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Name: Sizeplay

Version: v03.2024.1

Updated: 2024-05-14 18:56:42

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 3DCG, Animated, female domination, Female protagonist, Futanari, humiliation, Male Protagonist, Sandbox


Sizeplay: Where Size Doesn’t Matter (Except When It Does) by SizeMage

Step into the shoes of an average Joe, thrust into a world where “average” takes on a whole new meaning. “Sizeplay” by SizeMage isn’t your typical open-world sandbox game. Sure, you’ll explore a vibrant city filled with quirky characters and engaging activities, but here, size manipulation is the name of the game, and your “fun” takes on a decidedly erotic twist.

A World of Shifting Scales:

While the full narrative is still under development, “Sizeplay” lays the groundwork for a world where size manipulation is a common occurrence. This opens doors for a variety of unique gameplay mechanics and, more importantly, a plethora of erotic possibilities. Imagine navigating a city where you can shrink down to the size of an ant, exploring previously inaccessible areas and encountering miniature versions of the game’s diverse cast. Or perhaps you yearn to grow to colossal proportions, towering over the city and experiencing the world from a whole new perspective.

Minigames with a Twist:

“Sizeplay” throws out the tired trope of mindless “attack” spam. Instead, the game promises a diverse selection of minigames that incorporate the size manipulation mechanic in creative ways. Imagine participating in a high-stakes poker game where the size of your chips determines your betting power. Or perhaps you’ll enter a baking competition where miniature versions of yourself race to create the most elaborate pastries. Each minigame offers an opportunity for playful competition, flirtation, and, of course, size-related shenanigans.

A Spectrum of Desires:

“Sizeplay” celebrates diversity in every aspect of the game, including your erotic pursuits. The characters you encounter represent a wide range of personalities, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. Some may find themselves drawn to the power dynamic of being shrunk or grown, while others might enjoy the intimacy of exploring a miniature world alongside a partner. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are as vast as the size manipulation technology itself.

The Future is Big (or Small):

While “Sizeplay” is still in development, the core concept holds immense potential. The open-world environment allows for an ever-expanding narrative, with future updates introducing new characters, storylines, and size-related hijinks. Will you leverage your size manipulation abilities for personal gain, exploiting the power dynamics to your advantage? Or will you use your newfound abilities to forge deeper connections, exploring the erotic potential of a world where size truly matters (or doesn’t)?

The Choice is Yours:

“Sizeplay” is an invitation to unleash your inner exhibitionist and explore your desires in a world where size is just a button press away. Download “Sizeplay” today and embark on a hilarious, erotic, and surprisingly thought-provoking journey where size manipulation becomes the key to unlocking a world of untold pleasures.


This update brings a whooping 302 new images and 9 new events.
General changes:

  • New addition has been added to the game to bring more “life” to it. At the moment only club has it. – NPC’s will now speak to each other when walking inside the club.
  • New type of QTE has been added. (First minigame of Nox’s mistress route will allow you to practice the sweetspot without any penalty).

Area changes:

  • Club – Activated NPC’s in the toilet that were previously disabled due to me forgetting to activate them. They will have speech “bubbles” as well.

Amelia and Yuki –

  • Amelia gained new event that’s played from her corrupted route. It’s a duo event with Yuki.

Depending on who finds you, event will end in such way. It will have additional scene in future update.

Nox –

  • Three new mistress events have been added.
  • Alternative outfit will work for these events.

Ryoko –

  • Gained a new daily CV route. You start this event inside of her… home, during different times of day. You can also now choose where to enter inside of her during the night.

Annabelle and Aria –

  • Slightly changed code so they don’t implode anymore (Annabelle) and to try and prevent black screens (Aria).

Nyx –
– Nyx gained a new event that is accessible after you complete her story and get a… good… ending.
– Nyx gained 2 new endings. “Good” and “Bad” ending. This is NOT their final form as but for the moment these endings will do since I want to progress with Nox as well so I can intertwine possible ending.
You get good ending if you were doing what you were told during her mistress events.

Amelia –
Two new choices have been added during her bath event.
I had a bit more planned, but sadly I didn’t have enough time.

Ryoko –
Two new events have been added.
You can find first one in her office. It has 50% chance of happening while approaching her.
Second one you can find after you escape in her house (when she is sleeping). It’s a decently long event so get ready for that.

Misc changes:
– Reduced sound from “sweetspot” QTE by 50%.

– New area have been added. “The club”.
– New character has been added: Ryoko.

– Amelia gained new event post good ending. It is found in the morning in her room. Go towards the bathroom and if it’s morning, you will see it. I will add more stuff to it in later updates.
– Nyx gained new mistress events. New events can play out differently depending on the outcome. I recommend you save before them if you want to see both outcomes.
– Amelia’s mouth minigame now has a saliva buildup bar. It is more interactive than previous version.
– (Post Amelia’s bad route ending) Struggle vore in Yuki’s room. Failing the minigame, you are now pushed into Yuki’s stomach and it requires you to jump over acid in her stomach in order to get to the exit.

– 252 new images.
– Amelia story is complete.
– Amelia gained 2 new events for corrupted ending.
– Added a person behind Amelia’s shop that can guide you to Yuki’s temple for a fee. (He’s only there AFTER you complete the story)
– Nyx gained 3 new events.
– Nyx gained “WORST” ending. (AKA, Game over ending)
– Several bugfixes from older versions. (Yuki’s and Amelia’s event not draining HP or Stamina, black screens etc..)

– Amelia’s story has finished “Corruption” route and “BAD END” for failing good route.
– Nyx training scenes are finished.
– Almost whole previous dialogue in the game was replaced. (A LOT OF WORDS!, thank you so much Darkness2399!)

– Amelia gained new segment in the branching story.
– Nyx gained new events in her training story. (Activates when you talk to Nox after you’re done with her training events).
– Intelligence has a use now! It is used in a speech check. You can level up intelligence by finding books all over town of Tess.
– Added skills which you can learn from books. “First aid” skill is the one you can learn at the moment, if you can find books that give that skill
– Added a stamina potion in Amelia’s shop.
– JP is currently being renamed to LP. LP = Lust points. If you see that sometimes it’s called JP and sometimes LP, this is why.
– Rebalanced leveling XP, XP gain, LP gain, crumbs gain and bonuses that items give.
– Thanks to Darkness2399, plethora bugs were fixed!

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: SizeMage – Patreon – Twitter

The way I share game is, for example when I released V2, 2 weeks after that I share older version. So my game is free after some time.

About bugs in public version, please read

I am working on two different versions of the game, free one and patreon one. Differences are in version of the game, however I lose track of what bugs are fixed in public versions and what bugs are not and some things that I cannot fix as they overlap with new versions. If there are bugs in public version, PLEASE tell me so I can try and fix it.
The way I lose track of bugfixes is something like this.

1. Releases (for example 07.23) patreon version and starts working on 08.23 version.
2. Releases 06.23 public version.
3. Bug in 06 public version gets reported.
4. Bug gets fixed for 06 public version and that same bug is fixed for 08 patreon version.
5. 07 version in the middle without that bugfix applied.
6. Time to release 07 version, but we have a situation. Bug that got fixed previously is present here because bugfix was not applied.

Q: Why not apply bugfix in that version as well?
A: Because in some cases, content from that newer version would be deleted since that’s how RPGMaker works.

Q: Why not extract game every month?
A: I cannot extract the game every month because a lot of the content overlaps.

Q: Why not write down what bugs are fixed?
A: I do and I still lose track because I’m an idiot.

So once again, if you see any bugs that are present now and were fixed previously or were just discovered, please report them so I can release a fix as soon as possible.


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