Red Brim

Red Brim

Euphoria Studios

Version: v0.12 alpha

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Red Brim: Beyond the Lens, Lies a World of Untold Desires

Euphoria StudiosRed Brim isn’t your typical dating sim. Sure, it promises romance, but it delves far deeper, venturing into the realm of untamed desire and self-discovery through the captivating lens of photography. Here, the camera becomes not just a tool, but a conduit for exploring the passionate undercurrents that bind you to a cast of unforgettable characters.

You, the protagonist, are a budding photographer, your soul yearning to capture the essence of life through the click of a shutter. Fate intervenes when you encounter a mesmerizing woman shrouded in a wide-brimmed red hat. Her enigmatic aura ignites a spark of curiosity within you, propelling you on a captivating artistic quest.

Red Brim transcends the boundaries of a traditional cityscape exploration. Vibrant cityscapes pulsate with hidden energy, while breathtaking landscapes whisper untold secrets. As you navigate these diverse environments, a unique tapestry of characters unveils itself. Each individual you meet harbors their own desires, both overt and veiled. Will you delve deeper, unraveling the mysteries they hold close, or simply capture their fleeting beauty through your lens?

The choices you make in Red Brim hold immense weight. A seemingly innocent flirtation with a barista could blossom into a passionate encounter. A chance encounter with a brooding artist might ignite a spark of forbidden desire. Every decision you make shapes your narrative, influencing the depth and nature of the connections you forge.

Euphoria Studios masterfully blurs the line between artistic exploration and erotic discovery. Photography becomes a sensual act, each frame a snapshot not just of a person or a place, but of the raw emotions simmering beneath the surface. The erotic encounters in Red Brim are not merely gratuitous; they serve as a powerful metaphor for the intimacy and vulnerability inherent in forging deep connections.

Are you ready to embark on a journey where desire and artistic expression collide? Red Brim invites you to step beyond the lens, to explore the vibrant tapestry of human connection, and to capture the essence of passion in its most raw and unfiltered form. Unleash your inner photographer and delve into this world of untold desires.


v0.12 alpha
Continued Love Letter quest line
New scene with Cynthia (17 images)
New location: computer lab
New model: Bridget (3 poses)
PC in the bedroom now functional, useful for future updates
Fixed minor bugs

v0.11 alpha
Continued Lora’s questline
New scene with Lora (8 images)
Updated Mainscreen with animation
Added a reminder if a new update is out on the Mainscreen
Fixed a major bug in Lora’s questline

v0.10.1 alpha
Bug fix crash during Lora’s quest

Progression in Eve’s storyline.
Continuation of the storyline with the photographer Tom.
Addition of a new scene with Eve. (11 images)
Introduction of photography gameplay featuring the model Claire, along with two new backgrounds.
Minor bug fixes.

– Meet Nina, a new character helping out with some tech challenges in the principal’s office.
– Keep the momentum going in the “Love Letter” quest.
– Uncover more in Lora’s ongoing storyline.
– Enjoy a new scene with Agatha (17 images).
– Continue Lora’s sub-quest with another scene.
– Groove to added music for Lora, Bea, and our main protagonist.
– Fixed that pesky bug with Eve in the gallery.

Bug-fix: Fix bug Eve start scene

Bug-fix: Fix bug Agatha start scene

New Characters: Meet Eve and Tom, the latest additions to Red Brim!
Game Kick-off Upgrade: I’ve juiced up the game’s start for a more immersive kick-off..
Fresh Quest Content: Dive into a new storyline with a juicy scene featuring Bea and Eve. (10 images).
Improved Lora Encounter: The first scene with Lora got a facelift, a touch-up that you’ll surely appreciate. (1 image).
Enhanced Zoe and Emma Scene: Enjoy an upgraded first encounter with Zoe and Emma (3 images).
Font Facelift: Update the dialogue with a new font style, and Simon’s thoughts get a fresh look too.
Quest Alerts Upgrade: Now, when you snag a new quest, a “new quest added” popup will let you know.
Quest Visuals Makeover: The quest display also got a slick redesign, including a tab for your completed quests.
Bugs: some minor graphic bugs to keep things looking as sharp as ever.

v0.7 Alpha
Introduction of Cynthia, the school principal.
Addition of a new location to explore.
Inclusion of two new scenes: one featuring Taylin, and another showcasing Agatha.
A total of 36 new images to enrich your Red Brim experience.

v0.6.1 Alpha
Fixed issue with replay gallery of some scenes not displaying

v0.6 Alpha
Dive deeper into the main storyline!
Enjoy 3 thrilling new scenes (including 2 with Lora and 1 with Isabel) that will keep you hooked!
Feast your eyes on 16 brand-new, stunning images.
Flex your creative muscles and personalize the names of the protagonist, Lora, and Bea.
Immerse yourself in our shiny new Gallery System. Relive your favorite moments whenever you want!

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Instillation Incest Patch

Just unzip it into the red brim’s main folder and activate it in the preferences by selecting “incest”


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