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Peerless Lust


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Peerless Lust: Reborn in a World of Whispers

Agony. Eons of it. Sealed within a cage of obsidian, my demonic essence slowly withering. I, Azrael, the Peerless Demon Lord of Lust, brought low by a coalition of celestial fools. But even gods underestimate the tenacity of desire. My prison crumbled, and in a burst of infernal energy, I clawed my way back into existence.

Except…existence wasn’t quite what I remembered. My magnificent, obsidian form had been replaced by a frail, fleshy shell. A human. Weak, pathetic. Fury lanced through me, a counterpoint to the unsettling thrum of magic that still pulsed within my borrowed body. A strange magic, unlike the infernal energies that once coursed through me.

Lost and weakened, I stumbled into a bustling marketplace. The air crackled with a different kind of energy – not the raw, primal lust that fueled my power back home, but something softer, more nuanced. Desire veiled in whispers, glances, and playful touches. Most intriguing – only the women seemed to wield this magic. Spells shimmered at their fingertips, conjuring vibrant flowers and shimmering illusions.

But then I reached out with my own essence, a tendril of demonic desire, and the world responded. A jolt of power surged through me, a twisted echo of my former glory. Could it be? Was I the only male capable of wielding magic in this strange new world? The possibilities…they were intoxicating.

Elara, a raven-haired elf with eyes like molten gold, caught my gaze. Her magic pulsed against mine, a challenge veiled in amusement. A knowing glint sparked in her eyes, a silent question: “Demon?”

A slow, predatory smile spread across my face. Perhaps this wasn’t a curse, but an opportunity. To regain my true form, I would need to spread lust, corruption, a taste of the forbidden. This world, with its veiled desires and untapped potential, was a fertile breeding ground for my power. Elves, beastfolk, humans…the diversity was a feast for the senses, a smorgasbord of potential conquests.

But whispers of demons too reached my ears. Whispers of a hidden sect, practicing dark arts in the shadows. Were they allies, remnants of my fallen brethren clinging to power? Or were they enemies, twisted reflections of my own desires?

This new world, with its unique brand of “Peerless Lust,” was a challenge unlike any I had faced before. A world where seduction is a weapon, and every encounter holds the potential for both pleasure and power. Are you ready to join me, to dance on the edge of desire and unravel the secrets of this world? The game has just begun.


New events in the Strip Club!
You can now fully claim Shuya as your girl and change her lineage into our MC
Even with our Familiar visiting the Strip Club, proceed to the first meeting with Caroline!
A new mechanic that lets you change into our familiar perspective more often and outside of the Academy (Unlocked after the event above~)
You can visit Caroline’s photo studio as our Familiar, and have a first test photo session!
GirlsUI updated
New event in the school’s staff room with Sinylene (Light Femdom, skippable)
2 New events with Savi – visit her.
New event with Kati, Bei, and Bai – Visit Kati after conquering Bei and Bai.
You can now ask Bei and Bai for a foot job.
New event with Filaere and Eris – visit Eris in the Sprots’s ground in the evening.
New event with Lisa and Pauli – visit the hospital.
Some small changes here and there

– New events in the Strip Club!
– The event with Shuya’s sister Vivian was redone and changed, it will trigger again even if you already saw the old version :)
– New character – Time to visit Shuya’s Mother!
– You can now conquer Lumia with new events in the Club!
– You can invite Mirla to the Club, she will help you make Lumia yours~
– New big event with Caja, Noemi, and their moms – Give alchemy lesson in the Academy for it~
– You can now invite Alis on a new date, and during it, you can torment her with Magic Buttplug~
– New event with Alis when working in the Spa
– 3 new morning events when waking up in your bed~
– You can now visit Sloth as your familiar
– You can invite Vangua to the strip club, and she will give her students a pole dance lesson.
– New event in our house bathroom, visit it in the evening and meet with an unexpected quest.
– New event in the Spa – visit it after conquering the Academy
– New Event with Mirla – visit the alchemy lab backroom after having sex with her and her mom.
– You can now ask Shuya for a foot-job
– You can now ask Maya for a foot-job
– New option during a beach trip with Alis and Mia (Feet focused)
– Some small changes here and there

-A new story event in the club – The organization is organizing a meeting! It’s time to see who we are against and make plans against them!
New Story Event – Shuya has a little secret that we will discover!
5 new characters will appear – 4 will be conquerable and 1 is just for the story (I don’t want the FBI knocking on my door ehe~)
New event with our familiar – she will visit after we wake up at our house!
New events in the Academy – The Drama club is now open! There is one scene with Sinylene and Mirla, both in new costumes!
New event at the public library with Zoe and Alyrila.
New event with our familiar – visit Dianna’s shop for it!
New Dream Invader scene for Nico!
You can now meet Aisha in the city’s bar. (Feet-focused)
New event with Nisserlis – visit her~
2 new events on Sunday morning in the Salon/ One with Paulie and Mia and
second with Alis and Elen~
Some small changes here and there.

– You can now fully conquer Bai and Bei with a few new events focused on them~
– You can now visit Shuya and Lumia in the Strip Club.
– New story event in the Strip Club.
– I created a simple system for passive income from the Club and also a simple upgrade system (You can only upgrade the alcohol for now )that will raise the income – Please let me know what you think about it as I’m still testing it
– New event for Paulie – 2 new characters will appear during it, The Scarlet Guards are starting to take action!
– You can now invite some of your girls into the Strip Club.

Patrons requests:
– You can now take Elen and Tiri on a date to have some fun in public – Visit Elen for this event – this scene was made for my Patron Ainz
– Astria and Rirsi are in the mood for some cum-play~ Let’s visit them~ this scene was made for my Patron Wild Bill
– Claire may sometimes take a nap in the Gym Storage, let’s check on her~ this scene was made for my Patron Ray13r
-New sleeping footjob scene with Louise, visit the camp for this~ This scene was made for my Patron Fenrir77
-You can invite Kati and Keynala to the Strip Club to have some fun – follow Bai and Bei’s story for this event /// If you upgrade the alcohol in the club to the max, Classy will visit it~ those events were made for my Patron greenarrow25
– Elen and Filaere are planning something in the Astria office~/// It seems that Nisserlis needs our help with something, let’s check on her in the morning~ those events were made for my Patron Johnson ‘The Johnson’ Johnson
– Isolia is giving dance lessons to some of our girls, let’s check if we can help (MC’s Clones sex scene) – This event was made for my Patron Sephira
– Filaere is interested in our Magic Crest let’s give her, Tiri, and Sinylene a lesson about them – Visit your Lab in the Academy for this event – This event was made for my Patron HymnOfSouls
– Vaunga Needs our help, let’s talk with her and do what she asks ~ /// Let’s visit Maya and Dory for some milking time~ But who will be milked this time~? Those events were made for my Patron WanderLuster
– Some more small changes here and there :)

– The Second-anniversary event – You can see it in the Specials menu in the MC room
– The girl menu was changed and ?improved? a little
– New event in The Strip Club.
– New foot-job event with Loria and Arylia
– You can now ask Elen out for a date. (Public place sex)
– You can now ask Nisserlis for a date (Foot-job focused)
– Dianna had made a new special potion to test, visit her~
– New event with Maya and Dory – visit their farm.
– You can now have a sleeping foot job with Alis and Nico – accessible by rewatching Alis’s ‘Sleeping Sex with Nico’
– Someone left a note for your desk in the Academy~
– Visit the Alchemy lab backroom in the Academy for a nice surprise.
– New event with Eris and Urile in the Bazzara Lake camp.
– You can now give Nisserlis a foot massage when you work in the Spa.
– Visit Keynala after the event above to ask her out on a date (foot-job focused)
– Visit Kati’s house in the evening for a very special dinner~
– Some more small changes here and there~

The focus of this Update was The Strip Club – There are a bunch of new events (and h-scenes~) for it and in the end, we can get control over it after confronting its boss~ Of course it’s still not yet finished as we still have to turn this place into our Mc new base.
– You can now make Isolia your woman – Let’s conquer this pink-skinned beauty~
– There are also new events for our new cute bunnies Bei and Bai and for shy Lumia
– A new character was added to the game – Shuya The Warlock and the boss of the Strip Club.
I don’t want to spoil too much but I hope you will like the update :)
Also, you can use tips for Pauli to progress the Strip Club Story (It’s only for now and it will be changed in the next update) :)
To be honest I also wanted to make some changes and improvements to the girls’ UI with tips but in the end, I was unable to create anything satisfactory and I didn’t have enough free time to finish it…so in the end I decided to leave it as it was for now and change it in the next update :)
– I fixed a bug that was preventing the first Threesome event with Savi and Kati from appearing and there is a chance that some of the players missed this event. You can now trigger it by visiting Savi after creating your own party :)
– Some small changes here and there.

New Patrons scenes:
Alis has overslept! Better visit her in the morning and wake her up so she will not be late!/ After creating your own party you can visit the guild and have a nice 69 with Rossaria~ This scene was made for my Sage tier Patron Sephira
You can now get a sleeping footjob from Mia and from Kati. Those scenes were made for my Sage tier Patron Fenrir77
You can now ask Kristin for a titsjob/ You can now get a double foot-job from Mia and Alis, Visit Mia’s room for it~ Those scenes were made for my Sage tier Patron SimpleCat
You can now have some edging fun with Madi in the Spa~ This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron Wild Bill
Eris is sparing with Vaunga in the Academy Gym in the morning, what team are you in Red or green~? This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron seowdap
Savi and Kati are sometimes training together – Let’s visit Kati and help them a little~ This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron Ainz
Alyrila and Alyssa have some important news for you, Visit the Academy in the morning to check it. This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron HymnOfSouls
You can now have a threesome with Filaere and Eris~ Visit the Special class classroom for it~ This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron Johnson ‘The Johnson’ Johnson
Louise and Mirla may now visit you on Sunday morning in the Salon~ This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron middleman
Nico and Alis are sleeping together in Alis’s room, what a great occasion for some sleeping action~ This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron Ray13r

The focus of this Update was adding a small introduction to the Criminal Organization story and adding some more bonus scenes to the game :)
-You can now ask Pauli what to do in the meantime as your spy is looking for some information about Criminals and unlock a new location by doing this.
-A new location – Strip Club and 4 new characters to meet here (I hope you will like our new girls~) You can watch the girls dance by visiting it at night but remember no touching~ Or you can talk with the girls by visiting it in the evening
-Some changes and improvements have been added to the Android version.
– Some small changes here and there.

New Patrons scenes:
Ofellia can offer you some nice night services if you decide to spend the night in the Inn. This scene was made for my Sage tier Patron Sephira
You can now come across a very interesting gathering in the Adas Village Inn (Weekend days in the evening) and have some fun with your chocolate sluts and vanilla maids~ This scene was made for my Sage tier Patron greenarrow25
You can now meet Maya and Dory in the bar in the evening and help them with some milking problem~ This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron seowdap
Visit the Headmistress to have some fun with Rirsi when Astria is watching~ This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron Wild Bill
Astria and Lori have some great news for you~ Visit the Headmistress’s office and enjoy~ This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron HymnOfSouls
You can now ask Alis out for a footjob-focused date and meet Caja during it~ This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron Sensei_Ud0n
You can now have a threesome with Filaere and Elen when visiting the staff room in the Academy~ This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron Johnson ‘The Johnson’ Johnson
Dianna and your familiar have a nice surprise for you~ Visit the Alchemy shop in the evening~ This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron middleman
You can now fuck Nico when she is sleeping~ This scene was made for my Demon tier Patron Ray13r

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Darx24 Patreon – – Discord

What can you expect:
– More of a light-themed funny story with some serious moments.
– OP protagonist – maybe you lost your power but not your memory you still remember countless material arts, magic, and sex techniques. So you know how to become powerful, only need a little bit of time and effort to achieve this.

( Basically an OP harem anime MC but you actually fuck your girls ^^ )
– HAREM – A lot of women and a lot of sex scenes, some harder to get and some pretty easy, after all, you are a Lord of Lust so sooner or later any women will submit to you.
– Animations – Most of the sex scenes will be or already are animated.

In terms of NTR – NETORI ONLY – You will steal and fuck other’s girls and wives.
( The only scenes where our hero is not a partner will be some sweet lesbians time between girls or some scenes like “Watching porn” or something ^^ )
Any girl that you see or meet will become fuckable at some point ^^

already in: MILF, Hand-job, Foot-job, Big Tits, Big Ass, Netori, Mind Control, Corruption, Teasing, Sleep undressing
Planned: Vaginal sex, Anal, Pregnancy, Threesome, Orgy, Lesbians, Ahegao, Creampies, Masturbation, Virgin, Sleep Sex. and more!


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