Sapphire Safari

Sapphire Safari

Kinky Fridays

Version: v0.22a

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Game Info

Name: Sapphire Safari

Version: v0.22a

Updated: 2024-05-09 13:38:04

Language: English

Engine: Unreal Engine

Platform: Linux, Windows

Genre: 3d game, adventure, Female protagonist, Fury, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex


Sapphire Safari: Where Wildlife Photography Gets Wildly Erotic

Sapphire Safari by Kinky Fridays throws you headfirst into a thrilling and erotic adventure unlike any other. Forget your typical wildlife documentaries. This game takes you on a Sapphire Safari unlike any sanctioned expedition, one where the prey is far more captivating, and the encounters far more steamy.

Beyond the Lens: Capturing More Than Just Images

You are a renowned wildlife photographer, lauded for your daring spirit and unparalleled skills. But a standard safari holds no allure for you. Your next target: the mythical Sapphire Islands, rumored to be home to a breathtaking array of Monster Girls. These stunning creatures, with captivating blends of human and animal features, live in a hidden paradise, untouched by the outside world.

Sapphire Safari isn’t just about capturing breathtaking photographs. It’s about immersing yourself in the vibrant world of these Monster Girls. You’ll stalk them through lush jungles, observe their intricate social rituals, and witness their primal instincts on display. But be warned, these creatures are as intelligent as they are alluring. Earning their trust, or even catching a glimpse of their most intimate moments, will require cunning, patience, and perhaps a touch of audacity.

The Thrill of the Forbidden

The thrill lies in the forbidden nature of your quest. These Monster Girls are not mere animals to be objectified. They are sentient beings with their own desires and vulnerabilities. Sapphire Safari offers a diverse cast of characters, each with unique physical attributes and personalities. Will you find yourself drawn to the fiery passion of a Lamia with her captivating serpent tail? Or perhaps the gentle nature of a Harpy with her mesmerizing wings will capture your heart?

Beyond Observation: Building Connections

The game goes beyond voyeurism. Sapphire Safari allows you to build relationships with these Monster Girls. Through careful interactions and well-timed gifts (who can resist a strategically placed piece of jewelry?), you’ll earn their trust, unlocking the possibility of more intimate encounters. Imagine capturing the breathtaking beauty of a Harpy mid-flight, her powerful wings framing your silhouette, or the exhilarating thrill of photographing a Lamia in the throes of a passionate mating ritual.

A Blurring of Lines: Photography or Seduction?

Sapphire Safari blurs the lines between wildlife photography and seduction. Every encounter is an opportunity to capture a stunning image, but also a chance to forge a connection, a flirtatious exchange that could lead to something far more erotic. The game offers branching storylines and consequences based on your choices. Will you prioritize capturing the perfect shot, even if it means maintaining a professional distance? Or will you succumb to the allure of these captivating creatures, venturing into a world of forbidden desires?

Are You Ready for the Ultimate Safari?

Sapphire Safari is a game for the adventurous soul. Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of a hidden paradise? Can you master the art of wildlife photography while navigating the treacherous terrain of desire? Pack your camera, unleash your inner explorer, and prepare to embark on the ultimate Sapphire Safari, where the line between observation and seduction is deliciously blurred.



Three of a Kind v022a

  • Added Caiadaly, Sweedee, Malous species
  • Added new Monpedia UX entries
  • Added Malous environment puzzle elements
  • Modified Plains biome to increase water areas
  • Added water noise during rain
  • Added 100+ smart objects in the Plains biome
  • Modified Map icon discoverability
  • Removed Beacon spawn options
  • Removed Beacon activation compass icons
  • Added compass proximity feature to reduce clutter
  • Fixed map unveil rain bug
  • Fixed submission focus bugs
  • Added new main menu level
  • Added new introduction cutscene level

Dripping Wet v021

Peepin’ n’ Sneakin’ v020

Focused Spawns v019

Monster Guide v018

Bedroom Eyes v017

Mystery Island v016

Sapphire Documents Issue 012

Sapphire Documents Issue 011

Added new island Nippy Wallow
Added Rubee monster girl on Nippy Wallow
Added Snubuns monster girl on Nippy Wallow
Added v1 Photo scoring system
Added v1 Retirement Level system
Added additional props to Moana Tropic
Updated Depart screen on boat menu
Heavily optimized photo-saving system

Added Gallery filter system.
Added Expedition statistic systems for tracking steps, photos, etc.
Added Retirement system for post-expedition scoring.
Overhauled Monpedia system for photo submission and tracking.
Added Familiarity foundation system.
Added Research point foundation system.
Added Moana Tropic Wading Pools map area.
Added Landscape texture painting system.
Overhauled Moana Tropic textures.
Overhauled Moana Tropic assets.
Fixed deep river issues.
Fixed Moana Tropic boundaries.
Overhauled Monster Spawn system.
Overhauled Moana Tropic spawners.
Overhauled Doll System UI.
Overhauled Doll System UX.
Added Doll System auto-population.

Jamie and Oscar playable characters added
Professor Frida’s model update
Night Time Expedition mode added
Echo and Skully added to Night Time Expedition
Jungle Island was renamed to Moana Tropic, island biography added
Foliage assets added to Moana Tropic island
New save system created for photographs
New save system created for user data
Menu optimizations added
Depart menu added
Doll system routing added
Initial doll partner system added
Placeholder missionary animation added
Spawn balancing for Monster Girl spawn

Missionary doll frames updated to new tech requirements.
Additional in-between frames were added to Missionary leg and arm poses.
Doll Value snapping: Poses can be snapped to predefined points.
Doll input rework: Changed input flow and camera control to make the doll system easier to use.

Doll slot auto assign: If only one valid slot for a character automatically selects it, this fixes the perceived double input bug from the previous patch.
Doll input smoothing added: Light lag to imply weight when dragging limbs.
Lighting overhaul: Switching engine lighting version to attempt wider hardware support.
Additional Renderer support: Added DX12 launch option.
Changed engine performance target and antialiasing modes to attempt wider hardware support.
Custom foliage assets to improve visuals and flesh out jungle theming.
In-game watch menu added.
Fixed waterfall shader not being affected by camera distance blur.
Additional Renderer support: Added Vulkan launch option.
Fix hardware detection on the first startup.
Add basic photo management functions. Saving and deleting photos from the gallery.
Foliage performance: Implemented LODs and imposters for trees.

v0.0.6 Hotfix
Doll system hud refresh
Doll System inputs added to keybind menu
Doll system character select camera now locks on character
Monster girls now run to catch up when following
Monster girls have breathing animations in Doll System
Settings autodetect on the first launch
AppData shortcut added to game folder (Windows build only)
Lighting changes on the map to baked lighting for sky and clouds
Basic tutorial space added to menus

Main menu level added
Settings options added
Photography quality settings added
Futa visibility functions added
Gallery functions added
Temporary Monpedia added
Temporary Quests menu added
Temporary Gender Selection menu added
Landscape tweaks to demo map
AI Follower behavior added
Doll system added – Early preview
Random monster color variations
Linux SKU created

Optimisations and Fixes
Minor lighting and sky color and cloud cover changes
AI Execution flow changes
Perception Sight overhaul fixed – drastically reduces GPU lag
Material Search Iterations reduced to 20 – potential performance improvement
Navigation mesh change from full dynamic to Modifier only – potential performance improvement

Two new systems called VLife and Doll. Both systems allowed for greater interactions and responses for the players to enjoy.
Moved to Unreal Engine 5

Cuddle UI overhaul: The previous system flat out did not work, we have refined the UI to focus on the UX experience. Now you can tab between Tools, Toys, and Poses to direct your cuddle fantasies.
Cuddle pile: We have created the foundation for what will be a fantastic multiple partner system. The eventual goal is to allow multiple monster girls to join in on the cuddle session and for that, we needed a simple system for swapping and including multiple monsters in the system.
GUI update: This build features a very simple GUI update to give direction on how to interact with the systems in the game. When you enter the cuddle mode you’ll have a popup to direct you into accessing the new UX features. Simply press “H” to review them once more.
PC update: The pc in the player camp now has a controller-friendly and more clear UI associated with it. It is not fully implemented but the features should be more robust than they were previously.
Model Update: Monster girls are now more updated than ever, the horse model has more “horse-like” features and the girls’ models are more up-to-date with the current rig requirements.
Flattened play area: We have made a small change to the play area for the idle monster girls to fix clipping issues presented by uneven ground.

Mechanics in the Alpha
The Monster Girls in the current alpha are as follows:
Bunbuns: A yellow bunny-type creature with a lot of joy to share.
Tsunbee: A bee-like creature with a terrible attitude.
Crabby: A crustacean like no other, can be seen digging in the sand.
Lizzurn: A striking reptile with a cheeky disposition.
Use your camera to take photos of the Monster Girls around the play space, right-click to enter the viewfinder or aiming mode. Use the mouse wheel to adjust the zoom. Hold ALT and scroll the mouse wheel to adjust the focus. If the camera detects a Monster Girl you will see a red box around their heads. Snap a photo to capture the moment!
Stealth is working in the build, but it is quite simple for the time being. Use the CTRL button to crouch, slowing your walking speed and making you hard to spot. The Monster Girls have a vision cone that is interrupted by objects and fauna. So hiding in a bush to get those candid shots is the goal!
In this demo space, you will have 10 total shots you can take in your camera, however, you can empty the storage by interacting with the campsites computer. Here you can store the photos you like, and delete the ones you don’t. The UI is quite simple here but eventually using the computer you’ll be able to submit your photos for cash and for bounties.
A basic day-night system, spend enough time roaming the demo space and you’ll notice day cycles into night and back into day again. You can speed things up by interacting with the bed at your campsite.

Initial Release

Developer Notes

Developer: Kinky Fridays Steam – Patreon – Discord – – Website – Twitter

Future builds and plans:
While we are not fully ready to commit to a specific roadmap just yet here is the rollout plan for the next couple of updates.

  • Photosystem update: Take photos, view photos, submit photos for judging.
  • Petting system update: Become friendly with the Monster Girls. Give them head pats, play games with them, and maybe something more intimate.
  • Better lighting systems: In order for the game to keep a consistent look our day-night cycle needs alterations to achieve the desired look and vibe.
  • Exploration system update: Find unique and interesting world events and locations to explore.

W+S – Zoom the lens in and out.
Right Click/Mouse 2 – Take a photo.
1 – Rock
2 – Bait
3 – Temp tool
4 – Temp tool
5 – Pheromones grenade
ESC – Ends current track run


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