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ProjectR: Weaving a tapestry of pleasure and prosperity

ProjectR isn’t your typical village management sim. Sure, you’ll guide your fledgling settlement from a cluster of ramshackle huts to a thriving hub, but the path to prosperity is paved with more than just resource gathering and efficient building placement. In ProjectR, the key to your village’s success lies in the heart of its deepest, darkest desires.

You, the enterprising village administrator, are tasked with venturing into the forbidden depths – labyrinthine dungeons teeming with monstrous creatures both terrifying and strangely alluring. Here’s where ProjectR breaks the mold. These aren’t your average orcs and goblins. Each dungeon harbors a unique menagerie of beings, their monstrous forms often intertwined with captivating beauty. Succubus nurses with insatiable libidos tend to wounded adventurers, hulking minotaur warriors challenge you to tests of strength that quickly turn into tests of endurance, and mischievous kitsune with tails that coil and caress offer cryptic riddles that unlock hidden passages… but only after a satisfying tribute.

The spoils you reap from these expeditions are far more than just gold and gems. ProjectR introduces a controversial, yet undeniably titillating mechanic: monster breeding. Those captivating creatures you encounter in the dungeons aren’t just formidable foes, they’re potential partners in a most unusual procreation ritual. By strategically pairing captured monsters within your village’s specially designed “breeding chamber,” you can unlock new, even more exotic hybrids. Imagine the possibilities! A seductive lamia with a serpent’s lower half, birthing offspring that inherit both her alluring charm and constricting power. Or a hulking ogre, bred with a nimble sprite, resulting in nimble warriors with a surprising ferocity.

The offspring of these illicit unions are not just trophies. They become the lifeblood of your village. These half-human, half-monster hybrids fulfill a variety of roles within your settlement. Some, with their enhanced strength and resilience, become formidable guards, while others, blessed with unparalleled beauty and charm, entice travelers to your burgeoning village, boosting its coffers and reputation.

ProjectR isn’t for the faint of heart, nor is it for those seeking a sanitized experience. It’s a game that revels in the taboo, the erotic, and the unconventional. It forces you to confront the primal desires that lurk beneath the surface of society, and to harness them for the greater good (or perhaps, your own twisted amusement).

Are you ready to delve into the heart of darkness, to forge alliances with the creatures that go bump in the night, and build a village unlike any other? ProjectR awaits…


“This version changes from the previous turn-based strategy system to a real-time defense format and is intended as a test version.
Added general human characters
Since the update was earlier than planned, the tutorial and sound adjustments are not yet complete. We will add and update this part as soon as possible.”

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