Solas City Heroes

Solas City Heroes

Mr Zed - MrZgames

Version: 1.0.1

3.4/5 - (218 votes)


Solas City Heroes is a Sexy superhuman themed Beat em up, with discretionary grown-up happy!
Battle your direction through dull back streets, night clubs and mystery research facilities, in your mission to turn into a legend!
The game permits you to make your own superheroes, redo their appearance and closet,
furthermore, set up your inclinations for all grown-up happy.


Fixed an issue with the dare system not displaying properly some restraints in the dare menu
Fixed an issue with facesitting cowgirl threesome not taking into accounts the roles properly with mixed role enemies
Fixed an issue with facesitting missionary threesome not taking into account the roles properly with mixed role enemies
Fixed an issue with the simulator not displaying the name of enemies properly
Fixed an issue that would cause male enemies to try to breast smother the hero when the hero is on a pillory
Fixed an animation issue with kneeling oral threesome 2
Fixed an issue in the Simulator causing the music to not swap properly
Fixed an issue with a missing background in the Simulator
Fixed an issue with the Grand hall getting stuck after completing the game
Fixed a box placement issue in Vi’s funhouse
Fixed an issue in the simulator with bondage restraints not working properly
Fixed an issue with the enemy randomizer allowing one long hair style when the option to only use short hair for males is enabled
Fixed an issue that allowed to spam the cast of Escape in RPG mode
Fixed an issue with male latex masks
Fixed an issue that caused characters to not load properly
Fixed an issue with the transition of an animation in the character hub
Fixed an issue with the preferred selection system not displaying an animation properly
Fixed an issue that could cause the hand pointer to get stuck
Fixed an issue with missing names on enemies

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

The Setting
In a not so distant future, in a virtual world where their inhabitants can feel all the sensations going through their body, some of them have started developing superhuman powers!

You are one of those, and have decided to join the Guardians, a group of heroes who always try to help others and save the city from chaos and mayhem!

How will your journey go?
Be warned, you are just a starting newbie with a set of very particular skills, and you may find some powerful, roguish or even sensual villains in your way!


  • Mr Zed’s classic Gender/Role systems that allows players to select what kind of sexual interactions they want to see.
  • Over a dozen adult content settings to enjoy your experience to the maximum!
  • Options to turn off any unwanted content or features!
  • Classic Beat em up gameplay enhanced with some new elements!
  • Talent progression system to create your own fighting style!
  • Ultra customizable character creation, including hundreds of cloth pieces!
  • Amazing original soundtrack to beat everyone in your way!
  • Cookies and chocolate everywhere!
  • up to 24 Different stages (Only 3 done so far)
  • And much more to come!

This is project under development, and if you enjoyed the demo, please consider supporting the project so we can work more time on it, and keep expanding the team (and adding more content and features!).


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