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Some Modelling Agency [v0.9.1a]

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Version: 0.9.1a

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Game Info

Name: Some Modelling Agency [v0.9.1a]

Version: 0.9.1a

Updated: 2023-04-06 13:46:54

Language: English

Engine: Unity

Platform: Windows

Genre: 3d game, Anal Sex, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Groping, internal view, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, POV, Spanking, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex


Different ladies will come to your office searching for a demonstrating profession. Your responsibility is to rate them in light of looks and character. After some time, your rating changes females appearing, Example: rating 10/10 – huge chest females-will cause more – large chest females-to appear (same goes for indiscrimination). This Improving impact just occurs on specific days of the week.


Changelog 0.9.0a
Warning: This is a very early version, so please make a backup of your save game.

-The player can earn commissions from other agencies. Read “How to make money” in the “How to play” section.
-For the time being, only thirteen additional agencies have been included; three are unlocked by default, while the remaining agencies will be unlocked based on the models that arrive.
-The game has a system for buffs and debuffs that will be used for future in-game items.
-Female emotions affect her personality sooner.
-Dialogues: dispatch dialogues small changes.

-A huge bug with the names of genes has been fixed.
-The consent required to take off her shirt has not been well calculated.
-Nipples limit warnings have been fixed
-Dialogues: Females were making angry faces when they should have been making sad faces.

-In the upcoming version, I will include the remaining agencies and implement a “bribery” system. Then the game shop, then a system for changing her outfits, then the release of the semen (lol), and then maybe a VR release, even though it won’t be flawless.
-Also, I need an update ONLY to wrap things up. Due to a lack of time, a large number of minor game-improving details were omitted from previous releases. Ex: multiple save game slots.

Known issues
-Often, when using the fingers, the hand’s muscles are quite weak. This phenomenon is occurring more frequently, and as a result, I believe I will be able to fix it properly.
-Models shouldn’t be so generous and spew out that an agency won’t take them.
-Agencies with explicit sex jobs are being unlocked without any coital activity between the player and the models.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Guide and tips:
-game can be very difficult I know, it will be improved.
-every single part of their body has a different sensibility and erogenous, and every single female is different, so you have to try it out.
-hold alt, so your hand moves slower and doesn’t hurt them, still, there are some extra sensible body-part/females.
-if she starts to complain about you being too soft with her, just hold shit, careful, you may touch her where she doesn’t want to be touched.
-if she says she won’t go any further (shield icon under the green bar), try to make her come (yes I know it sound ridiculous it’s just a game), it will increase her favorability and horniness temporarily, and permanently. (the increased amount is different for every single female)
you will get favorability for every time you raise her pleasure! the more pleasure you accumulate in a single interaction more favorability you gain. Every female has her own favorability limits. (the shield icon)


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