Secret Brothel and NTRed Hero

Secret Brothel and NTRed Hero


Version: 1.2 Uncut

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Game Info

Name: Secret Brothel and NTRed Hero

Version: 1.2 Uncut

Updated: 2023-06-24 11:48:43

Language: English

Engine: Unity

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Creampie, Male Protagonist, Management, Oral Sex, prostitution, Vaginal Sex


The Demon Lord has been defeated.
After 20 generations of Heroes,
the current Hero Noa has finally defeated the Demon Lord who reigned the land and bring peace to the kingdom……
But forget about that, this is the story of Rika, the hero’s lover…,
now his ex, running away from her sadness and finding herself wandering in an unnamed city with no money and place to live.
She finds the Master of a bar and applies herself as the barmaid.
Little did she know that the owner also run the secret brothel for regulars and VIPs only…
You are the Master (Finch), a retired adventurer who own multiple entertainment business.
In this time the Hero carelessly establishes a dumb law in the kingdom to prevent perverted acts to happen.
Seeing a loophole so big in that law the corrupted government uses it to suck money from the owner of the red light entertainment business.

Fate encounters Finch and Hero’s ex-lover, with this maybe Finch could arrange an act of revenge on the naive hero?
maybe… a cuckolding (NTR) plan would be perfect for this…?​


The full version of the game is released!

This build is made to make a quick fix for the resolution problems with the game.

Add a Resolution Option to change the aspect ratio of the game to 16:9 (default 1920×1080) regardless of your native screen size.

Add quick screen reset (reset to Windowed 16:9 “1920×1080”). Press F4 to reset your screen size anywhere in the game.

The ‘Talk to Heroine’ Option will now only appear in Rika’s room.

‘Status’ Button will now appear at the living quarter menu (the end of the day menu) only after you finish tutorial 3: seduce option.

Fixed some of Rika’s room image glitches on her clothing.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Hello, I am Simul-NeTheR.

This is my second attempt at making a game with only visual scripting. as this is my Alpha demo for this game project, I hope there will be lesser bugs and I’ll be very happy if you could report those bugs to me.

I make all the drawings myself except some of the icons and background (I can’t draw background at all). Music is copyrighted free music from unity asset from Rizwan Ashraf.

This game focused on the heroine’s status progression. you can see how they become lewder depending on how many times she does indecent things. There’s also a status screen displaying the heroine’s body status that will change the more you do lewd things to those parts!

Also, the game has no save the file, it will automatically save your current progress. I only used saved variables on visual scripting as I have no idea how to do C# at all.

The Demo development of this game has been finished. I will focus to complete the game altogether. But If there’s any new bug discovered in the game please inform me through the comment and I will update the build as soon as possible.

Also, this game has some simple animation now! weee!


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