Version: v1.75

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Game Info

Name: Palestra

Version: v1.75

Updated: 2024-05-06 11:27:44

Sexual Orientation: Gay Games

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, combat, gay, Group Sex, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Parody, Sex Toys


Welcome to Palestra, in this world, groups of concubines are something typical and as a recently picked array of mistresses pioneer, you should go around and track down expected individuals, enroll them and develop your collection of mistresses!


– Added a new outfit for Sora
– Added two new outfits for Natsu
– Added three new outfits for Reki
– Added a new random event between Ezreal and Sorey
– Fixed a bug that prevented OoT from being milked

Added another step for OoT’s quest!

– Added Natsu to the brothel
– Added a new scene for Natsu
– Added Natsu’s contest moves
– Finished Natsu’s story
– Added Natsu’s semen and milking
– Added 3 new underwears for Natsu
– Added Natsu’s underwear for the MC
– Made some typo fixes

– Added the Katakura Town Quest
– Added a new trader accessible once the quest is complete
– Added 3 new outfits
– Added 1 new animation
– Fixed some typos from previous updates
– Fixed Yuu always being at maximum value when his milking equipment is not removed
– Added a new travel crystal which can be used once the Katakura Town Quest has been completed.

– 3 new underwears for Natsu
– A new sex toy for Kirito.
You can refer to the guide in the “www” folder to find out how to acquire the new underwear!

– Added new story events for Natsu
– Added Gray vs Natsu to the arena (available after getting up to 750 relationship with Natsu)
– Added a new tease for Gray (when Natsu wears the kinky underwear)
– Fixed Reki’s still being home despite being assigned to the brothel
– Fixed the note from a WB guest being visible in the morning
– Fixed the menu being unavailable after talking to Yuu for Clef’s quest

– Added a new scene for Clef’s/Tatsumi’s quest. Talk to Clef while your relationship is > 250 to trigger the first scene
– Added Clef/Tatsumi scene in the gallery under Tatsumi
– Added a new underwear for Clef (talk to Hiro when he visits the harem after Clef has joined the harem)
– Added a new underwear for OoT Link (bought from Cervius’s shop for 500 contest coins)
– Added Natsu’s swimsuit
– Added new Ezreal underwear (talk to Ezreal after you’ve opened the first two chests so he can give you the next one)
– Tatsumi’s portraits received an update to polish/improve them

This version introduces Clef’s daily activity and you can now have him as part of the harem. While he doesn’t have any CG just yet, those will be added in future updates.

– Made it so Natsu is affected by the demon outfit aura of lustna, Ralkyx, Katakura Town and Castle Town to start him. To do this, head to Ragna’s throne room once all of the above has been done)
– Made it so Natsu is affected by the demon outfit aura of lust
– Fixed a bug with the table at the festival
– Added Clef to the harem with his regular outfit and two underwears

– Added Natsu’s corruption outfit to the demon shop
– Added 2 new NSFW frames (can be bought from the NSFW frames merchant in the brothel. The two new ones are from HSR (Caelus/Gepard) and FE (Shez).
– Added Natsu’s sex toy (after inserting/gifting the gel, use the toy during the day or night for different scenarios (3 different for the day, 3 different for the night)
– Added passwords (available to the last tier patrons) to progress the game faster instead of using a complete save. Passwords can be used to add relationship to all characters, add Credits or add contest medals/coins. I Will add more if people ask for it

– New underwear for Natsu
– Sting as a new side character for Natsu
– New portraits for Sting
– 2 new scenes for Natsu (those scenes will not appear in the scene replay)
– new daily activity for Natsu

– Fixed Shinra, Yuu and Sora’s scenes disappearing from the gallery when they are assigned to the brothel
– Natsu’s fundoshi should now be buyable from the underwear shop
– Fixed the sprites for Natsu and Gray when siwtching outfits
– Fixed the end of Natsu’s daily activity not changing the position of characters and the song playing

– Fixed a few typos in previous events
– Added Natsu as a recruitable character
– Added Gray’s full portraits
– Added new outfits for Natsu
– Added a new animated scene for MC’s milking
– Added Natsu’s daily activity
– Changed the location for Elsword RM and IM to be near the southern crystal during the day to make place for Gray

– Finished Megaman’s story
– Megaman can now be assigned to the brothel
– Added Lan’s and Megaman’s underwear for the MC
– Added New underwears for Megaman
– Megaman can now be milked
– Megaman can now be used in contests
– Updated Megaman’s greetings to include all the new characters and fixed a bug that could make the greetings get stuck under certain conditions.

– Added 4 new NSFW frames (Haiden, Link, Natsu, Roy)
– Added Ezreal’s corruption outfit
– Added Keith’s pet outfit
– Added Alm’s brothel outfit
– Added the Advertiser upgrade to the brothel
– Added Cervius as a nightly guest in the harem
– Fixed a bug when Yuu’s event is triggered at night
– Fixed some typos from previous updates

– Added the Katakura Town Quest
– Added a new trader accessible once the quest is complete
– Added 3 new outfits
– Added 1 new animation
– Fixed some typos from previous updates
– Fixed Yuu always being at maximum value when his milking equipment is not removed
– Added a new travel crystal which can be used once the Katakura Town Quest has been completed.

– Yuu’s quest can now be completed
– Can now acquire Yuu’s and Mika’s underwears for the MC
– Added Yuu’s cow outfit, dick cage and contest underwear
– Added a new random event for Shirou and Souma
– Added Shirou’s brothel outfit
– Added Yuu’s contest moves
– Fixed a bug with the replay for Megaman’s first scene
– Fixed a bug when trying to sell Reki’s semen bottles
– Fixed some typos

– Fixed a bug with the exp gained from the brothel (xp will now be awarded when characters are removed from their position in the brothel)
– Fixed some typos
– Fixed a bug with Aeyan’s portrait
– Fixed a bug with Hiro’s portrait
– Fixed a bug with Roxas’s bottle
– Added Reki’s final update (1 CG scene, 3 new portraits, milking, contest moves, etc.)

– Fixed a bug that could prevent milking (sleep in the bed to fix it)
– Fixed a bug with Roxas’s portraits when milking him
– Changed the requirement to buy furniture at the farm. After obtaining the Cowboy outfit, you can now buy the furniture (instead of having to wear the outfit)
– Relationship story end for Alm
– 1 new scene
– Fixed the messages for Kuga to appear in the Brothel
– Added Gray as a possible guest in the brothel
– Added 4 new underwears/Outfit for Alm
– Added Alm’s contest moves
– Removed the randomiser option when sleeping, instead, you can randomise the clothes by interacting with the shirt on a stand in the bedroom
– Added a new NSFW frame (buy the Enhancer in the Brothel shop and give it to Shirou)

– Fixed some typos from the previous update
– Added a new outfit for OoT Link with 2 variants, each with their own tease
– Added a new animation for Yuu
– Added a new story cutscene for Yuu
– Added a new side quest for OoT Link (must have Ezreal and Yuu to start it and you can start it by going inside OoT Link’s home during the day)
– Added a new random event to rewatch the last scene of OoT Link’s side quest.
– Added a new achievement

The password to start a new game is “Clef”
New update is ready, this is a smaller content and features update, enjoy!

– Added Roxas’s portraits
– Added Roxas’s milking
– Added corruption outfit for Alm
– Added a new hidden event for Manami and Reki (at Palestra S during the night)
– Fixed some typos in Lan’s teases
– Added some new NSFW frames sing the bosses)
– Added over a dozen scenes with the Expert Touches skill
– Fixed some errors in Yuu’s dialogues

– Alm’s “tasty oranges” should now be properly obtainable
– Made Yuu’s scene watchable in the scene replay
– Made some slight changes to Manami’s portraits (made his dick bigger to better fit his mentioned size)


– Added Yuu and Mika to the game
– Added some new outfits and underwears for Yuu
– Megaman dialogues added for Sorey
– Fixed some typos and dialogue portraits from the Sorey, Time and Alm updates
– Fixed the portraits for Link’s tentacle fabric and the teasings not working
– Removed the needed summon state for Ashe and Caspar time stop skill
– Reworked a little the behavior for Elsword’s Rune of Denial skill and Caspar and Ashe’s Time Stop skill
– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t continue Ritsuka’s daily activity if Shirou’s ascension quest was active
– Made Link’s daily ending trigger even if going to the milkbar with him so you can properly trigger the other dialogues and get his underwear
– Fixed a bug where Alm’s “Tasty Orange” underwear couldn’t be acquired
– Fixed a bug where Alm’s Aphrodisiac portrait wouldn’t be displayed
The password to start a new game is “Clef”
In this new update, you can now add Yuu to your harem. You can talk to him and do his daily activity by accessing the greenhouse near the beach in Katakura Town. To start Yuu, you must have completed Ritsuka’s story quest.

– Added Alm as a recruitable character
– Added a new animation
– Added new portraits for Alm
– Fixed A second menu popping up when gifting items to Shirou
– Fixed a few minor bugs


This week mostly was a Palestra week to finish up the update. Aside from all the bugfixing and eventing I had to do, we also have the winner from the poll for the next update! For the March update, I will be making Alm to add him to the game! Alm is a character extension but since I will be making a rather complex animation, I think he will be a two-part character extension, but I hope you’ll enjoy what I have in mind for him hehe!

– Added Vanitas’s portraits
– Added the option to tease Vanitas (his portraits will change depending on what Sora is wearing)
– Added the option to milk Vanitas (To milk Vanitas, you need to select Sora in the milking options and you’ll then get to select one of his side characters. Do know that due to how the characters were first programmed to be milked, you won’t be able to milk a side character if the main character is not pent up enough)
– Added 3 new events
– Added a new accessory to make the characters aroused when naked. The item can be bought at the market in Castle Town (To make a character naked, use the “Clear” option in the equipment menu, then equip the accessory)

– Fixed a few typos and dialogues

– Added the shop from Sora’s minigame to the cabin after Sora’s quest has been completed.
– Added some new outfits for Sora
– Time can now join the harem
– A new character extension was started
– A new ero scene was added
– A new random event with Sora was added

– Fixed a bug where the new scene wouldn’t be displayed in the replay
– Fixed a bug where the brand tease for Eugeo wouldn’t play
– Fixed a bug where Eugeo’s sprite would be displayed twice in the end of the scene

– Added a new CG/scene for Kirito
– Added 3 new outfits for Kirito/Eugeo
– Fixed a minor bug where pressing x when talking to Shinra would select the gift option instead of leaving
– Fixed a bug where Megaman’s suitless outfit didn’t have the right image
– Added the missing character’s semen (heroic) for the Blacksmith’s first quest
– Updated Kirito’s battle combat plugin to fix an animation issue

– fixed a display bug for Kirito’s name in the shop
– added a list of random events at the end of the guide
– changed Corrin’s new random event to make sure it won’t bug things out

– Resized Caspar’s faceset so it doesn’t appear to be as big
– Added 1 new outfit for Kirito and Eugeo
– Added 1 new outfit with 1 variation for Corrin
– Added 1 new outfit for Megaman
– Added 1 new outfit Souma
– Remade Souma’s portraits and faceset
– Remade Megaman’s portraits and faceset and added more expressions to Megaman’s faceset
– Added 3 new random events

– You can now change the speed of the contest or battle animations in the options menu. (If you want to farm coins or stuff like that, you can put them at the fastest speed and if you just want to enjoy the animations, you can put them on normal speed.)
– Added two new shops in DDC’s throne room (one selling frames, the other selling books)
– Added a new shop in the Castle Town Market selling frames (will unlock after finishing Ritsuka’s story and Castle Town’s quest)
– Added Kirito
– Added new underwears and outfits for the MC and Kirito
– Added image previews to the animations in the replay computer
– removed the silas/corrin/laslow story from Rowan’s book and instead made Corrin’s diary which you can get from Rowan’s room in the Castle Town’s castle
– New interface showing the outfits during the contests
– Fixed a bug with the menu not displaying the portraits correctly when switching outfits

– Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t properly receive Cervius’s reward. (If you claimed it before the fix, you will have to revert to a previous save if you want to properly claim it. The reward is some contest medals/points so if you can decide to just skip it)

– Changed the MC’s default name to Ren as to avoid confusion with Hiro from WhiteBlade (If you’d like to have the new default name, you can go to the name change shop in the harem town)
– Added 1 new underwear and 1 new outfit for Sorey
– Added a new type of fabric: Elemental fabric which you can get either from Sorey’s daily activity or the shop at the Sea of Clouds
– Added Ragna’s swimsuit
– Added Ragna’s underwear for the MC
– Finished Ragna’s story (2 CGs)
– Added 1 new random event
– Made some adjustments to Sorey’s and Ragna’s portraits

Added relationship underwears for :
– Ritsuka
– Shirou
– Arthur
– Charlemagne
– Shinra
– Keith
– Rex
– Corvin
– Ashe
– Caspar

– Fixed some typos
– Made some changes to the milking (multiple milking possible per day, selection changes)
– Added a new shop in Castle Town. By using this shop, you can trigger specific random events if you find out the numbers
– Added 2 new random events
– Added 3 new outfits
– Remade Corrin’s portraits
– Remade MC’s portraits
– You can now gain exra relationship points when wearing the new MC corruption outfit and then drink semen
– Added a new sex toy for Manami
– Fixed a few minor bugs with Keith’s story
– Changed the name of MC’s current Corruption outfit to Cervius’s outfit (If you want to change the name, you will unfortunately have to rebuy the outfit because the game cannot update already owned pieces of armor)
– Increased the item limit per room to 30 (if the rooms are laggy for you, I recommend not to put too many items)
– Buffed most of Shinra’s moves for the contests

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

New Game Password: Clef

Developer Notes

Developer: Redflash Patreon – Blogspot

– 13 recruitable characters
– 26 CGs
– 7 animated scene
– 30 Ero scenes
– Replayable scenes
– Special animated sex contests
– Text based sex scenes
– Underwears and outfits changing character appearances
– Different sex toys for characters

Current ending points:
– Slightly after recruiting Lubbock in the harem
– After seeing 2 CGs for Rex
– Shortly after Keith’s animated scene
– After Charlemagne’s animation
– After recruiting Megaman in the Harem


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