Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

El Tanque

Version: v0.4.6

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Game Info

Name: Paradise Beach

Version: v0.4.6

Updated: 2024-04-25 11:09:31

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2DCG, adventure, Anal Sex, combat, Creampie, dating sim, Gore (Splatter), Graphic Violence, Group Sex, Handjob, Harem, Incest, Male Protagonist, Milf, Oral Sex, Romance, Vaginal Sex, Virgin


Paradise Beach: Paradise Lost, Paradise Found

El Tanque’s “Paradise Beach” isn’t your typical beach bum simulator. Sure, the turquoise waters beckon, the sun-drenched sands promise relaxation, and the local beauties are enough to set your pulse racing. But beneath the idyllic facade lies a hidden world, a life of secrets your protagonist is about to discover.

You’ve spent your life on a secluded island within a vibrant archipelago – a paradise aptly named “Paradise Beach.” Raised by your father, a skilled fisherman, you honed your survival instincts, learned to fight and handle weapons, and dove the coral reefs teeming with life. Paradise Beach was your playground, the ocean your confidante.

Tragedy strikes when your father vanishes at sea. Grief-stricken, you return to your ancestral home – a sprawling mansion hidden amongst the island’s lush greenery. Here, you encounter your estranged grandfather, a man shrouded in mystery. The revelation comes as a gut punch: your grandfather isn’t just a wealthy recluse with an impressive weapons collection; he’s a notorious arms dealer, his fortune built on the shadows of war.

Disillusioned and conflicted, you decide to break free. The paradise you knew feels tainted. Honoring your father’s memory, you choose the honest path – a life as a fisherman, casting nets and battling the elements. “Paradise Beach” offers a delicious freedom here. You can hone your fishing skills, become the king of the catch, and earn your living the way your father did.

But paradise has a way of luring you back. The island is teeming with life – from lively beach bars and hidden coves to an intriguing cast of characters. There’s Isabella, the sun-kissed bartender with a mischievous glint in her eyes, and Maya, the enigmatic artist whose paintings seem to hold hidden messages. Each woman offers a unique connection, a chance for intimacy and exploration. Will you pursue a purely physical connection, a fiery fling under the island sun? Or will you delve deeper, seeking an emotional connection that could blossom into something more?

“Paradise Beach” isn’t just about escaping your past; it’s about forging a new future. You can choose to explore your grandfather’s world, perhaps even confront him about his actions. Will you succumb to the allure of power and wealth, or will you find a way to use your skills for good, to maybe even dismantle the very empire you inherited?

The choice is yours. Will you succumb to the allure of the “Paradise Lost” your grandfather represents, or will you forge a new path, a “Paradise Found” built on honesty and connection? Dive into “Paradise Beach” and discover your own island destiny.


-Basically the update is cosmetic, about 385 images have been changed, in which either faces, body proportions or general design have been modified.
Including the CM, Polina, Katyusha, Cherry, Abigail, Lili, Sharon, Molly, Giselle.
-Some characters, such as Cherry, have been completely redesigned.
-Tia has a little new content in her dating, but it’s not finished yet.
-There are small scenes added in some events here and there.
-And the start of the event with the Jensen girls, but it’s still a work in progress.

V0.4.2 BugFix
-All reported bugs are fixed (I hope).
-The big problem in the hospital event where many complained that they could not advance,
the manual version of select has been left, to avoid this problem.

The update is focused on general work, not just the story advance.
-Now the game recognizes if any of the girls is not your girlfriend, and therefore does not appear in the hospital event.
-Liliana’s story arc is completely redone.
-There is new content in the story at the beginning of the game, a little more explanatory of the situation, plus the option to skip it if you have already seen it before.
-The MC’s bike will now stay where you go, remember where you leave it.
-You can now sail the boat and navigate the entire sea of the Islands( WIP), and once you complete the 5th mission of collecting oysters with Jacky, you can fish freely around the Islands map.
-You can now visit Jacky when she invites you to watch a movie at her house.
-There is new content in the nightclub scene on the mainland with the girls.
-The sex scene of Lili, Sharon and Mini has a little new content.
-Samantha’s appearance is new.
-New appearance for Edlira too.
-Grandfather’s island now has all its parts, you can visit it in the boat once you have completed the 2nd combat mission, (twins).
-All the fish you catch now, you can sell it to Beatris in the fish market and make very good money.
-Small detail only if you are very observant, Lili’s nose is new.
-Sharon has new content in the sex scene the first night she stays at your beach house.
-Tia has a date, you need to make it, so that she is registered as your girlfriend.
-New interactions with Camila and Sarah, after all the pirate and hospital event has passed, and you are free to navigate freely around the map again.
-You meet two new possible love interests.
-Now instead of the normal 20 save slots, I have increased the number to 99 save slots.
-Many dialogs changed, and bug fixes, maybe now there are other bugs.

v0.3.3 BF
Contains all reported bugs and many others, of version 0.3, fixed.

Highly recommended to start a new game, as the update modifies and expands previous content and events. However, it is not necessary (I think), but obviously you will not be able to enjoy the full update.
-The main story continues, there is a new combat mission.
-New sex scene with Laura and with Samantha.
-Luciana has a new sex scene on the deserted island. Plus new car art when she takes you to meet her mom.
-The dance with Lili at the Night Club, has more content and more scenes, so the dance with Mini and Sharon dance and sex, has one more scene.
-The part where you meet the witch in the swamp, now has its denouement and the nature, or purpose, of the MC is explained to you a little better.
-A large part of the artwork has had some modernization, little by little I will be changing scenes that I don’t like very much.
-On the deserted island, I put a star cheat, for those who don’t want to collect all the stones and branches.
-Combat with pirates on the boat has new art, and a better balance between enemies.
-Many dialogues have been improved (again).
-When you go by car, now you will go much faster, you can regulate the speed a little bit if you press “Shift”.
-And a lot of things, which do not really add anything to the story, but I think they make the game a little more complete, such as fishing at the time you want from the dock of your house, with the possibility of earning money by selling your fishing.

v0.2.2 BugFix
This update has all the bugs reported so far fixed, but also has a little more content.

-The continuation of the story on the deserted island.
-The first night on the abandoned island has a little new content, with Jacky.
-I finally replaced the horrible placeholder with the jumping dolphins.
The following, is inaccessible if you are already on the abandoned island. (Yes I know, sorry)
-The night at the disco with Lili has a considerable change in the dialogue and I added one more frame of Lili dancing.
-New Pac-Boy game, you will be able to make good money from the beginning of the game,
if you are good at Pac-Man of course.
-A romantic date with Sarah.(scene that prevented me from releasing the update before christmas)
-Several improved character arts, Jacqueline, Big Mama, Claudia, some of Emma.
-New dice game with Kiki.
-Strange pipes have appeared on the islands.
-New arts for the twin sisters.
-Many dialogues have been improved.
-I improved some house interiors and the hospital.
-The Christmas and Halloween events have had improvements.
(One of the endings of Halloween, and the progress of the Christmas story).
-You can now replay sex scenes you have already unlocked from your computer.

v0.1 BugFix
-It contains, fixes for reported bugs, and others that I discovered while playing a new game.
-It has a little new content, for Veronica and Lili, that should have been in version 0.1.
-I modified some artwork that I didn’t like very much.
-Some texts and expressions were also modified.
-The bug in the fishing mini-game on the new island, is self-fixed by starting a new game.

-The story of Emma, Luci, Jacky and mayoress continues. (Main Mission).
-Updated mission book, in MC bedroom.
-Some changes and new images, at the twins’ welcome party.
-Big changes, to Tiger Island.
_Now Sharon’s skin, is no longer orange, and now, she offers you a better apology.
-Many small changes around the islands, some purely cosmetic.
-You can meet one of the nurses who was attending the MC, when he was hospitalized.

v0.09 Christmas Special.
-Christmas event. (on PC)
-Continuation/End of the second combat mission. (For those who have already done it, you can finish the content by accessing it from the MC’s bathroom mirror).
-Date with Sam on the beach.
-New content with Veronica.
-Date with Tia.
-Several bugs fixed.
-Many cosmetic changes, signs, vehicles, some arts.
(I know it is not a great update in terms of the progress of the story, but many things have changed in terms of its appearance, only if you are a good observer you will notice them).

V0.08 For Windows and Mac.
-The end of the trip with Lili.
-Now, you can choose if you want to have a relationship with Lili, Sharon and Mini.
(I recommend starting from the moment you arrive at the yacht club, otherwise the game could go the route in which you reject the girls.)
-New content for the full version V0.08.
-Now you can see the full map of the islands on your computer and see the places of interest.
-Halloween event finished.
-Kronar mini-game finished.
-The Island Two map, had some important changes.
-Now you can press the “h” key to hide the text box, to see the art.
-The second combat mission, had some changes in its function, now you can save safely in the designated places, during the combat the save is disabled.
-Now you can play rock-paper-scissors with Amy the girl in the fishery .
-There are two slots with collectible card prizes. In Camila’s store and Mr. Wang’s.
-Tutorial for the fishing mission in mission one.
-Other minor changes I don’t remember.

V0.08 For Windows and Mac.
-The Mac version still needs the file in the Note.
-This update is about the trip to the mainland with Liliana, mostly dialogues and scenes of course.
-Minimal wandering.
-A lot of scenes where the MC looks weird have been changed.
-Some old errors have been corrected, as well as some texts.

-Advancing Samantha’s Story.
-Fishing with Molly.
-Two new mini-games on the computer, (but Kronar game and Halloween event have been disabled for the time being).
-Some changes to the house were made, in the living room and a new bathroom for the MC.

Mostly bugfix.
All reported bugs have been fixed, and others I found.
Some texts corrected.
Kronar’s minigame, has a new image, and history but still WIP.
I changed the time advance system in bed, thanks to JesusPorn’s suggestion.

1-well as you saw, the content follows the story of Yuli and Laura, after visiting the loan shark. Done!
2-Liliana and Laura have a little altercation at the bank where Laura works. Done!
3-Abigail, (farmer) gives you a surprise when you go to work at her. Done!
4-An afternoon with Emma and Luciana with a new job opportunity. Done!
5-A new and complete combat mission that will be a preview of the Russian “cousins” of the MC. Done!
6-I’m connecting again the other fishing missions, as in the demo of the game, there are six options, each one is more difficult than the previous, but you earn more money, Although I don’t intend to make this game an endless grinding, because money is not a great factor, you will have to pass every mission at least once to unlock a content. Done!
7-I’m also working on the sex scenes with Camila, if you’re her boyfriend of course. Done!
8-I changed a little the story of Kronar the annihilator, so that it is not control of the mind. WIP
9-If I include the Halloween content, it’ll be with Molly and Kiki. (and a new character:devilish:Disabled…
10- I included a little content with Samantha in the morning. DONE!
11-Change the texts a little here and there, to explain things a little better.
12-Some bugs corrected, probably others added…
13-I moved the witch’s house to the mangrove swamp, now it’s easier to get to, but it’s still WIP.

This update revolves around the Jensen family, mostly… Unfortunately, there are no new combat missions or new sex scenes, I’m sorry, I focused on filling everyday events.
-Lili has new images, in the morning when exercising, in the afternoon when she argues with the MC (sexy images), and at dusk, when she is in her room.
Also, explain a little better, why she gets mad at the MC.
-Romantic bike ride with Emma at sunset, Emma’s best friend Lucy visits her.
-Now you can find and give pearls to Emma. (However, the other oyster collection missions, remain blocked, because they are linked to Jackie’s story.
At the moment there are five, plus a special one. but you can only play in the first one).
-You help Molly build her sandcastle and shows Gigi, on familty barbecue event, some swimming lessons, dinner event, when Lucy visits Emma.
-Finally, you can put oil on Samantha’s back (and a little bit lower) during the barbecue family event.
-Event where you can help Samantha to do the shopping (it is better to have about 90 golds) You should at least know how to get to the farm and the minimarket.
-A little update when you give money to Samantha, when return from fishing.
-I have restructured the dialogues with Camila, so to advance her story you should talk to her during the mornings.
-Another bunch of bug-fixes (Missing images, switches, etc.) And maybe I add new bugs, hahaha who knows.
-New content in your room’s computer (WIP).
-Now you can leave more easily where the witch lives, if you managed to find her, of course.
-Some new maps, to complete another portion of the islands.

Installation Guide

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Developer Notes

I am not a native English speaker, so if you are picky about that, you better look for another game.
If you don’t mind some grammar or language errors here and there, then you are welcome to play and I hope you can enjoy it.​

-This game is not linear, events happen at different times of the day (morning, afternoon, sunset, night, midnight and dawn).
Additionally, have events at breakfast, lunch and dinner, so new players may take a little time to adjust to that.
There is an in-game basic guide on how to advance in the story, but it is still under development.
-The game doesn’t have many of the elements of traditional rpg games, you don’t have to level up the main character.
-The map is somewhat large, but unless you want to, you don’t need to explore it all at first, you can familiarize yourself with it little by little.
-You don’t need to do a thousand times each mission to make money, so there is no unnecessary grinding. (One time is sufficient for fishing missions).
-The combat missions in the game are done in real time and not in turns.
-The MC mouse movement is disabled. I’m sorry, but I never got used to play with the mouse guiding the character, maybe because since I was a child, I’ve always played on console (since NES), and on PC with WASD. So the shooting plugin that disables the mouse movement control doesn’t affect me at all, if it’s an impediment, then maybe this game is not for you.
-There are girls with whom you already have a love relationship, others will need to be done if you want to advance in the story, and others is your choice if you want to relate to them. I encourage you to give all the girls a chance, you may not like them all at first, but I’m sure they will grow on you, after all this is a harem oriented game. ;)
-This game does NOT have, nor will it have NTR content, or share, nor swinging.
-None of MC’s love interests will be involved with lesbians, trans/futas, or any other invention of the “diversity” of sexual perception of these modern times; All girls are for the MC only.


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