Version: Revamp v0.10.1

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Game Info

Name: Straight!?

Version: Revamp v0.10.1

Updated: 2024-03-28 14:49:55

Sexual Orientation: Gay Games

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Anal Sex, Character Development, Corruption, dating sim, gay, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Romance, Sandbox, Self Exploration, slice of life


Straight!? is a work in progress visual novel that specifically focuses on mature gay themes. The story follows the main character, Zack, from his first day of college after meeting his new roommate, Braden.

In contrast to other games, this game relies heavily on dialogue and character development to tell the story of acceptance, friendship, and the existential journey as one comes of age. Frequent conversations and banter will give insight to the two main characters and move the story of their relationship forward. While there is sexual content, the story builds first–capitalizing on the teasing factor as we struggle along with the main character. Updates move the story forward episodically, simulating a serial novel as the story unfolds. This game is both heavy and thought provoking while having comedic moments. Game quality also increases as the game draws out. The dev had zero experience in the start and is learning with each update and addition to the team.


-Typo fixes
-Fixed sound queuing issue during swim practice. The whistle should now play fully before Zack and Mikhail get out of the water.
-Chapter 1: The ending shower scene with Zack solo is now fully animated rather than using image disolves. Added animation and removed all unused static pics.

-Added Chapter Select menu option to return to Main Menu
-Added first half of Chapter 5

-End of Chapter 4 now has a “End of Part One” screen that signals the end of the first part of the story.
-Typo and image corrections

-Typo fixes
-Fixed one dialogue box falsely attributed to Zack’s speaking aloud when it should have been internal monologue

-Minor typos and sound fixes

-Added second half of Chapter 4 to finish out Part 1 of the story

-Typos fixes
-Fixed dialogue box in cafeteria that was incorrectly labeled as the wrong character

-Minor writing polish and image adjustment

– Image flips on cafeteria shots. This puts Braden on one side of the screen and Zack on the other to make it more aesthetic vs the old way where they were both on the same side of the screen.
– Added first half of Chapter 4 which was renamed from the original script
– Name of Chapter 1 has been changed from “roommates” to “Braden” given several other chapters are named after characters.
-Typo in Chapter 4 slide fixed
– I bet you’re surprised I fixed more typos. Thanks to everyone who sniffed them out for me <3

-Spelling corrections
-Fixed incorrect image path from Chapter 3

-Minor writing and sound changes
-Image and animation corrections

-Typo fixes like usual– you’d think I’d actually get better at this but nope
-Added second half of Chapter 3

-Moved some images in folders to reorganize
-Minor code clean-up

-Fixed game breaking bug that jumped to the end from Chapter 2. Chapter 2 should now correctly lead to Chapter 3

-Seriously can’t leave the script alone. more super minor dialogue changes

-Writing polishing
-Fixed wet hair image and pool sky

-Spelling and grammer fixes
-Added first part of Chapter 3 with new sounds and music
-Corrected 2 images that caused Zack to teleport in his bed when turning his head to talk to Braden
-Changed the name of Chapter 3 to “Mikhail” rather than the original title of “Caught.” Also changed the chapter quote for Chapter 3.

-Spelling fixes
-Doctor coat image fixes

-Corrected shower CGs where wall was mistakenly still present
-Finished Chapter 2, adding new music, sounds, and animations
-Corrected the stupid icon that somehow changed itself again and was killing Linux… ffs. IDK how you Linux folks do it
-Minor coding changes to eliminate over 200 lines by combaining things to make it more efficient

-Typo fixes like always.
-The revamp will now work on Linux again. There’s been a bug in it for several months that has not allowed it to boot in Linux systems. Apparently, the new revamp game icon was too big. That was it. A big icon killed Linux (it was really big tho, I promise). It’s tiny now.

-typo fixes
-few sound changes and additions
-Image corrections

-Choice menus now have sounds associated with them for choices and hovering
-Fixed a few random CGs from the shower where the wall was appearing and disappearing

-Minor writing change
-Added missing images

-Sound edits and updated shower wall CGs

– Updated CGs
– Few minor writing changes

– Corrected several spelling and grammar errors
– Moved some pictures into isolated folders to help cut down on clutter
– Menu navigation now has sounds associated with it for clicking and mouseover
– Supporting the Project link will now redirect to linktree rather than just Patreon to give people more options to support

– Corrected text line that incorrectly used Ernie’s name before he told anyone what it was.
– Reduced dorm lightswitch size, hence forth known as Baby Switch (doo doo doo doo doo doo)

– Added new music track without lyrics during heat fixing scene
-Adjusted shower delay sound during Day One
-Variable volume changes on some scenes
-A few writing changes that I considered polishing things a bit

-Added Credit and music to the intro and Game Title screen after the Prelude
-Few image folder changes to help organize for future images. Some images were renamed

-Few random writing changes

-Added Title Screen and Chapter titles

-Typo Fixes
-Redundant error of Main Menu music fixed by MadsPatterns. I fucking love you, man. Thank you sooo much for this. I was sooo stuck.
-Audio adjustments by Jordyn
-Increased text size by 2
-Added “To Be Continued…” screen

-Writing edits
-Added sound to opening main menu

v0.01 (Demo)
-Major UI changes including removing unnecessary menu options
-Updated all fonts and colors
-Expanded Main Menu to be full screen
-Added Sound effects and Music (Volume can be adjusted in settings)

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run


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