisoft director, cubisoft work place, cubisoft basement.
  • As well as new locations – 2 houses with 3 apartments and a toilet in the park.
  • 2 new sets for the editor: eyes, nose, lips.
  • Two sets of underwear (white) and a business suit (shirt, skirt).
  • Added three new fantasy characters: Diana, Padme, Rey.
  • Fixed several bugs Fantasy mode.

SunSity 0.55 changelog:

  • Romantic activities now include anal sex.
  • Added sex against the wall to negative actions.
  • Added compatibility of old saves.
  • Now you can watch the characters changing clothes (CCTV)
  • Now you can remove and move the surveillance camera to another room.
  • Added hygiene and the ability to wash.
  • Since some books are very expensive, these books can now be sold for half the price in the bookstore.
  • Some characters are now masturbating. This can be spied on with a hidden camera.
  • The amount of money is now displayed under the clock.
  • Training negative influences now affect training efficiency instead of training time.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

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Developer: SunSity Patreon


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