Story of the Innocent Queen Iza

Story of the Innocent Queen Iza


Version: 0.16

3.9/5 - (17 votes)


A great king and a father to princess Iza, dies in a fight with an unknown foe, will our new found queen be able to save her country? will she be able to defy the corruption that will be thrown at her? or will she fail dooming everyone else with her? it’s all up to you in the Story of Innocent Queen Iza!


– Pervert Guard side quest in Thattide
– BDSM scene with Layla
– Handjob scene with Gregory
– Adding npc’s
– new home for Floyd’s maids
– Last addition to “learning in the park” sidequest
– A “hope for the wicked” sidequest
– Audience system
– 44 questions in the audience system
– 3 new cgs in the “drinking competition” sidequest

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Story Of Innocent Queen Iza is a game about… Queen Iza that finds herself in a difficult situation, she will have to make many decisions that might change the end outcome not only for her but people around her and the entire kingdom of Zwaria, as of 0.12 the game has 3 long main quests, about 20 sidequests and 13 cgs (including variations) with more coming each month! any support will be appreciated and used for more art for the game, i hope you will enjoy it


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