Summer Stolen Paradise

Summer Stolen Paradise


Version: v0.2

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Game Info

Name: Summer Stolen Paradise

Version: v0.2

Updated: 2024-04-23 18:08:28

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Animated, Beach setting, Big Ass, Big Tits, Cheating, Corruption, Groping, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Netorare, Oral Sex, Romance, RPG, Sandbox, Sexual harassment, Simulator, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex


Summer Stolen Paradise: A Paradise Restored, Desires Unleashed

“Summer Stolen Paradise” by 7RKStudio isn’t your typical summer romance game. Sure, Dan and Shion, a young couple fresh out of showbiz, seek a peaceful escape on his idyllic island hometown. However, paradise turns precarious when a hidden debt threatens their summer getaway and the future of the quaint Seaside Village.

The game presents a unique dual narrative – one focusing on reclaiming the stolen paradise and the other exploring the sensuality that unfolds amidst the crisis. Dan, determined to save the village and impress Shion, embarks on a series of challenges. These challenges are not just about restoring the beach house and reviving the village’s charm, they become opportunities for him to rediscover his hometown and the diverse cast of characters that inhabit it.

Summer Stolen Paradise delves into the complexities of desire and the unexpected ways it manifests when faced with pressure and financial woes. As Dan throws himself into his tasks, he encounters a vibrant community, each member harboring their own desires and secrets. Will he reconnect with a childhood friend, a rekindled spark igniting a forbidden passion? Or will he find himself drawn to a charismatic newcomer, their shared goal of reviving the village fueling a potent attraction?

Shion, initially the picture of a supportive girlfriend, finds her own desires awakened by the idyllic setting and her temporary separation from Dan. The village’s carefree lifestyle and the charm of its inhabitants create a space for unexpected exploration. Will she remain loyal to Dan, or will she succumb to the allure of a passionate encounter under the summer sun?

The choices you make throughout the game not only determine the fate of Seaside Village, but also the course of Dan and Shion’s relationship. Summer Stolen Paradise offers a range of paths, from a traditional summer romance to a world of NTR where stolen kisses and forbidden desires become the currency of their survival.

Summer Stolen Paradise isn’t just about saving a village or rekindling old flames. It’s about confronting the complexities of desire, exploring the boundaries of love and loyalty, and ultimately rediscovering paradise in its most unexpected form. Are you ready to dive into the heart of Seaside Village and navigate the challenges that threaten to steal your summer paradise? Unleash your desires, forge unexpected connections, and discover a summer you’ll never forget in “Summer Stolen Paradise.”


v0.2 2024-04-22
Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

V0.2 currently covers 70% of The Bakery’s Route.

Game features
(1) Summer Island with a range of activities: Fishing, Farming related, Animal husbandry, Baking, Work at various locations.
(2) Immersive island life with key NPCs having their daily schedules.
(3) Animated scenes and CGs with many variations
(4) Time and Phone call system.


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