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A Devious Game Begins in “Play Things” by Squishy

Step into the unpredictable world of “Play Things,” a captivating interactive fiction experience by Squishy. This choose-your-own-adventure (CYOA) text-based game plunges you into a bizarre and transformative situation, blurring the lines between reality and a twisted game orchestrated by a mysterious entity.

As a college student, you share your dorm room with your best friend. Your seemingly ordinary life takes a sharp turn when a series of curious packages begin arriving at your doorstep. Each day, a new delivery from a shadowy figure known only as “DOCTOR SHINE” awaits you. Inside, you find an assortment of strange and enticing sex toys – each one seemingly designed for a specific purpose.

The game unfolds over seven suspenseful days. Every sunrise brings a new package, and with it, a crucial choice. You are presented with the day’s “toy,” each with a cryptic description hinting at its potential effects. The decision lies entirely with you: which toy will you choose to use?

Here’s the unsettling catch – the consequences of your choices are permanent. Each toy you use alters you in subtle yet undeniable ways. The physical transformations may begin subtly, a heightened sensitivity, a shift in your desires, or a growing fascination with the very toys that are changing you. However, with each passing day, the changes accelerate, blurring the lines between your former self and the unknown being you’re becoming.

“Play Things” isn’t just about the physical; it delves into the psychological manipulation you’re experiencing. Doctor Shine’s motives remain shrouded in mystery. Are you a pawn in a twisted experiment? A plaything for a sadistic voyeur? Or is there a more sinister agenda at play?

As your autonomy gradually diminishes, the game explores the concept of control and submission. While you retain the illusion of choice, the ever-present packages and the increasing influence of the toys steadily erode your free will. You become increasingly reliant on the toys, their strange effects weaving themselves into the fabric of your desires.

The choices you make will determine the path of your transformation. Will you succumb to the toys’ influence, embracing your evolving form and heightened desires? Or will you fight back against the unseen puppeteer, desperately clinging to your dwindling sense of self?

Be warned, the world outside your dorm room begins to reflect your internal changes. Friends and acquaintances may treat you differently, their gazes lingering just a beat too long You’ll encounter a growing sense of objectification, a feeling of being less a person and more a living sex toy.

“Play Things” is a captivating exploration of transformation, desire, and the loss of control. With each choice, you delve deeper into the bizarre game concocted by Doctor Shine. Will you find a way to break free before it’s too late? Or will you surrender to the alluring yet unsettling transformation, becoming a living embodiment of Doctor Shine’s desires? The choice, and the consequences, are yours in this unique and thought-provoking interactive experience.


  • bugfix to fix an inability to get to the new chapter using the ‘Skip Forward feature’
  • text fix for the ‘Play New Chapter’ option that incorrectly still flagged it as ‘Ditzy / Tattoo’ when it is ‘Cow / Tattoo’

  • adding Chapter 5 – Cow / Tattoo (40k! words!!)

  • fixing an issue where the first four choice images were not showing up
  • literally hundreds of spelling fixes

  • adding the public release of Chapter 5 – Ditzy / Tattoo


  • adding the public release of “Get pulled into the canister with Riley” DOCTOR SHINE SPECIAL for Choice 2
  • additional spelling and grammar fixes
  • adding the ability to ‘jump directly to SPECIAL’ from the main menu

  • fixing multiple spelling and grammar errors
  • fixing an issue with the ‘jump forward’ options not letting you access the MC routes

adding the Choice 5 chapter for the MC / Suckhole route

  • fixed spelling and grammar errors galore!
  • moving and adding a check to the ‘reset’ button to prevent you from resetting by accident when you try to save


  • adding two DOCTOR SHINE SPECIAL routes to choice 1
  • adding one DOCTOR SHINE SPECIAL routes to choice 2

  • MORE spelling corrections
  • fixing the art link for Day 5, which was incorrectly displaying Day 6


  • spelling corrections
  • adding the Cow / Suckhole route for Choice 5


  • spelling corrections
  • adding visual options to modify how the game is displayed
  • re-adding the missing choice_1_b image


  • first content update, updates game to the end of Choice 4


  • fixing a lot of spelling and formatting errors
  • adding alternate themes
  • adding the ability to save and load to json


  • Fixing tag encoding for italics.
  • Several spelling fixes.
  • Fixes an issue with your character name not being set properly if you skip forward.
  • Decreases text display delay.


  • Initial release.
  • Direct port of Discord bot version.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Developer: Squishy – Patreon – Discord

Future Plans
I’m in the process of creating a version of the game that will include a player avatar.


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