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Princess & Conquest


Version: v0.21.01

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Game Info

Name: Princess & Conquest

Version: v0.21.01

Updated: 2024-04-30 18:05:17

Sexual Orientation: Furry Games, Gay Games

Language: English, Spanish

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, adventure, Anal Sex, Animated, Big Tits, combat, Creampie, Fantasy, footjob, Furry, gay, Handjob, Male Protagonist, monster, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, RPG, Strategy, Titfuck, Trap, Vaginal Sex


Princess & Conquest: A Kingdom Forged in Conquest… and Pleasure

Towerfag’s “Princess & Conquest” throws you headfirst into a realm teetering on the brink. A mighty dragon, the enigmatic guardian of the land, has vanished. The power vacuum left behind plunges the kingdom into disarray. This isn’t your typical “Princess & Conquest” story – here, conquest isn’t just about acquiring territory, it’s about acquiring something far more alluring: pleasure.

You, a seasoned knight with a thirst for adventure (and perhaps something a little more… primal), take center stage. Your mission transcends the mundane task of restoring order. Here, restoring order comes with a delectable twist – forging alliances with the kingdom’s most captivating princesses (and a few unexpected creatures) through the art of seduction.

But “Princess & Conquest” isn’t just about charming your way into royal boudoirs. The combat is a thrilling ballet of steel and strategy. Every princess and companion you recruit boasts unique skills that synergize in explosive ways. From epic sieges to heart-pounding boss battles, the path to conquest is paved with both tactical brilliance and carnal delights.

Here’s where “Princess & Conquest” truly sets itself apart. As you delve deeper into the kingdom’s mysteries, your relationships with these alluring figures blossom. The currency of power isn’t just gold; it’s Affinity Points, earned through captivating conversations and, ahem, extracurricular activities. These points unlock a world of “fluff ‘n lewds,” a delightfully explicit term that perfectly encapsulates the game’s core mechanic.

The sheer diversity of “Princess & Conquest” is staggering. Every princess, every monster girl (and yes, there are plenty!), boasts her own unique set of animations, each one a visual feast tailored specifically to your amorous exploits. The game celebrates a spectrum of desires, ensuring that every player can find a captivating companion to embark on this “Princess & Conquest” journey with.

Are you ready to claim your crown, not just through conquest, but through seduction? Step into the world of “Princess & Conquest” and discover a kingdom where pleasure is the ultimate power. Just remember, with great conquest comes great… responsibility (and a whole lot of fun).



Too many changes to leave them outside your reach! We’re also STUFFED with new animations, mechanics, events and equipment!

The Kingdom Below is getting busier, with new monsters and MOLEY new characters, but I’m sure you’ll also notice what’s happening around Clocktown. The sisters are getting buys!

Additions and changes:

  • Cat X Human Princess NSFW scene added
  • Lizz NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Socket NSFW Animation #1 added to the Gallery
  • Lola NSFW Animation #1 added to the Gallery
  • Rabbit Clerks NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Crusader Princess NSFW Animation #3
  • Replaced the Hourly Sisters in the Throne Room and Mouse quarters with the actual sisters of Mouse Princess
  • The Mouse Sisters will now take turns on the throne if Mouse Princess leaves, abandoning their duties for one day
  • All 10 “Acting Princesses” in Mouse Clocktown have new unique dialogues for greeting/chat/farewell
  • The ruling sister will also be shown in the Kingdom Status menu
  • Mole Princess has appeared in the Kingdom Below! “Use” her to travel faster between the surface and the underground
  • Added Faun Innkeeper in Harvest Town
  • The Rabbit Clerks are now managing the Bunny Garderie
  • Added post-sex bed talk for Amelie, Moss Princess, Crusader Princess, Crystal Princess, Scarecrow Princess, Mimic Princess, Chain Princess, Eldritch Princess, Wendigo Princess)
  • Added 4 costumes for Eldritch Princess (swimsuit, Spookfest, Chillbite, Bloomgaze) to be found around the Kingdom
  • New high-level enemy added in the Purplecap Forest: the Munch
  • New weapon added! Munch Gloves
  • New armor added! Kombucha Shirt
  • Reworked drop mechanics
  • Added new accessories: Elemental Tablets (Fire, Thunder, Ice, Water, Wind, Rock, Holy, Dark, Mech)
  • Added new weapons: Null Weapons, ignoring enemy resistances and weaknesses (Sword, Axe, Spear, Mace)
  • Added new weapon: Shishkebab
  • Added new weapon: Ao Storm
  • Added new weapon: Mole Claw
  • Added new sprites for Bird Progeny and Robyn


  • Fixed some issues with Plant Ruins map
  • Fixed transfer to the broken bridge map when accessed diagonally
  • Fixed infinite flight bug
  • Fixed Plant Princess in Status screen not shown correctly when replaced with a Shade or an Heir
  • Fixed minor typos in Cat Princess’ adult scene
  • Fixed Queen of Hearts and Abyss Explorer costumes for rabbits being inverted
  • Fixed Prince Knight still being able to sneak into Mouse Clocktower from the lower floor
  • Fixed Prince Knight still being able to sneak into Mouse Clocktower when Mouse Princess isn’t on the throne anymore
  • Fixed crashes while loading the game with Goblin affinity quest happening in the southern World Mpa
  • Fixed Progeny changing race with Power Pearl not having their sprite updated in the Daycare Menu
  • Fixed Guild and Undead Knight not showing the warning on their Skill Card about the locked Head slot
  • Fixed no collisions on Knight after Lina events with Wyvern Princess
  • Fixed custom Plant Princess not being able to get pregnant
  • Resized Oni Progeny and other character sizes in the Daycare Menu
  • Fixed some typos and bug issues in Dokuro and Wendigo Princess’ scenes
  • Fixed Iceberg Armor and Chillbite Crown not afflicting the player with Frostbite
  • Fixed the “Optimize” command possibly assigning unremovable armor (Knight’s helms, and Insurgent Banner)
  • Fixed some Armor items never dropping regardless of Drop stat (Apprentice Hat, Fancy Pants, Cracked Shell, Queen’s Pet Vest, Tricky Glasses, Night Cloak, Paper Shield, Fake Crown, Copper Piece, Titanium Armour)
  • Fixed Moonlight Charm not working on actors from Harvest onward
  • Fixed the “Add Princess – Plant Princess” Cheat not working
  • Fixed Princess Affinity still being shown in the Kingdom Menu after the Princess has been replaced by an Heir
  • Fixed passability issues with WEEDS in Rumble Jungle
  • Fixed passability issues in the Slums
  • Fixed wrong mermaid animation frame
  • Fixed Death Not possibly causing the addition of a 5th party member during the intro sections
  • Fixed crashes after some NPC sexy times
  • Fixed Ghost Wail causing items to drop in unreachable spots
  • Fixed low performances during Hippo Princess’ scenes
  • Fixed NPCs conjured by the Death Not causing possible issues or crashes when loading old save files
  • Fixed game crashing when trying to remove TASBOT equipment from other actors


It’s time!
A whole new Reign for you to enjoy: the Plant Ruins, ruled by the adorable Plant Princess, that will surely fill your adventures around the Kingdom with laughter (and worry)!
You can reach her Reign from the Southern Region, just past the Rumble Jungle.

⚠ Beware the Hippopotus ⚠
That’s a lot, but not everything BIG changed with this update!
Almost every Princess got a new skill, adjusted to her own playstyle, and elemental damage is finally part of the equation for those too!

Additions and changes:

  • Plant Release!
  • Plant Princess is now recruitable
  • Plant Reign questline added
  • The Downroot dungeon is not open
  • Added Plant Princess dialogues for Tavern / Campsite / Sexual interludes-
  • Plant Princess can now have field and siege battles
  • Added Plant Princess pregnancy/fertility cycles and mechanics
  • Added Plant NPCs in meeting spots around the Kingdom (Faun’s Tavern, Clocktown, Holstaur Milk Bar, Greenkin Brewery, Desert Festival, Forgotten Garden, Old Church, Hunter’s Terrace, Golden Stump, Beach, Civil Boats, Dragon Queen Castle, Bloomgaze Festival, Chillbite Blessing, Spookfest)
  • Added Plant Princess “Burrow” ability
  • Added 50+ dialogues for Plant NPCs
  • Plant Princess can now join Tea Parties
  • Plant events are now calculated in REMIX Mode too
  • Plant added to Bird Princess’ STAMP mechanics
  • Added Campsite / Tavern lines for Plant Progeny and Recruits
  • Plant Princess NSFW animation #1-2-3 added!
  • SUCC Plant Princess NSFW animation #1 added!
  • Plant NPCs NSFW Animation #1-2-3 added
  • New item added: Radish Jar
  • New item added: Leaf Pate
  • New item added: Golden Formula
  • New item added: Chopp Nut
  • New item added: Flesh Thorn
  • New armor added: Pine Cover
  • New armor added: Fast Leaf
  • New weapon added: Bambooka
  • New weapon added: Hag Wand
  • New weapon added: Bark Arm
  • New weapon added: Shisoken
  • New Campsite interactions added! Plant X Rabbit
  • New Campsite interactions added! Plant X Golem
  • New Campsite interactions added! Plant X Desert
  • New Campsite interactions added! Harvest X Plant
  • New Campsite interactions added! Mouse X Plant
  • New Campsite interactions added! Moth X Plant
  • New Campsite interactions added! Plant X Plant Progeny
  • Plant Princess Wish added: Energy Drain
  • Plant Princess Wish added: Wild Growth!
  • Plant Progeny Skills have been implemented
  • Worr now appears in Plant territory too
  • Reworked SUCC Battle-fuck! Press the L/R arrow keys to damage enemies and stop them from getting away!
  • Added new Inn in Harvest Town
  • Added new ability for Insect Princess (Sneak Attack)
  • Added new ability for Cat Princess (Felyne Dodge)
  • Added new ability for Rabbit Princess (Hammer Smash)
  • Added new ability for Finhead Princess (Skewer)
  • Added new ability for Golem Princess (X-Zap)
  • Added new ability for Desert Princess (Dark Dance)
  • Added new ability for Goblin Princess (Gunworks)
  • Added new ability for Mouse Princess (Mech Arm)
  • Added new ability for Harvest Princess (Backstep)
  • Added new ability for Harvest Princess Wolf form (Sun Flare)
  • Added new ability for Wyvern Princess (Flying Attack)
  • Added new ability for Finhead Princess Bird form (Winged Slash)
  • Added new ability for Mermaid Princess (Big Waves)
  • Added new ability for Bird Princess (Winged Slash)
  • Added new ability for Bird Princess Finhead form (Skewer)
  • Added new ability for Oni Princess (Oni Stomp)
  • Added new ability for Oni Princess Raijin form (Tengu Stomp)
  • Reworked from scratch Dog, Amelie, and Salizzie’s abilities
  • Added naked portraits for Pruna, Mouse Banker, Goz
  • Nerfed Dragon Progeny (-10 BST all over the board)
  • Special abilities now inflict Elemental damage when required
  • Added new portraits for Kheera
  • Added naked portraits for Slendergirl, Trauma, and the Lezgar+Rigbu combo
  • Traveling NPCs can again be met around Mouse, Oni, Bird, and Plant territories
  • Reworked Crystal Princess “Starry Bomb” skill


  • Fixed missing Rabbit/Mouse form portraits for TASBOT
  • Fixed Beaming Bride costume not unlocking Eldritch NSFW Animation #2
  • Replaced swimsuit icon in Dates menu
  • Fixed some crashes happening when using a character skill while equipping no weapon
  • Fixed SUCC Mermaid/Oni/Plant Princess flying sprites
  • Fixed Broodmother/Kariddi/Princess interactions with Spextacles
  • Fixed Harriet Skill card
  • Fixed short-ranged weapons not hitting anything from above
  • Fixed Plant SUCC/Shade not changing in Tavern
  • Fixed Plant SUCC/Shade portraits
  • Fixed DIY costumes not working on the Knight
  • Fixed Family Jewels not stopping Frog Princess from making eggs
  • Fixed Sneak Attack Skill not working on some Progeny
  • Fixed Hornet form Insect Princess sprites
  • Fixed Dog Princess joining after Tavern events possibly adding her as the 5th Party Member
  • Fixed Kobold Princess joining after leaving in Kobold Mines possibly adding her as the 5th Party Member
  • Fixed Sweet Water not inflicting Water damage
  • Fixed Razor Plume skill not inflicting Wind damage
  • Fixed Bumpkin Seeds item description
  • Fixed Oni Fertility score not changing with seasons
  • Fixed buggy damage calculations for Bakeneko/King Cucco/Hippopotus and other big monsters
  • Fixed TASBOT forms weapons not being removed from inventory when it switches form
  • Fixed Moth Princess leaving the party even if her Route doesn’t get initiated

Installation Guide

VX Ace RTP is required to play the game.

1. Download and install the VX Ace RTP if it isn’t installed.
2. Extract game to desired location.
3. Download and add the patch file to your “Patches” folder if there’s one. Ensure you only have the latest patch in there by itself.
4. Run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Towerfag Discord – Patreon – SubscribeStar – Twitter – Website – Wiki – Wikia Fandom


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