Senpai and the Mysterious Island

Senpai and the Mysterious Island

Ruhut Soft

Version: v1.2

3.6/5 - (20 votes)


Hundreds of years ago, this place boasted amazingly advanced technology before it was all wiped out in a mysterious natural disaster. Now there’s nothing but ruins… Will Fuura and Sonia find remnants of the old civilization?
This time around, you can switch between both girls!


– Added content and costumes

– Characters will no longer be naked when their picture is not being taken.
– Saving is not possible in the gallery.
– Fixed a bug where BGS would not stop
– Fixed an issue where the player would attack the opponent when setting skills during the first training session.
– Other minor bug fixes

Urgent Update: In order to deal with the issue where dungeons suddenly become too hard, we have added a skill in Ver1.1 to reduce the difficulty. If the dungeon becomes too hard, please adjust the dungeon from Menu → Skills.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

– Fuura and Sonia face the labyrinth unprepared and undressed… can they make their way through its randomized rooms intact?
– Upgrade your skills and weapons as you advance! Take on challenging bosses with whatever you can find! Go ever deeper until you solve the island’s long-buried mystery!
– Each of the succubus bosses has her own unique quirks. Resist their naughty attacks to gain the upper hand — and when victory is yours, so are their sexy bodies.
– Change the girls’ outfits (provided you can find some). Changes will be reflected in their pose art, and there are over 100 different ways to dress up! You can even register your favorite sets for quick changes!
– Some outfitss are tied to different scenes. Try to collect them all!

– Fuura Elstia
The main character of the previous game. She’s enjoying the journey this time because Sonia is with her.
Good with weapons like swords and spears.
– Sonia Lanternlily
The other heroine from the previous game.
Since she’s traveling with Fuura, her head is always full of naughty ideas
She’s good with magic, but noot really with weaponry.

Sayran Yees, the Mansion Keeper:
A true slut who recently took up her post as owner of a large mansion.

Rei Infolio, the Artist: An old-timey artist who lives deep in the forest.
She likes to capture people and use them in her work.

Alisa Rudel the Soldier:
A powerful woman who uses her army of subordinates to attempt to dominate the whole island.



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