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Version: v0.9

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Game Info

Name: Subverse

Version: v0.9

Updated: 2024-03-30 17:02:39

Language: English

Engine: Unreal Engine

Platform: Windows

Genre: 3d game, Animated, Big Tits, Creampie, Male Protagonist, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, RPG, sci-fi, Sex Toys, Strategy, Turn based combat, Turn-based combat, Vaginal Sex, Voiced


“Subverse” presents a dynamic fusion of gameplay elements, seamlessly blending the thrill of tactical combat reminiscent of XCOM with the adrenaline-pumping intensity of spaceship shoot ’em up (SHMUP) sequences. Dive headfirst into an immersive universe where every decision counts, where strategic prowess and lightning-fast reflexes are the keys to survival.

As players traverse the vast expanse of space, they’ll navigate through a rich tapestry of intricate dialogues inspired by the irreverent wit and humor of Deadpool. Engage in witty banter, forge alliances, and unravel the intricacies of a captivating narrative woven with twists, turns, and unexpected surprises at every corner.

But that’s not all—amidst the chaos and chaos, players will also uncover tantalizing rewards in the form of short, exhilarating sex animations that unlock as the game progresses. Delve deeper into the world of “Subverse” and unlock new levels of intimacy and excitement as you journey through its multifaceted gameplay experience.

With “Subverse,” Studio Fow invites players to embark on an epic odyssey through space and time, where danger lurks at every turn and adventure awaits beyond the stars. Are you ready to join the ranks of fearless explorers and conquer the unknown? The fate of the galaxy rests in your hands.



New Features

The remaining five devotion quests are now operational. If your devotion level is high enough, you can talk to the girls onboard the Mary Celeste to initiate their final quests to complete their romance arc.

Help Taron achieve her dreams by creating the greatest museum of smut memorabilia in the galaxy. The jewel in the crown of her filthy collection requires some legwork, and breaking into a high-security Imperium vault.

Help Sova hunt down one of the last few remaining bottles of Rusty Rim’s Cornhole moonshine in the bowels of the infamous Gulag IV wreck. You’re not the only one who is after such a valuable token of alcoholism, however…

Reclaim the homeworld of the Mawsus from corporate over-exploitation in this thrilling underwater adventure. Take on Hackdivision’s notorious CEO, Slobby Nodick as the hunter becomes the hunted.

Assist Elaisha in the filming of the dirtiest porno in Prodigium’s history, and help her get full control of her content as she splits from her asshole agent.

Go on a wild acid trip with General Blythe herself, and relive the history of the Solars.


  • Tweaked visual aesthetic of the F3N1X primary weapon for readability.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed visual bug that caused unintended camera view to render for a few seconds after the F3N1X cockpit in-game cutscenes played


  • Low textures loading during F3N1X cockpit in-game cutscenes.

Known Issues (Does not include all issues)
These issues are known and we will strive to fix them for the 1.0 release

  • Devotion Quest dialogue sections currently are listed under Sidequest with the Intro/Outro tags when replaying archives from the Captain’s Quarters.
  • Poiison VFX sometimes lingers after the unit who had it is destroyed in Grid Combat.
  • Some instances of speech bubble VO still playing during the end mission screen.
  • Not all anomalies in Navigation update visually after a specific event takes place. WIP.
  • Clipping issues during dialogue sections for some newly introduced characters in Fortune’s release.
  • Some characters’ animation pose transitions are not in place yet during dialogue sections for this release.
  • If multiple enemies are stunned, when it is their turn, the arrow above their head still renders even after their turn has passed in Grid Combat.
  • Visual bug, when a mantic reaches max level of 40 a white icon will appear the first time you enter the lab, as if there were more levels but goes away after selecting another mantic.
  • Mission log filter inconsistency if you filter out finished missions, then filter out on Nebula’s, the filtered Finished missions will be in the list again.
  • Waifus active, passive and ultimate icons do not always render in the same order from Locker room to selection screen.
  • Visual bug, unlockable abilities/passives not showing up or showing as locked in the Laboratory or Selection screen after the character has reached required level (some known characters Napholeon & Chodestool passed level 30).
  • Character upgrades based on level are not fully implemented for all characters.
  • Imperium’s Shocktrooper Purify status remains on character after Shocktrooper is killed.
  • Visual bug, if a unit has shield and armor and receives damage while the preview damage animation is happening on the health bars, there’s a chance it will show shield or armor remaining on the bar when there is not after the attack (In most cases remaining shield but in the character info it will show zero shield as intended).
  • Alt-Tabbing potentially can cause the game to crash, especially during areas of the game where high loads take place.
  • Report stating Rekall’s passive can cause a softlock if an enemy counters with low health and dies from Rekall’s passive.
  • Low texture resolution rendering for some users during dialogue sequences throughout the game.
  • Some users reported odd textures when loading Ela and Taron in PANDORA and Gallery.
  • Framerate drop can cause Mary Celeste to shoot out of the jump-gate in Navigation.
  • Bridge projector fails to update the color scheme throughout Mary Celeste consistently.
  • Physics on dangling pieces such as tentacles or hair (i.e. Huntress or Killi) may clip through the character’s body or rapidly vibrate during dialog sequences.
  • Yellow/White screen flashing artifact during space combat when using the FXAA aliasing method. Most likely due to the lens flare and or high bloom values.
  • On rare occasions, an unintentional song plays during some areas of the game.
  • On rare occasions, clicking the ‘Help’ button in the dialogue section of the game can remove the help text but can’t be re-enabled until restarting or starting a new scene.
  • Potential stuttering when playing back cinematics for some systems. Note there is an option to disable 4k videos from the graphics tab under settings. This has improved performance for some users.
  • Reports of performance issues on some Space Combat random scenario maps.
  • Animation in You’re Mine Now scene needs finalizing.
  • Replay icons and navigation icon concepts are a work in progress, inconsistencies are known.
  • Completion percentage counters in Navigation are a WIP and may have some inconsistencies.


  • Grid Combat equipables are currently disabled during devotion quest. There is a balance update as part of 1.0 and we will take another look at enabling equippables for these battles after that.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.


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