Sanji Fantasy Toon Adventure

Sanji Fantasy Toon Adventure

Kitoro GAMES

Version: v0.14

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Sanji Fantasy Toon Adventure: A Sultry Journey into Alternate Realities

Delve into the titillating realms of “Sanji Fantasy Toon Adventure” by the renowned developer, Kitoro GAMES. This adult parody graphic novel, fashioned within the innovative framework of Godot, thrusts players into a lascivious escapade alongside the beloved Sanji from the iconic One Piece series. Brace yourself for a libidinous odyssey as Sanji, accompanied by the sultry duo of Robin and Nami, confronts a formidable demon in a bid to flee an alternate reality.

Embark on a salacious quest fraught with perilous encounters and tantalizing temptations. Within this fantastical realm, players will encounter a plethora of irresistibly seductive women, hailing from diverse universes spanning anime, comics, and cinema. These beguiling vixens, some indigenous to this newfound reality and others plucked from the annals of pop culture, promise to ensnare players in a web of erotic intrigue.

As Sanji and his bewitching companions traverse through the uncharted terrain of this alternate dimension, they’ll navigate a treacherous landscape teeming with carnal delights and perilous adversaries. Each encounter presents an opportunity for players to indulge their deepest fantasies, exploring the depths of their desires amidst a backdrop of eroticism and adventure.

The plot unfolds in a crescendo of erotic tension, weaving a tapestry of lust and peril that captivates players at every turn. From steamy encounters with alluring sirens to pulse-pounding battles against demonic foes, “Sanji Fantasy Toon Adventure” promises an exhilarating fusion of eroticism and escapism unlike anything before.

Immerse yourself in a world where fantasy and desire collide, where every decision carries the weight of erotic consequence. Will Sanji and his companions triumph over the forces arrayed against them, or will they succumb to the seductive allure of this alternate reality? The choice is yours to make in “Sanji Fantasy Toon Adventure” – a journey that promises to ignite your passions and awaken your wildest fantasies.

Join the adventure today and embark on a journey of unparalleled eroticism and adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Let your desires run wild in “Sanji Fantasy Toon Adventure” – where every fantasy is within reach and every encounter is an opportunity for ecstasy.



What’s New

  • Complete chapter 14! – main story!
  • Gallery has been completed up to chapter 14 – Only story content
  • +140 new renders
  • 1 sexual encounter

Fixes and improvements

  • Advancing day after story has been fixed – Chap 13
  • Patrons site will be shown once – You can change this at the main options screen
  • Gallery size content bug fixed – This made game slow when entering Sanji’s room

Known bugs

  • Typos and spelling in several dialogues in both languages
  • Wrong events triggering gallery content bug – Will be fixed in next version


What’s New

  • Complete chapter 13! – main story
  • 3 animated sexual encounters
  • +140 new renders

Fixes and improvements

  • Some typos have been fixed
  • Chapter 12 now is registered as finished once it’s done
  • Wrong loop in a 3 animations in chapter 12 (they’ve been fixed)

Known bugs

  • Typos and spelling in several dialogues in both languages

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Developer: Kitoro GAMES Patreon – – Discord

Game translations in: English and Spanish
Discover the characters, advance in the adventure and reveal all the secrets of the game in this sexy and fun adventure.


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