Our Home

Our Home

Old Hiccup

Version: 2.5.2

3.7/5 - (185 votes)

Game Info

Name: Our Home

Version: 2.5.2

Updated: 2023-05-06 09:24:20

Language: English, Portuguese

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, adventure, Animated, Big Tits, Graphic Violence, Male Protagonist, Milf, multiple endings, Point & Click, Romance


Our Home is a grown-up visual novel set in a humble community called Pinepool, the principal type of revenue and work for the unassuming community is the travel industry and two huge vehicle organizations.

Our Home recounts the tale of a carried on with his entire youngster life in the shelter, apparently, his mom passed on in labor, and his dad left before he was even conceived, and when he arrives at adulthood he leaves the halfway house and has a few difficulties until he can find the solutions to every one of the inquiries encompassing his story.

Your story is encircled by secret, experience, humor and numerous wonderful ladies, it depends on you to settle on the ideal choices looking for finding your actual story, stay away from or cause problems and figure out how to find your young life love or basically become hopelessly enamored once more. Set out on this experience and have a good time


V 2.5.2
Bug, which made the player miss a part of the event with norah.
Bug in changing relationships

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

  • Common questions
    • Does your game have NTR?
      • The simple answer to this question under the F95 is NO. There was a misunderstanding of the definition I know of NTR with the definition F95 uses, and when I put it in future tags it caused unnecessary confusion. There will be Netori.
      • I’ve reviewed all the tags in the game, and the future tags that are now are for content that will actually be in the game.
    • Because some scenes are not jumpable.
      • The non “skipable” scenes in the game refer to scenes that are important for you to obtain information about the character or that narrate something relevant to the story, this is implicit in some details of the scene, such as the moment when he arrives in town for a job interview, a scene needs to be shown, because later on he will mention it, and to illustrate and give more dynamism to the scene I used transition animations. The other irrelevant transitions will be skippable.
      • At the start of the game I need to give credit and introduce a few things, so on the first run the splashscreen is not jumpable.
    • How tall is the MC?!
      • The height of the MC is 1.75 m is the average for a human being, in the scene it may seem that he is short, but actually the camera angle is representing Amelia’s superiority over the MC since she has more life experience.
    • Is the MC a beta?
      • N.O. He’s just a guy who just got out of the orphanage and grows up and learns things throughout the game.
    • How will your game be released?
      • The game is being released using semantic versioning, and what does that mean?!
        • Whenever there is a bug fix the version will be released as ex. (v1.0.1, v1.0.2)
        • Whenever there is an addition of new content that does not impact your save, the version will be released as ex. (v1.1.0, v1.2.0)
        • Whenever there is a big change that your old save maybe won’t work the released version will be like ex. (v2.0.0, v3.0.0)


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