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Princess in the Tower


Version: v0.9c

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Game Info

Name: Princess in the Tower

Version: v0.9c

Updated: 2024-04-25 10:38:49

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 3DCG, adventure, Animated, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, footjob, Goblin, Groping, Male Protagonist, monster, RPG, Sandbox, Trainer


Princess in the Tower: A Twisted Tale of Forbidden Desires

Forget the damsel-in-distress trope. In Princess in the Tower, you take on the unlikely role of Grimble, a cunning goblin enslaved by the tyrannical Witch Griselda. Your mission? To prevent the impending marriage of Princess Anya, a woman far more complex than her gilded cage suggests.

Anya isn’t your typical princess. Confined to the tower by the scheming Griselda, her days are filled not with embroidery and courtly suitors, but with a bizarre regimen of sweets, spooky nightly serenades, and a suspiciously tight belt. The weight gain is noticeable, her nights restless, and the belt… well, let’s just say it’s causing a unique kind of discomfort.

Grimble, with his goblinish wit and surprising empathy, finds himself torn. Does he follow Griselda’s orders and ensure the princess remains docile and unfit for marriage? Or does he forge an unlikely alliance with Anya, a woman yearning for freedom and a touch that isn’t wrapped in fear or manipulation?

Princess in the Tower offers a delightfully twisted take on the classic fairy tale. The game explores themes of power dynamics, unconventional desires, and the unexpected connections that blossom in the most unlikely places. Anya, far from being a passive victim, emerges as a woman brimming with hidden desires. The constant influx of sweets becomes a metaphor for her yearning for pleasure, the sleepless nights a catalyst for intimate conversations with Grimble in the dead of night.

The tight belt? That becomes a symbol of her suppressed sensuality, a key Grimble can choose to loosen – literally and metaphorically. The choices you make as Grimble determine the course of the narrative. Will you exploit Anya’s vulnerabilities for your own benefit, or will you help her break free from her confinement, both physical and emotional?

Princess in the Tower is a visual novel that celebrates body positivity, diverse desires, and the power of breaking free from societal constraints. Are you ready to rewrite the story? Choose your path in Princess in the Tower today. (This is a call to action, but it refrains from directly mentioning the adult game.)


New Items:

  • Iron Ingot
  • Iron Sword (can be used as a pickaxe)
  • Iron Boots
  • Iron Nails
  • Iron Wheel
  • Cake Enchantments: White Surprise, Yellow Surprise
  • Golden Plug
  • Purification Elixir

Map Changes:

  • Significantly decreased distances between profession rooms and dungeon rooms.

New Locations:

  • Kingdom of Eldoria (Queen’s Chamber)
  • Milking Room
  • Dungeon’s Depth (Golden Room) (Petrified Room)

New Content:

  • Bath Together: with options for Washing the princess/Pee –> Punishment.
  • Chest Massage (Boobjob)
  • Inserting the golden accessory into the giant’s ass
  • Deal with the Wicked Queen (Blackmail)

Game Progress:

  • You can now repair the cart and travel to the Kingdom of Eldoria.
  • With Iron Boots, you can venture to the deepest dungeon, also requiring a strength potion.
  • You can steal the Heart Key from the Wicked Queen and blackmail her.


  • Corrected Annabelle’s position and duplication during the second meeting with Victoria
  • Wait action spot during midnight is no longer visible
  • Adjusted White Surprise functionality: It can now decrease Cum Intolerance to 80
  • Fixed the issue where dungeon doors weren’t displaying correctly without the required key
  • Fixed an issue with learning Purification Elixir
  • First-time handjob now results in a decrease of Dignity by 3
  • First-time footjob now results in a decrease of Dignity by 3
  • Cake prank now leads to a decrease in Dignity by 5
  • Blowjob now requires having 90 or less Dignity.


  • Fixed issues for certain users experiencing very slow animations
  • Fixed issues with RAM usage.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not continue a massage if you did not offer a massage before the first HJ.
  • Fixed an issue when using E that activates Etherstone even if you don’t own it.
  • Fixed a bug where after a massage and climax on the princess’s butt, the player could not talk to her.
  • Fixed a bug where Annabelle would stop fighting in dungeons once you gave her new clothes.
  • Fixed a bug where repeated Footjob does not increase stats.
  • Fixed a bug where the Cake Prank occurred multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the health gauge would not appear
  • Fixed a bug where time would advance after leaving the princess’s room if you chose not to piss in the jugg, and then advance again once you piss directly into the flower.
  • Fixed bug with quest logo window and status background after first save.

New Content:

  • Added 93 new animations.
  • Introduced a new bath event with the princess. (You can now enter the bath during the princess’s bathing time and wait for her to finish.)
  • Added new late evening events with the princess (“Truth or Dare”)

New Characters:

  • Introduced Maisie as a new character.
  • Introduced Brunhilde as a new character.

Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Autosave now occurs each morning.
  • Instantly leave the dungeon when rescuing Annabelle to avoid potential game-breaking bugs.
  • A set of recipes, including “Book: Pleasure of Massage” and “Recipe: Serpent’s Hook”, can now also be unlocked after defeating the Serpent boss.
  • Updated Annabelle’s outfit sprites and fixed the nude model.

Game Mechanics:

  • Advancement during massage events now possible on the first day without needing to wait for another session.
  • Bookworm skill now applies even after already reading
  • Reduced the number of pain potions required to progress from 3 to 2.
  • If smell tolerance is over 25, the princess won’t notice urine in the bath, eliminating punishment scenes (although punishment scenes will persist until fresh water is used).
  • Feeding the princess with piss/cum vials instead of potions is now possible.
  • Choosing a potion you don’t have will return you to the potion selection instead of proceeding without one.
  • Giving the princess cum vials will decrease her cum intolerance and increase mischief.
  • Increased maximum mischief levels for various mischief actions.

Dungeon Improvements:

  • Removed limits on the number of dungeon visits per day.
  • Increased Health and Attack damage gain per level.

New Locations:

  • Mine
  • Crossroads

Added a new location for Glowstone – Goblin’s Room.

New items:

  • Wheat
  • Grape
  • Honey
  • Sulfur
  • Red Wine
  • Bomb (can damage objects)
  • Fire resistance potion
  • Strength Potion
  • Brave Beast Bourbon
  • Banana Nectar
  • Grain Mash


  • Objectives that are frozen and cannot be progressed in the current version are now labeled as “(locked)”.
  • Fixed incorrect progression of certain objectives.
  • Numerous quests can now be completed.

Other changes/fixes:

  • Changed dialogues with the Wicked Queen during Mirror dialogues.
  • Added a new title background.
  • Letter sounds during message can be now toggle off in the settings
  • Fixed bug where the strength potion remained at 0% despite being learned.
  • Fixed a bug related to viewing the quest “Perfect Massage” in the quest log.
  • Fixed issue with the background in the status window.
  • Implemented a fix preventing MC from sending Annabelle twice to the Underground Quarry without lube

Warning: auto save is disabled in version 0.7b

Significantly Increased Overall Performance!
-Fixed Major Bug: Unable to Finish Pre-Bath Quest
-Various terrain-related bugs have been addressed and fixed.
-Boundless Pisser Mischief Point Requirement Reduced from 20 to 15
-Mess Acceptance can now be increased up to 15 by skipping cleaning
-Smell Tolerance can now be increased up to 15 by urinating on flowers
-Mess Acceptance and Smell Tolerance can be increased up to 30 each time the princess takes a pee bath.
Princess Dietary Adjustment:
After a deal, the Princess no longer requires cake every day. However, if her hunger is above 100%, she needs to be fed, or she will become angry.
Training Limits:
The maximum number of training scenes for Handjob and Footjob has been capped at 5.
Training Requirements:
Training with the Princess now requires at least 50% Mood.
Daily Stats System:
Princess stats now reset to 50% Mood, 20% Stress, and 20% Fatigue every day.
Giving her a Sleeping Potion now grants +10% Mood, -20% Stress, and -20% Fatigue.
Dream Potion now grants +30% Mood, -20% Stress, and -20% Fatigue.
No potion results in -20% Mood
Submission and Slutiness can now be increased by up to 10%
Blowjob Requirements:
Blowjob now requires 10% Slutiness, 85% Dignity, and 100% Mood.
Achieving 100% Mood is possible by giving her a Dream Potion, having a rest day and providing a Banana Cake.
Exercise results in -20 Mood and +20 Stress.
Rest Day provides +10 Mood.
Normal days start with 50% Mood.
Potion Effects:

  • Sleep Potion now sets Mood to 70%.
  • Dream Potion now sets Mood to 80%.
  • Nightmare Potion lowers Mood to 10%.

MC is now required to initiate a conversation with the Princess to start the bath event.
Queen Evelin has been introduced to the game.
Default Queen Name: The default name for the Queen has been changed to Evelin.
Default Cum Name: The default name for the Sperm has been changed to Cum.
Minor adjustments to material numbers for recipes have been made.
New Scenes:

  • Anna Kissing Stick scene
  • Fetish punishment scene for Goblin
  • Princess & Goblin fight scene
  • Belt exploration with Ether Lens

New Enemies and items
New Dungeon Additions: 
Prison Room Dungeon Deeps
Gallery Feature with Etherstone:
MC can now use the Etherstone to access and view scenes
Teleportation Feature with Glowstone:
With the Glowstone, players gain the ability to teleport to specific locations. Initially, MC can teleport to the Tower Hall Glowstone, that can be located next to the Princess’s doors. Additional teleportation destinations will be added in future updates.

-new 88 animations
-Princess’s & Goblin’s Dreams
-Mischievous Cake Serving!
-Training available Blowjob
-Handjob scene is now repeatable
-new scenes with princess before cake is served

-Anna stuck H-scene (5 animation), (she doesn’t lose the whole outfit anymore, it will be added later to avoid the end of the event)
-Negotiation with the princess, alternative for exercise (5 animation)
-Advanced Massage (2 animation)
-Back Massage after exercise (18 animation)
-New exercises for the princess (11 animation)
-Minor changes

– 84 new animations
– new rescue H-scene blonde beauty
– new sleeping H-scene (princess)

(save from version 0.2.1 is not compatible! The good news is that the save from version 0.3 will now work up to several versions ahead.)
-84 new animations
-sleeping H-scene Princess
-rescue H-scene Annabelle
-Annabelle can now become your companion and fight for you in the dungeon of your choice (be careful though, she can sometimes struggle)
-added point for serpants hook to each wing
-questlog modified (it is now clear what objective can be completed)
-blacksmithing/smelting room available
-added new room Storage
-new Spider II Dungeon Room – available (in development)
-annoying Spider sound removed
-torch is now required each time to enter the Bat Dungeon
-modified talent (Night Visions) Allows you to see in the dark no torch needed
-added talent (Boundless Pisser) – Allows you to pee in the bathtub
-added talent (Night Walker) – Allows you to wake up at midnight
-leaked perks (not usable yet)
-new books and recipes available in the library
-added mining system
-added copper ore, tin ore, gold ore and quartz
New Items:
-(Copper Ingot)
-(Tin Ingot)
-(Bronze Ingot)
-(Gold Ingot)
-(Bronze Sword)
-(Golden Breastplate)
-(Linen Clothing)
-(Damaged Breastplate)
-(Damaged Clothing)
-(Healing Ointment)
-(Empty Vial)
-(Cum Vial)
-(Piss Vial)
-(Magic Mirror)
-(Glowing Sphere)

Cheats (Supporters):

  • Removed Invulnerability
  • Added + 1 Attack
  • Added + 1 Defense
  • Added option to rename characters, things…

-monkey dungeon, wall fixed
-small dialog change (old name Strix, conversation about the smell)
-reduced img size, improved overall loading without using too much cache memory
-fixed problem with overfloating memmory
-autosave added
-worms respawns now
-if the key and the serpent’s teeth are not looted from the boss, items are automatically received after leaving the dungeon. same goes for the feather after killing the chicken

-77 new animations
-Increased base movement speed
-New exercise for the princess – squat, stretch
-Several new H-Scenes for the princess
-Goblin can now sleep until Midnight
-significantly reduced waiting time between knocking/walking upstairs
-New items (Banana, Elixir of Arousal, Key: Princess Room, Book: Pleasure of Man, Pink Dye, Princess’s Gloves, others)
-New perk Fearless Pisser – Allows you to pee on the flower right in front of the princess
-New books and recipes available in the library
-Stair sprinter perk removed
-Potions now can be used by pressing [T]
-Potion Mastery perk is now working
-Tailor room is now available
-3 New dungeon rooms available, new enemies and bosses
-Mummies’ hp reduced
-Increased number of Cobras
-New character revealed
-Added cheats for patrons (Invulnerability, Instant Cakes, Movement Speed Manager)

v0.1 Alpha
Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

You can join the discord and ask me questions 24/7

*For the macOS version to work (and save), try placing the game into the application folder.
*If the game doesn’t save and you play in windows, run the game with administrator permission.

The stats system is not yet complete. I will, develop it more when there is more content. There will be a new stat introduced for the princess and that is sperm intolerance. Princess has a strong intolerance to Goblin sperm, so, player will have to slowly work on that. I’ve been testing the game I’ve already prepared a few saves for you, but after a few hours of playing I found an bugs and the game has to be started again. I can’t play it again from start at the moment so I won’t provide you with the saves. The good news is that the save will now work up to version 0.7, I added a lot of items up front, I didn’t hide them so you can see some leaks and have some idea of what could possibly happen in the future. Also, there is an upcoming Important Voting Poll on your plan with the princess! (Soon) Cheats are updated, please download the new version for proper functioning. Enjoy!


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