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Reya the Elf


Version: v0.5.3

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Game Info

Name: Reya the Elf

Version: v0.5.3

Updated: 2024-05-10 22:34:47

Language: English, Spanish

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Female protagonist, footjob, Groping, Handjob, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Virgin


Reya the Elf: Innocence Lost in the City of Sin

Reya the Elf takes you on a captivating journey of self-discovery, set against the backdrop of a bustling, diverse metropolis. Eighteen-year-old Reya, an elf from a secluded forest community, is thrust into the heart of the city when her father’s gambling debts force her to seek employment from his estranged brother, Sam. Reya, a creature of nature with a heart as pure as the forest streams, is utterly unprepared for the kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and temptations that await her in the urban jungle.

Reya the Elf delves deeper than the typical “innocent girl in the big city” trope. Yes, Reya grapples with the complexities of city life, the constant hustle and bustle overwhelming her senses. But the game’s core lies in exploring her awakening sexuality in a world far removed from the sheltered existence she knew.

Sam, Reya’s enigmatic uncle, owns a popular nightclub known for its exotic clientele and uninhibited atmosphere. He offers Reya a job as a waitress, a position that throws her headfirst into a world of flamboyant dancers, charismatic patrons, and an undercurrent of sensuality that both excites and frightens her.

As Reya navigates the club’s alluring world, she encounters a captivating cast of characters. There’s Alex, the brooding bartender with a hidden past and a surprising tenderness for the wide-eyed elf. Then there’s Luna, the head dancer, a woman whose sensuality is as potent as it is graceful, and who takes Reya under her wing, offering not just guidance but a tantalizing glimpse into the world of female desire.

Reya the Elf explores the concept of seduction not as manipulation but as a gradual unveiling of self. Through her interactions with Alex, Luna, and other characters, Reya begins to explore her own burgeoning sexuality. The game celebrates diversity, offering romance options with characters of various races and sexualities. Reya can choose to explore a tender love story with Alex, a passionate fling with Luna, or perhaps even a polyamorous relationship that embraces both.

Reya the Elf is a visual novel that transcends the boundaries of the genre. It’s a story about self-discovery, the liberation of desire, and the unexpected ways in which a sheltered elf girl can find her place (and her pleasure) in the heart of a bustling, diverse city. Are you ready to embark on Reya’s journey and witness the blossoming of Reya the Elf? Then step into the city of lights and prepare to be seduced by a story that’s equal parts heartwarming and exhilarating.



  • a new upgrade is now available
  • added two new clients (upgrade-related)
  • added a new event for David (upgrade-related)
  • added a new event for Gorloc (upgrade related)


  • added a new scene in the toilet (another v-card opportunity)


  • added a new scene for a stranger in the back alley at night
  • added a new interaction with two guys at night


  • fixed the bug where Reya couldn’t increase relation with Mark
  • added missing events to the guide
  • added missing scenes to the gallery
  • fixed bug with collecting money from Sara


  • added a notification every time relation with a character goes up


  • added some new lines for Sam when visiting first time
  • added a new quest – Undercover – given by Sam
  • added new scenes related to quest


  • added some new dialogues for Mark to make gaining relation with him a bit easier


  • extended scene with first guy
  • extended scene with the second guy (v-card lose opportunity)

It is HIGHLY recommended to start a new game.

  • added a new location – Sam’s office
  • added an in-game guide
  • added exhibitionism activity
  • added tooltips for all buttons


  • added a new photogram pose for outfit 3


  • city is now explorable
  • city can now be visited at night
  • added a new named NPC – Lee
  • Reya can now meet Hank in the city
  • Reya can now help Lee with his pizzeria
  • added exhibitionism event
  • added a new named NPC – Sara
  • Reya can now payout money earned on her exhibitionist streams from Sara
  • added a new named NPC – Shady Guy
  • added a scene for Shady Guy – quest-related


  • added interactions and dialogues with Sam and Mark
  • Reya can now pay off her debt bit by bit


  • Reya can now visit the Park at night
  • added exhibitionism event


  • added a new quest “Stolen Ring” – given by Laura


  • added a new quest “Conflict of Interest” – given by Mark


  • added a new outfit for Reya
  • added other characters reactions to Reya’s new outfit
  • added variations with new outfit for all events that needed it


  • added new poses related to new outfit


  • added a new event for Mike
  • added a new event for lotion applying crew


  • compressed the game to save some space
  • miscellaneous changes to code


  • extended hank scene


  • new table 1 interactions
  • new table 2 interactions
  • new table 3 interactions
  • new table 4 interactions


  • added more dialogue variants for clients while massaging


  • Reya can now enter mixed baths
  • Reya can be approached by men while bathing
  • added events for the first guy
  • added events for the second guy
  • added events for the two guys


  • fixed the bug that was crashing the game when opening a gallery or clicking on Brian scene

>>> SYSTEM <<<

  • added a new location: the train station
  • added a new location: beach
  • added a new location: Patrick’s house

>>> HOME <<<

  • extended the “wait” button functionality
  • Reya can now watch movies at home to pass the time, but she needs a fixed computer for that.
  • Reya is now able to take a nap to fast-forward time.
  • Reya can now have some fun at home while watching movies
  • Reya can access her email inbox on her computer now.
  • increased the number of likes Reya gets for photos on Photogram


  • Reya can now travel to the beach by train
  • There is a chance Reya will be approached by a stranger while riding the train
  • Added a scene for Reya and the stranger


  • Reya can now do photo sessions with Patrick
  • Reya can now increase her relationship with Patrick
  • Added 5 events for Patrick’s House (photoshoots, and another chance for Reya to lose the V card)
  • Added a talk option with Patrick and some dialogues

>>> BEACH <<<

  • Added an event with Nadia (first time on the beach)
  • Reya can now hang out with Green Guy (3 events)
  • Reya can now sunbathe (4 events)
  • Reya can now play volleyball (2 events)


  • Reya can now agree to participate in VIP shows
  • added 1 event for VIP shows

>>> FIXES <<<

  • Fixed the bug where pressing the turnover button during a massage on the first day would end the workday.
  • Brian’s massage scene now appears in the gallery properly


  • Reya can finally lose her V card in this update, yay!


  • extended Brian event


  • added 2 upgrades for the clothes shop
  • added a new Nadia outfit for the modeling job
  • wearing new outfits during modeling now requires upgrades
  • changed fame points needed to unlock Reya’s second outfit
  • Reya will now do a pose in new outfit if corruption is high enough

>>> BAR <<<

  • fixed the bug where Reya couldn’t sit with Brian at the bar


>>> SYSTEM <<<

  • some events take Reya’s energy now (like waiting in the toilet cabin in the park)
  • added some dialogues variations for different corruption levels


  • upgrade well-known parlor can now be purchased
  • added a new client for the parlor (upgrade required)
  • added an event for a new client in the parlor
  • added CGs and dialogues for a new client

>>> PARK <<<

  • Reya can now stay instead of running away when strangers try to approach her (at least 10 corruption needed)
  • added dialogues and small event for those guys in the park
  • Reya can now mention the place she works to get fame points during the small event with strangers in the park
  • added new activity in the park toilet
  • added a new upgrade for the park toilet
  • Reya now needs the energy to wait for D in the toilet

>>> HOME <<<

  • added a new photogram pose for the first outfit
  • added a new photogram pose for the second outfit

>>> FIXES <<<

  • fixed all missing labels bugs at massage parlor
  • fixed missing map button after working in the bar
  • fixed bar’s variables not reseting after going to sleep


  • no changes has been made to special edition content in 0.3.1

 MAP <<

  • added a new location: Bar
  • added hints for locked locations


  • added CGs and dialogues variations for Reya massaging without her underwear on
  • removed the Softer Towels II upgrade
  • added a new parlor upgrade: Ban wearing clothes for clients
  • added CGs and dialogues for massaging with the new upgrade
  • added a new event while massaging Brian
  • added a new event while massaging Jeff
  • added a new event while massaging Hank
  • added no underwear variations for older events
  • added some dialogue variations depending on the corruption
  • the game now tracks how many times Reya worked in the parlor

>> PARK <<

  • added one small event in the park toilet

>> BAR <<

  • added a new character: Mark
  • added a new job: waitress
  • added CGs and dialogues for the new job
  • added one small event for table 1
  • added one small event for table 2
  • added one small event for table 3
  • added one small event for table 4


  • added animation gallery (accessible via pc)
  • changed the starting value of a relationship with Laura from 0 to 1
  • changed the starting value of a relationship with Jeff from 0 to 0.5


  • Jeff now visits the park on weekend afternoons
  • added dialogues and interactions with Jeff in the park (their visibility depends on relationship points)


  • massaging Jeff now increases Reya’s relationship with him a bit
  • high relationship with Jeff now changes the dialogues a bit while massaging


  • added movies watching movies event with Jeff
  • added a scene with Jeff at home for 1st outfit (5 animations)
  • added a scene with Jeff at home for 2nd outfit (4 animations)
  • added a small scene with Jeff at home for 1st outfit (1 animation)
  • added a small scene with Jeff at home for 2nd outfit (1 animation)
  • relation with Jeff now goes up a bit after he fixes Reya’s computer


  • fixed the “pc_shop_first not found” error (thanks to Leoutoeisen)
  • fixed Photogram issues (thanks to Leoutoeisen)

added one new animation variation for Reya showering
Reya can now masturbate in the shower when corruption is high enough
Jeff now visits the park on the weekend afternoons:
added a talk option
added a few dialogues
Reya can now ask about fixing the computer without the need to wait to get Jeff in the massage parlor
added photogram dialogue which will lead to new events in future versions
added one small event with Hank while facing up massage
added one event with Laura (talk to her after buying the second outfit, then choose Laura wants Reya to help her option)
added an event when bathing with Laura and the relationship is high enough (6 animations)
Reya can now bath naked with Laura after seeing the Laura event

fixed the bug where Reya was wearing the wrong clothes when in a park on afternoons
fixed the bug where Reya was wearing the wrong clothes when uploading a photo on PG
fixed the game crashing bug during massage (thanks to baka)
fixed missing CGs in a small park event (thanks to Leoutoeisen)
fixed missing walkout animation for Reya’s ninja outfit when doing fashion shows (thanks to Leoutoeisen)


added CGs variations for Reya’s new outfit


changed the PC interface
added an online store where Reya can buy a camera
added a small event for delivery
Photogram is now functional and Reya can start uploading photos: – 3 poses available for the first outfit – 2 poses available for the second outfit – comments system added
The wardrobe is now functional and Reya can change her outfit


guys’ dialogue on the street now changes when Reya’s wearing a different outfit (small event on the streets while walking)


clothes shop can now be upgraded to the first clothes delivery
Reya can now buy an outfit after upgrading the shop
added a new outfit for Reya in the modeling job


Laura will comment on Reya’s new outfit which increases corruption a bit



  • changed the map to a bigger and more esthetic one
  • changed the style of locations on the map, so they fit the map style
  • you can now check Reya relationships on the status menu on a computer
  • added game version on the title screen


  • Reya can now enter a restroom in the park (corruption 6 or higher required)
  • added an interface for the toilet cabin (a foundation for future versions)


  • Reya can now use the baths (for women only):
  • gives twice as much energy as the shower
  • costs $15 and requires corruption to be 6 or above
  • increases corruption a bit


  • added upgrade button (can’t upgrade anything yet, a foundation for future versions)


  • added walkout animations for every outfit
  • there’s a chance that the fashion shows owner will talk to the girls after the show if the modeling job was taken at least 3 times


  • Reya can now ask the clients to turn over (corruption above 8 required)
  • added faced-up massage options and CGs for Jeff
  • added faced-up massage options and CGs for Brian
  • added faced-up massage options and CGs for Hank


  • Reya’s attitude toward customers will now change a little after reaching a certain corruption level
  • Added a new event while massaging Brian (head) – corruption above 2.5 required
  • Added a new event while massaging Brian (back) – corruption above 2.5 required
  • Reya can now ignore Jeff’s hand if corruption is high enough (head)
  • Talking with Laura in the massage parlor will now increase Reya’s friendship with her
  • Reya can now ask Laura to hang out in afternoons if their friendship is at a certain level (unlocks new location)
  • every massage Reya gives increases her corruption a bit now up to level 2.5 – she doesn’t mind wearing massage parlor clothes at this level, so corruption won’t go higher


  • added talk option with Nadia
  • talking will increase Reya’s friendship with Nadia a bit
  • added a new job – fashion shows with Nadia
  • added two Nadia animations and two scenes for the fashion show
  • added one Reya animation and scene for the fashion show


  • added one small event that can occur while Reya’s walking around the city in the morning (increases corruption a bit)

– added a new location: bathhouse
– new character: Nasir
– one event with Laura on Saturday morning


  • minor dialogue fixes



  • added CGs when Reya’s going to sleep and waking up
  • added one small event with Sam on the first weekend
  • added a new quest which completing is required to use the computer
  • added computer (computer features are still in development)
  • added one small event with Jeff in Reya’s house (computer quest)


  • added a new activity: go for a walk (unlocks after the first weekend)
  • added a new location: park


  • added resting on bench activity


  • added computer quest-related dialogues


  • fixed the bug where clicking the turnover button on the first day led to a regular working day with Brian (thanks ustar)
  • fixed the wrong characters’ names at the first job (ustar again, thanks)
  • fixed the bug where Reya could go on a negative energy level after upgrading the towels (thanks pedifily)
  • fixed missing images at first-time massage job
  • clothes shop is now closed on weekends

First release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Yooshi – Patreon


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