Realm of Dominance

Realm of Dominance

Morte Dara

Version: v.

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Game Info

Name: Realm of Dominance

Version: v.

Updated: 2024-03-07 16:20:01

Language: English

Engine: Unity

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Animated, combat, female domination, footjob, Male Protagonist, RPG, Teasing, Turn based combat, Turn-based combat


Realm of Dominance is a Femdom Role Playing Game

In our game, the player will fight vicious female fighters and have a relationship with them. You must build a strategy and execute it well in order to prevail in combat. Every opponent will have their own kinks, fighting style and characteristics. Therefore, every opponent must be fought with a different approach. With time, player will develop his/her own strategies.

Explore the universe of Realm of Dominance and help Destor in his journey. Participate in arena battles, work in the city and travel around the realms. Meet new characters, make friends and foes.​


New Additions:
-More than 20 quests have been added.
-New NPC’s added.
-Replay function added for supporter versions. (Journal, Gallery Mod)
-New gameplay mechanics added.
-New challenges added.
-New UI for battle screen.
-UI overhaul for dialogue system.
-New skip function for the dialogues.
-New fighters and opponents outside of the arena.
-Fame system that keeps track of the progression.

Fixes in General:
-Now the save system works fine with the quest system, keeping track of finished quests so the player doesn’t need to delete their save files.
-Most of the typos are corrected in various dialogues.
-Widescreen support is removed due to glitches. Please use the maximum resolution 1920 1080 even if you’re using a wide screen.
-Quests now give proper rewards, back then we had some quests not giving the shown rewards.
-All the quests work as intended.
-Sounds fixed in various scenes.
-Some texts were unreadable, they are now transformed in to TMP’s and made much more readable.
-Size of the game reduced.

Fixes in Tavern:
-Anger meter now works properly and Zia is much more aggressive.
-Customer variety now works properly and will show you rare customers.
-The game pauses when player is trying to choose which food to cook or which drink to fill. Making it fair for the player.
-The trash can is now fixed, Destor doesn’t put away the food randomly.

-Added the quest system to the game. (More than 10 quests, lots of dialogues and cinematics and two new fights)
-Dialogue speed is can now controlled be by the player (left control button)
-VFX and Post processing added.

-Lights and new shaders are added.
-Major UI changes.
-New NPC’s in town. (Six npcs can be found in different areas)
-Choosing fight screen has been changed.
-Dialogue UI has been changed.
-Wide resolution options have been added. (Not optimized and still under work)
-Optimization on scenes have been done.
-Many typos are fixed.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.


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