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SinStory: Unveiling the Truth, Unlocking Forbidden Desires

Ethan’s world crumbles at the age of 18. The absence of his father, a constant ache for over a month, pales in comparison to the earth-shattering truth he overhears – he’s not his mother’s biological son. This revelation throws his entire life into question, igniting a desperate need for answers and a simmering anger towards the parents who kept him in the dark.

SinStory transcends the boundaries of a typical coming-of-age tale. It’s a plunge into a world of forbidden desires and a twisted family dynamic. As Ethan navigates the practicalities of adulthood – finding a job, managing the household, and caring for his emotionally fragile mother – the weight of his newfound reality hangs heavy.

But SinStory isn’t just about responsibilities. The absence of a father figure leaves a void, a yearning for a different kind of connection. As Ethan interacts with the diverse cast of neighbors and potential business partners, the lines between familial obligation and forbidden attraction begin to blur. The woman next door, with her knowing smiles and suggestive glances, offers a seductive escape from the emotional turmoil at home. A gruff, yet undeniably attractive, business owner becomes a mentor figure, but their late-night meetings take on a charged undercurrent.

XtreamAnim’s unique mechanics heighten the erotic tension. Building trust with these characters unlocks not just business opportunities, but also the potential for taboo exploration. Will Ethan succumb to the allure of these forbidden connections, seeking solace and a sense of belonging in their arms?

SinStory is a daring exploration of family secrets, sexual awakening, and the blurred lines of desire. Will you help Ethan unravel the truth about his past, or will you guide him down a path of forbidden pleasures? Embrace the sin and delve into the captivating world of SinStory.



V0.8.89 #REF / #REF #REF / #REF

  • added 1 new animated scene with Emily (ballet dancer) while doing yoga
  • added 1 new animated scene with Emily while laying on bed
  • added sounds to all yoga scenes with Emily
  • neighborhood update :
    added 1 new neighbor house
    added houses scattered around the neighborhood
    changed some exterior textures
  • Player can now run (double-click) If outdoor

V0.8.55 #REF / #REF #REF #REF #REF

  • Added time management script for girls availability
  • Added a new furniture to the bdsm club (the bdsm X-cross)
  • 1 new working place at the brothel
  • 2 clients animations at the bdsm club
  • 1 new animated scene at Ethan’s office
  • Added firing option for the brothel staff
  • Added sfx to some brothel scenes
  • Implemented salary raise script

V0.8.32 #REF / #REF #REF / #REF

  • Ethans Office at the banging paradise
  • BDSM club unlocked
  • In-depth interview including 1 animated scene
  • 1 new bandage scene at the bdsm club including :
    3 female poses / 4 poses for Ethan
    2 [kiss/lick] interaction actions
    3 [fuck] interaction actions
    2 [Slap] interaction actions

V0.8 #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF

  • 1 new scene With Emily at the pool including :
  • 1 [kiss/lick] interaction action
  • 1 [finger] interaction action
  • 360 animated scene at 100% pleasure-o-meter
  • Journal update (Emily’s sunbathing)
  • Added 3D positional audio
  • dynamic emotion/sound scrpit
  • updated the staff register at the brothel

Bugs fixed/minor updates :

  • fixed invisible dialogue at the interrogation job. (thnx to klamka)
  • fixed animated scenes length at interrogation job
  • fixed walking animation for Emily when going back for a sunbathe
  • fixed [touch] interaction action activation on pool scene
  • Fixed yoga mat gift exploit, and now limited to 30 relation score points. (thnx to klamka)
  • Reset Ethan’s action[INT] after the player exits the lay on bed scene.
  • Fixed save prompt issue, now player can move after pressing [NO]
  • Fixed Emily hand on massage scene
  • Fixed: Tyron’s game object now properly destroyed upon collider entry.

V0.7.58 #REF #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF

  • updated the inventory with a new ‘GIFT’ tab
  • added 1 more interaction action to the shower with Emily scene
  • new 6am scene ‘yoga with Emily’ including :
    – 12 Touch interaction actions
    – 3 animated scenes once the pleasure-o-meter is filled
  • added one new gift item ‘yoga mat’
  • player can now go to the gym

Bugs fixed/minor updates :

  • Fixed Emily ‘go to work’ waypoint
  • fixed some bugs related to taking a shower with Emily scene

V0.7.27 #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF

  • One new feet massage scene with Emily (11PM)
  • Updating massaging Emily scene (8PM) including :
    – 5 new animated scenes
    – 2 interactive items (feather/vibrator)
    – 4 interaction actions (2Touch / 1Finger / 1kiss/lick)

V0.7 #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF

  • Now player can get out of this house
  • 1 new neighbor house
  • 1 new animated scene with Madison
  • new journal entry

Bugs fixed/minor updates :

  • fixed characters pose/morphs on the interrogation job

V0.6.66 #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF

  • 2 new animated scenes including Emily
  • more content on the help section of the Journal
  • 1 new item on the sex shop (Whip)
  • 5 New [spank] actions on the interrogation job
  • 1 new Fuck action at the interrogation job

V0.6.34 #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF / #REF

  • Improved dialogue system with pause functionality (right mouse button).
  • new [help] page on the Journal
  • changed all the pictures around the house to some new original photos
  • one new scene with Madison
  • one new scene with Emily
  • 3 new clothing for female characters
  • added some [slap] actions on the massage job

Bugs fixed/minor updates :

  • repaired the Journal
  • repaired Olivia Profile picture
  • repaired vibratorwand local pleasure (thnx to Kartmaster for reporting)
  • added Madison to the profile menu (thnx to GizemliQ for reporting)


  • Added Front Yard
  • New main door and new design For Emily’s bedroom
  • Added a playground on the backyard
  • 2 new characters (Jennifer and her daughter Madison)
  • Updated laying on bed scene
  • Updated taking shower with Emily scene
  • one new scene with Madison (swinging secrets)

Bugs fixed/minor updates :

  • Getting caught while looking through keyhole can now be triggered at the bathroom
  • repaired disappearing hair mesh of Emily (thnx to magicsild for reporting)
  • Massage book V3 now shows the percentage that the player has read. (thnx to Klamka for reporting)

V0.5.73 : #REF / #REF #REF

  • 2 new items : 1 usb drive containing (Massage V3 e-book) / 60$ item (Emily bedroom)
  • player can now gain XP from playing video games
  • new animated water shader
  • 1 new scene with Emily (peeking through keyhole)
  • unlocked laying on bed and added 1 interaction action

Bugs fixed/minor updates :

  • Added Interaction actions shortcuts to tutorial hints
  • enabled dialogue trigger while Emily is watching the tv
  • repaired Olivia Profile picture [P]
  • removed the [interact with] action on Emily
  • removed glorywall cam from cams somftware
  • can’t force speak with Emily if she’s not watching tv (thnx to Pectoran for reporting)
  • Minor bug fixes (computer)
  • add a website description for the clothing store
  • while having dinner/breakfast player can speak to Emily only once she’s sitting


  • you can now install cameras on the brothel
  • added animated profile pictures for unlocked characters
  • added savable array for hired girls (look/clothing/skill…)
  • made some changes on hiring dialogue (alley)
  • Player can now get inside bedrooms and interact with girls
  • 1 new animated scene (2nd bedroom at the banging paradise)


  • 1 new interactive scene with Emily

Bugs fixed :

  • Player may replay watching a romance movie scene
  • repaired sitting on chair animation
  • reset clothing after taking shower



  • you can now use the NumPad to choose an interaction action (thnx to AsfandAreeb)
  • 2 new interaction actions on pool scene :
  • 1 Finger
  • 1 Kiss/lick
  • new animated scene with Emily (while watching tv)
  • 2 new journal entries on main story (Sinstory)
  • 1 new e-shop item (romantic movie)
  • new Journal UI : included pages

Bugs fixed :

  • removed the [Pinch] interaction acion
  • can’t exit some actions anymore on V0.5 pool scenet


  • 3 new items and 22 new skins in clothing store
  • new clothing setup for Ethan (use wardrobe to change clothes)
  • new scene with Emily including :
    • 1 touch
    • 2 kiss/lick
  • Enabled auto repair for all save slots

Bugs fixed :

  • reset normalized position of all websites with scroll
  • repaired VIPll vibratorWand_gold
  • cam look at script added smooth look at


  • Focus mode – Use [Left Alt] button to activate
  • Scene update / massage practice on Emily
  • 1 pose for Emily / 3 poses for Ethan
  • 2 Touch actions
  • 1 kiss/lick action
  • 1 Grab/move action
  • Enabled Sunbath Scene on Saturday (12/1/2PM)
  • Scene update / Emily’s sunbathing
  • pose for Ethan
  • 2 Touch actions
  • auto repair of save files

Bugs fixed :

  • repaired animation (having dinner/showing tan lines)
  • if you replay the scene while Emily’s sunbathing you can now use sunscreen again
  • Emily facial bones reset


  • new interactive scene (Emily’s sun bathe) including :
    • 3 journal entries
    • +3 [Touch] actions
    • +1 pose for Emily and Ethan
  • new website (clothing store)
  • You can now stack(max 10) sunscreen/whiskey/lotion/lube (thx to necrus1 for mentioning)
  • New Hints system and notifications while using pc
  • now using a 3d icon on the backyard porch instead of the arrow
  • Dynamic tan line for Emily that copy the shape of the swimsuit, naked sunbathing = no tan line

Bugs fixed :

  • reset pose ID at the interrogation job (thnx to Psychodata for reporting)
  • removed stats reduction after ending an interrogation
  • now books and cameras are saved and loaded properly (thx to necrus1 pabot420 for reporting)
  • abort sneak peeking if a door suddenly opens
  • fixed stolen items amount on interrogation job
  • if closed, the backyard door will open when trying to get inside the house
  • on Emily’s purse, magazine and wallet now uses same script (should not move the mouse away)
  • while using computer, clicking on a folder now closes all the other folders
  • fixed start dialogue trigger while having (dinner/breakfast)
  • fixed spa map trigger UI bool reset
  • cucumber item can be found again on the fridge after use
  • updated main text clean script, and added another one that cleans dialogue (each 1hr)
  • fixed Tyron dialogue triggers collider (1st/3rd scene)(thx to necrus1/Aescanor/klamka for reporting)
  • fixed all reset scripts on Emily drunk sofa scene
  • when offering Emily a bottle of whiskey, limited the gain of relation score to max40
  • fixed the art of speaking V2 ID (it was matching the V1 ID)

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: XtreamAnim – Patreon – Discord


This month commenced with the creation of two animated scenes featuring Emily. You can play the first one when teaching Emily some new yoga moves, and the second one is when Ethan is lying on his bed.

Then, our focus shifted to the neighborhood in preparation for forthcoming residents. A new residence was added for their accommodation, complemented by the addition of supplementary houses for aesthetic purposes. Furthermore, exterior textures were updated for visual appeal.

Taking into account the neighborhood’s expanding footprint, we have introduced a double-click to run feature. This addition aims to enhance user navigation within only outdoor environments.

That concludes this month’s update, hope you’ll find this update to be a valuable improvement.

If you think that you have skills, and you want to join our team, here’s a short form that we would like you to fill :

Kind regards,


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