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Project Sena: A Bio-engineered Weapon of Seduction

Project Sena, by Huuuuge, isn’t your typical post-apocalyptic survival story. Sure, a deadly virus has ravaged the world, leaving humanity clinging to existence. But in this desolate landscape, a new kind of weapon emerges: the bio-roid. Genetically engineered for superior strength and resilience, these bio-roids are humanity’s last hope against the relentless virus.

You take control of Sena, one of the first successful bio-roids. Unlike her stoic and battle-hardened counterparts, Sena harbors a secret. The bio-engineering process has not only enhanced her physical prowess but also awakened a potent and unexpected side effect – a heightened capacity for pleasure.

Project Sena throws you into a world where survival hinges not just on combat prowess but also on a unique form of seduction. The virus, it turns out, has a peculiar weakness. Through a complex biological process triggered by intense pleasure, bio-roids can temporarily disrupt the virus’s hold on infected individuals.

As Sena ventures into the wasteland, she encounters not just monstrous, virus-ridden creatures but also pockets of humanity struggling to survive. Here’s where the true complexity of Project Sena unfolds. Sena can choose to use her combat abilities to fight her way through, a path of brutal efficiency. However, the most effective weapon in her arsenal lies in her newfound sensuality.

The game explores the concept of “erotic warfare” in a nuanced way. Seduction becomes a strategic tool, a way to weaken enemies and offer a glimmer of hope to the infected. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each encounter requires Sena to adapt her tactics, to understand the desires of those she encounters, and to forge a unique connection, however fleeting, to achieve her objective.

Project Sena is a provocative journey of self-discovery and the weaponization of pleasure. It pushes boundaries, explores the complexities of human connection in a ravaged world, and offers a unique perspective on the fight for survival.

Are You Ready to Unleash Your Inner Weapon?

Project Sena is a game for those who crave a story that goes beyond the typical post-apocalyptic narrative. It’s a celebration of diversity, a daring exploration of eroticism as a weapon, and a testament to the enduring human spirit, even in the face of annihilation.



  • Addition of stage 3 and monsters (up to mid-boss battle).
  • Added stage 3 mid-boss.
  • Addition of scenario illustrations (including modification of existing ones).
  • Added a function to darken characters who do not speak lines during the scenario.
  • Gives a very short invincibility time when dodging.
  • Other bug fixes.
  • Completely revised Hughes’ operation lines.
  • Added operations for tutorial stage.
  • Changed stage BGM.
  • The available input time for QTE has been approximately doubled and the difficulty level has been reduced.
    • (Added content on 24.05.11)
  • Escape has become easier by increasing the amount of gauge rise for repeated escape attacks.
    • (Added content on 24.05.11)

Table of Contents
What was added in the March build.
Operation description
About keyconfig…
Official Discord
What was added in the March build.
2 stages
2 stages of boss battles.
Extra features (can be accessed via the “Gallery” in the title scene).

The differences from the January build are as follows.
Bug fixes for H situations.
Addition of boss stages.
Fixed and repositioned UI images.
Defeat scene for stage 1 boss added.
Conditions are restored upon arrival at the save point (portal).

Functionality currently temporarily enabled (to be polished and added to the official functionality later).
Key config.
To be released in the next build.
2nd stage.
Stage 2 boss.
Extra systems.
Development of additional options (e.g. resolution, sound, camera).
Promptly come back to us with a work schedule article in February.

QTE system freezing issue Additional fixes.
How billboards that fall when shaken work Fixes
Optimisation work in progress

– Fixed a bug where the switch did not switch properly in a high frame rate environment.
– Updated the operating environment information.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Huuuuge Ci-en – Discord


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