NTR Policewoman Kaede

NTR Policewoman Kaede


Version: 1.02_MOD1

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Game Info

Name: NTR Policewoman Kaede

Version: 1.02_MOD1

Updated: 2023-05-25 14:01:16

Language: English, Japanese

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows


In the near future, a time when special ability users known as mutants exist.
A justice-driven young man, “Kent”, works as a member of the Future Special Police,
protecting the peace of the city with his partner and lover, a white-haired girl named “Kaede.”
However, one day they fall into the trap set by the mutant criminal “Kimoi Takuzou.”
Kent becomes imprisoned in an abandoned factory overrun with rampaging bio-creatures and robots.
Each time Kent is defeated and fails to escape, Kaede, who is also captured, falls victim to Kimoi Takuzou’s poison fangs.
Will they be able to escape safely?
Can Kent protect his partner and lover Kaede, whom he swore to uphold justice together with?​


* Translated the game files to English.
* Translated the images with body writings and title image
* Translated the plugins.
* Change initial sound values from top to bottom to 20, 60, 60, 20.
* Added a green crystal that unlocks the gallery from the start.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

☆Kent (Protagonist)
A non-mutant young man and a member of the Future Special Police.
He has a strong sense of justice and a straightforward personality.
He’s only moderately skilled, but possesses an unyielding determination.

His relationship with his partner and lover, Kaede, is smooth sailing.
However, for various reasons, he’s outclassed and relatively weak in their power dynamic.
It’s the weakness of being in love.
Also, without going into detail, he’s short, small, crude, and quick.
When he angers Kaede, he gets milked by her boastful, large breasts.

☆Kaede (Heroine)
A white-haired mutant girl with the ability to control electronic devices, a member of the Future Special Police.
(* Ability to amplify bioelectric currents and manipulate electronic devices from the outside)
With a cool and expressionless personality, she prefers rational and logical judgments.
However, she’s devoted to her partner and lover, Kent.
Her love is strong, and she wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice herself for him.

Mutants often possess physical peculiarities, and in Kaede’s case, she has an “extremely long tongue.”
Unrelated to that, she has a short, voluptuous figure with large breasts and a big butt, resembling a lewd onahole.
She thinks of herself as a cool and indifferent type when it comes to sex, and finds joy in making her partner and lover, Kent, happy.

Of course, that’s not the case.
Her lewd, onahole-like figure seems to be designed for it, and she’s a weak,
submissive female who immediately loses to strong, capable, and virile men.
Unaware of her own desires to worship these men, she adores those who see women as mere onaholes.

A serial rapist pursued by Kent and the others.
Full name: Kimoi Takuzou.
A mutant criminal who abuses his physical enhancement abilities.
(* His reproductive abilities are particularly enhanced)
Naturally, he only sees women as mere onaholes.
He’s truly the worst scum.

◆About the game content
An orthodox RPG where the objective is to conquer a seven-floor abandoned factory.
However, the conquest itself becomes a kind of gamble.
Each time Kent is defeated (knocked unconscious), Kaede is subjected to Takuzou’s poison fangs as a penalty.
Once or twice, Kaede may be able to endure it.
However, if you are defeated too many times, Kaede’s love might waver as well…

For the sake of justice and for Kaede, aim to escape the abandoned factory without losing!!

※The game balance is intentionally set to be challenging.
※The more you lose, the easier the game becomes.

☆Characteristics of erotic scenes
・The heroine is very weak to dicks
・Heart marks at the end of sentences signify a foolish submissive female
・Dirty talk, disgraceful eroticism
・Exclusive cuckolding/cuckoldry
・The focus is on the heroine’s fall, with 7 scenes in the first half and 15 scenes in the second half
・The text volume is plentiful and detailed

☆What’s not in this work
・Defeat-based eroticism

☆What’s included, though
・NTR-avoidable happy ending
※If you reach an NTR ending, it will be added to the scene recollection


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