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Single Again

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Version: v1.23

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Game Info

Name: Single Again

Version: v1.23

Updated: 2024-04-23 15:04:18

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian Games

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Corruption, Dilf, Groping, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Romance, Sex Toys, Teasing


Single Again: Second Chances Bloom in Unexpected Places

Forget the clichéd narratives of finding love after loss. Clever Name Games’ Single Again throws you into the life of Frank Shavell, a recently widowed and soon-to-be-divorced man forced to confront a past he’d hoped to leave buried. Returning to the loft he once shared with his deceased wife, Frank grapples with grief, loneliness, and the daunting prospect of starting over in his sixties. Single Again isn’t your typical romance visual novel; it’s a poignant exploration of rediscovering love and desire in the face of loss, and the unexpected places where intimacy can blossom.

A Fresh Start Steeped in Memories:

Single Again isn’t just about awkward online dating profiles and forced meet-cutes. The story delves into the emotional turmoil Frank experiences as he navigates the familiar yet foreign space of his old loft. Memories of his late wife mingle with the anticipation of a new chapter, creating a bittersweet atmosphere. Imagine encountering Abigail, Frank’s adopted daughter, now a strong, independent woman harboring a secret admiration for the father she barely knew. Picture encountering Rebecca Oxton, his soon-to-be ex-wife’s sister, a woman radiating a sensuality that throws Frank’s carefully constructed emotional walls into disarray.

Beyond Expectations: Love and Desire in Diverse Forms:

Single Again celebrates the beauty of love in all its forms. While Frank grapples with his past and the societal expectations of a man his age, he finds himself drawn to a captivating cast of characters who challenge his preconceptions. Imagine a heartwarming connection with Vanessa Day, a kind and understanding woman in a loving same-sex relationship with Elizabeth Carter-Day. Perhaps a steamy encounter with Lilith Oxton, Rebecca’s younger sister, a free spirit who awakens a dormant passion within Frank. The game explores the complexities of human connection, defying age limitations and societal norms.

Choices that Shape Your Second Act:

Single Again prioritizes a rich narrative tapestry over a point-based system. The choices you make, big and small, ripple throughout the story, shaping Frank’s relationships and leading him down unexpected paths. A seemingly casual conversation with Abigail could unlock a hidden vulnerability, while a chance encounter with Rebecca could spark a passionate affair fraught with complications. Every decision carries weight, forcing you to confront your own desires and forge a future that feels authentic to Frank’s journey.

Embracing the Unexpected: A Journey of Love, Loss, and Second Chances

Single Again offers a refreshingly mature look at love and desire later in life. It’s a story of self-discovery, acceptance, and the courage to embrace new experiences. Will Frank succumb to the comfort of familiarity, rekindling a connection with his ex-wife’s sister? Or will he take a leap of faith, exploring the uncharted territories of love with a younger woman or a like-minded couple? Step into Frank’s shoes in Single Again and discover that love can bloom in the most unexpected places, even amidst the bittersweet memories of a single life lived and a new chapter waiting to be written.



  • It starts on Monday morning after Lilith stayed over.
  • The update ends on Thursday night.
  • Meiko is the main focus of this update but Lilith and Rebecca also get some decent screen time.
  • Abby fans… Sorry. (She will get her time to shine, I promise.)


  • It starts right where 1.21 left off, with Frank on his way to dinner at Beth and Nessa’s place.
  • Covers the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday.
  • If you don’t sleep with Beth or haven’t before, you will no longer get the option to sleep with her.


  • It takes place over one and a half days. The second day is split up and 1.22 will continue where 1.21 leaves off.
  • I have a bad habit of making choices that resolve in future updates. I really need to stop that. So, most of the choices in this update are just dialog changes, with two exceptions.
  • I tried to resolve as many old choices as I could in this update.
  • One of the choices will have a major change in the story. Namely where they go on vacation. I’ve talked about this on Discord, but the short version is that each choice will take multiple updates to complete. I’ll make a poll when the time comes and you guys can decide which vacation is created first.


  • This update will cover Wednesday (The rest of Frank’s trip) and all of Thursday (Becca and Lilly’s moving day).
  • This update is front loaded with a ton of lewd stuff including Becca’s story for Abby winning Best girl as well as what happened with Lilly the night before.


  • This update takes place on Tuesday and lasts almost the entire day. What happens after the update ends will be played out in the next update. (Remember Becca’s fetish)
  • Lilly is the major focus of this update. (Lilly fans rejoice!)
  • The side images for all the girls have been redone, as well as created a few more sets.
  • Added a slider so the you can change the text window opacity.


  • This update focuses on the first day of Franks “trip”.
  • This by bar the biggest update I’ve made. About %20 bigger than the next biggest.
  • Someone is posting my links for downloads on pirate sites. So if the links aren’t working it means I’m in the middle of changing them… Again. (Seriously dude…)
  • After the new year We’ll do another best girl poll.


  • This update centers on the Sunday pool day. One of the people Discord had the idea of of incorporating the images I made for Lilly’s best girl win into the game. So from now on whoever wins each best girl poll, the images made to celebrate their victory will be added into the game as Becca’s sexy story time (You’ll see what I mean in 1.17).
  • I went back and made even more spelling and grammar fixes to previous versions. (Thanks to everyone that helps with those).
  • I’m not huge fan of the side images the way they are now, I’m gong to re do all of them for each girl. That may be in the next update or a little ways down the road.
  • I’m going to be making a poll soon about Meiko that will change her role in the overall story.


  • This update finishes off date night with the girls (Most of the update), as well as dinner with Beth and Vanessa the next night.
  • The next update will cover all of Sunday (Girls in Swimsuits!)
  • Starting with this update, every update going forward will have some sort of sexy times in it, though you may have to look for them. ;)


  • 1.14 and 1.15 have been added.
  • Side images for most characters have been remade using their gen 8 models.
  • The menu image changes depending on how far into the game you are.
  • More spelling and grammar fixes to earlier parts of the game

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.


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