Soluble Dream

Soluble Dream

Heartstrings Interactive

Version: Final

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Game Info

Name: Soluble Dream

Version: Final

Updated: 2024-04-23 18:23:27

Language: Chinese, English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, dream, Kinetic Novel, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Netorare, school setting, Vaginal Sex, Virgin


Soluble Dream: Where Ambition Breeds Temptation

“Soluble Dream” by Heartstrings Interactive isn’t your typical rags-to-riches story. Sure, Jackson Taylor, a brilliant but conflicted programming student, finds himself on the cusp of success. But his path to the top is paved with soluble dreams, a potent creation born from a scientific venture gone awry.

Jackson, alongside his captivating colleagues, Katie Martinez and Rachel Brown, embark on a project to create an AI capable of synthesizing unique substances. When their creation unexpectedly exhibits a powerful narcotic effect, a moral dilemma arises. Jackson, tempted by the potential for wealth and a luxurious life, wrestles with his conscience.

The decision to secretly distribute the soluble dream plunges the trio into a world of exhilarating highs and dangerous lows. The line between success and self-destruction blurs as they navigate the murky waters of the illicit drug trade. Each sale fuels their ambition, but also intensifies their dependence on the very substance they create.

“Soluble Dream” explores the complexities of desire and the seductive allure of forbidden ventures. The game takes a diverse approach to Jackson’s struggle, offering him the opportunity to explore his desires not only through the use of the soluble dream, but also through his relationships with his colleagues. Will he succumb to the fiery passion of Katie, a woman whose ambition mirrors his own? Or will he find solace in the grounded empathy of Rachel, the voice of reason amidst the chaos?

The arrival of a mysterious hacker known as “Phantom” adds another layer of suspense to the narrative. This shadowy figure threatens to expose their secret, jeopardizing their success and potentially landing them in legal trouble. The pressure mounts, forcing Jackson to confront his demons, his reliance on the soluble dream, and the potential consequences of his actions.

“Soluble Dream” isn’t just about the thrill of creating a lucrative drug. It’s about the descent into addiction, the blurred lines of desire, and the power of human connection in the face of self-destruction. Can Jackson find the strength to break free from the soluble dream before it consumes him? Are you ready to step into Jackson’s shoes, navigate the world of ambition and temptation, and discover the true nature of the soluble dream?


The game contains a gripping story full of intrigue, love and betrayal. It is a romantic visual novel that keeps you in suspense throughout the game.

Meet unique and interesting characters, each with their own story and motivation.
The game touches on such topics as the fight against drugs, moral issues in science and technology, and the complexities of love relationships.

Attractive visuals and musical accompaniment create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

NTR Note

The game has an ntr error in it.


During the dream, the narrator talks as if the male in bed with the blonde is Jackson(MC), but later in the story Jackson(MC) becomes angry with another character for having sex with the blonde in this particular dream instead of him…


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