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Stellar Dream


Version: v0.52

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Game Info

Name: Stellar Dream

Version: v0.52

Updated: 2024-04-10 15:39:36

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Creampie, Fantasy, female domination, futa/trans, Groping, Handjob, Incest, Male Protagonist, Milf, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, prostitution, Romance, Sandbox, sci-fi, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex


Stellar Dream: Where Humanity’s Hope Takes Flight by Winterlook

A vast emptiness stretches before you, a canvas of stars speckled with the promise of new beginnings. This is the world of “Stellar Dream,” an adult visual novel crafted by Winterlook, that throws you into the heart of a desperate mission for humanity’s survival.

Aboard the colossal vessel known as the Exodus, the remnants of a dying Earth cling to a sliver of hope. Their salvation lies not on their ravaged homeworld, but amongst the celestial expanse. You are a vital cog in this desperate undertaking – a crew member entrusted with a critical task.

Whispers from Distant Worlds:

Three planets, identified as prime candidates for human colonization, beckon from the cosmic abyss. However, a shadow hangs over their potential. Scout teams, dispatched to gather intel and initiate first contact, have fallen silent. Communication with these critical outposts has been severed, leaving their fate shrouded in uncertainty.

The Search Begins:

As the chosen one, the weight of humanity’s future rests upon your shoulders. Your mission is to embark on a perilous journey to these distant worlds, unraveling the mysteries behind the lost communication, and securing the fate of the missing scouts.

Beyond the Call of Duty:

“Stellar Dream” goes beyond a simple search and rescue operation. As you delve deeper into your mission, the lines between duty and desire begin to blur. The vastness of space throws you into close quarters with a diverse and captivating crew. From the stoic Captain, burdened by the weight of command, to the enigmatic researcher harboring forbidden knowledge, each character presents opportunities for connection.

Will You Find Love Among the Stars?

Winterlook weaves a captivating narrative that explores the complexities of human relationships amidst the vastness of space. Will you forge a deep bond with a fellow crew member, finding solace and love in the face of uncertainty? Or perhaps a forbidden romance ignites with an alien life form encountered on one of the uncharted worlds.

Diplomacy or Domination?

The missing scouts may not be the only inhabitants on these potential havens. “Stellar Dream” presents the possibility of encountering alien civilizations. Will you approach them with an open mind, fostering diplomatic relations and learning from their culture? Or will you succumb to fear and a thirst for power, attempting to dominate them for the sake of humanity’s survival?

The Choice is Yours:

Every decision you make in “Stellar Dream” shapes the narrative and the fate of your mission. Will you prioritize the safety of the crew and the success of the colonization endeavor? Or will you pursue your own desires, be it a passionate romance or the domination of alien life? The future of humanity lies in your hands. Download “Stellar Dream” today and embark on a thrilling voyage of discovery, love, and the potential for a new beginning for mankind.


1) You can now return to the mothership and buy new weapons to prepare for your next mission.
2) You can go on another date with Saki and experience 2 scenes.

1) You can now return to Hope 1 and continue the main quest.
2) Pregnant sex with Ingrixa for Romance and Corruption.
3) Scene with Queen Marena for Romance and Corruption with impregnation option.
4) Scene with Arong’s Priestess.
5) Scene with Qhovi’ny for Romance and Corruption with impregnation option.
6) Scenes with Rose and Celine(solo and threesome).
7) Scene with Victoria for high Karma players.
8) Celine and Rose routes are now finished. For that reason all of their dialogues are now voiced by two very talented voice actresses. Rose is voiced by KittenVox and Celine is voiced by BrittanyBabbles .

1) You can now continue Blue Star story and choose between romance or corruption.
2) 2 scenes for romance, 2 scenes for corruption and new outfits.

1) You can now continue with Saki romance route. Comes with 2 scenes, impregnation option and a way to give her a new arm.
2) You can now continue with Saki corruption route. Comes with 2 scenes, impregnation option and a way to give her a new arm.

1) You can now contnue Maria’s route and choose between romance and corruption. Comes with 3 scenes for romance and 3 for corruption.
2) New scene for Cassandra (romance and corruption).
3) Option to visit Bob in jail(if he is there).
4) New quest from Tom.
5) You can now report to the General and receive your reward.
6) Scene with Ronda x Maria(futa and non futa).

1) Continuation of Lara’s romance and corruption routes after returning to the mothership.
2) Corruption routes are now available even for high karma players, but it will still lower your karma. Consequences of high or low karma will be introduced later.

1) Continuation of Ronda’ romance, corruption and femdom routes after returning to the mothership. It also includes futa variants if you found the needed item.
2) Frames in animations are now changing faster for a smoother experience.

1) You can now return to the mothership and continue some of the quests you were not able to finish before departure.
2) You can now continue your relationship with Admiral Cassandra (romance and corruption).
3) Time slider has been added, some of the bugs have been fixed, as well as quests that you can continue are now shown correctly and not as failed.

1) Scene with Ingrixa(romance and corruption).
2) Scene with Qhov’iny(romance and corruption).
3) Scene with the Queen(romance and corruption).
4) You can now become champion of the arena.
5) You can now find the resolution to Ih’ae and Arongs conflict and bring scouts back home.

Thank you for your support! Hope you will enjoy this update and don’t hesitate to report any bug reports or suggestions you may have. Next update will be about Admiral Cassandra.

1) You can now visit Arongs’ village.
2) 4 new H scenes: with Priestess, with Cook and two with Merchant.
3) Option to become Arongs’ leader.

1) You can now leave the mothership and get introduced to the first Alien planet.
2) Scene with Ingrixa.
3) Scene with the Queen and bad end.
4) Scene with the Scout leader(if you have low karma).
5) Introduction to the combat mechanic.
Overall: 6 next characters, 7 new backgrounds and 3 scenes.

1) Added more (!) markers on the map that show possible events and tells you what places you have to visit to progress.
2) You can now test your strength with Coach Ronda. Winning or losing will open her Romance, Corruption or Femdom routes with some scenes.
3) You can now have a threesome with Jack and Blue Star if they are dating and you decide not to ditch Jack at the bar.
4) Saki Romance and Corruption are expanded with new scenes.
5) Added another threesome option for Celine and Rose.
6) Added an option to get to your shuttle and meet a new character.
7) New scene and talk with Admiral Cassandra.
8) Some characters might send you spicy personal messages, so better keep an eye out on that.

1. Added a section for the completed quests and reworked the clock. Added a replay and CG section in the gallery. Added a message system and a notification whenever you increase your stats. Map appears first when you click on the tablet.
2. You can find Coach Ronda and Doctor Maria at the bar if you have helped them. You can join them in having some fun or simply observe.
3. You can meet Blue Star. Earn credits and charisma by helping her and get a special reward if you are extra charismatic.
4. You can begin Saki corruption if you chose a one night stand option and have low karma. Alternatively, if you are on her romance path, you can have a movie night.
5. You can now help Celine and Rose to become friends. You will be rewarded for your effort.
6. You can now get a medical examination from Doctor Maria that can end up pretty well, depending on your choice.
7. You can now have a dinner with Lara if you beat her high score at the shooting range.

Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Key features:
Quests with multiple resolutions.
Inventory and stat system.
Be able to improve your chances in a fight, talk your way out of trouble or impress everyone with your skills.

Relationship system.
Pursue a serious relationship or something more casual with women aboard the mothership, as well as aliens.
Different sexual activities.
Expect to see the return of your favorite fetishes from our previous titles, some of which will be expanded upon.


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