Not Today Satan Remastered

Not Today Satan Remastered


Version: v0.3 Beta

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Game Info

Name: Not Today Satan Remastered

Version: v0.3 Beta

Updated: 2024-04-25 10:55:56

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Groping, Oral Sex, school setting, Teasing, Vaginal Sex


Not Today Satan Remastered: Where Faith and Desire Collide

Christine’s life has been a symphony of hymns and scripture. Raised in a devout household and cloistered within the strict walls of a Catholic boarding school, her reality has been a tapestry woven with religious dogma and unwavering faith. But at eighteen, a seismic shift begins to rumble beneath the surface of her sheltered existence. The world beyond the convent walls beckons with a siren song of freedom and forbidden pleasures.

Not Today Satan Remastered isn’t your grandmother’s religious simulator. This visual novel throws Christine into a maelstrom of temptation, where every day presents a battle between her ingrained beliefs and a burgeoning desire for experiences forbidden by her faith. A stolen glance at a classmate’s alluring curves sets her heart aflutter. A whispered joke with a handsome young man sends a jolt through her. Every interaction, every brush with the outside world, chips away at the walls Christine has built around herself.

The devil, in this case, isn’t a literal entity with horns and a tail. It’s the seductive whisper of freedom, the intoxicating allure of exploring her sexuality on her own terms. Not Today Satan Remastered explores the complexities of religious guilt and the yearning for self-discovery. Will Christine succumb to these desires, or will she cling to the rigid teachings of her past?

Each choice Christine makes has consequences. Indulging in a late-night conversation with a rebellious classmate might lead to a shared cigarette and a glimpse into a life vastly different from her own. A moment of weakness could see her succumbing to the advances of a charming stranger, a transgression that could shatter her carefully constructed world.

But the game isn’t just about external temptations. Christine grapples with an internal struggle – the discovery of her own sexuality, a yearning that clashes with the doctrines instilled in her since childhood. Not Today Satan Remastered delves into the erotic potential of forbidden desires, allowing Christine to explore her sensuality through self-discovery and perhaps even experimentation with a same-sex friend who harbors a secret crush.

The game doesn’t preach or condemn. It presents a nuanced exploration of faith, desire, and the freedom to choose one’s own path. Will Christine remain tethered to the constraints of her upbringing, forever chanting “Not Today Satan” to the allure of the forbidden? Or will she embrace the unknown, forging a future where faith coexists with sensuality and self-acceptance?

Not Today Satan Remastered compels you to guide Christine on her journey. Every decision shapes her fate. Will you help her find a path where faith and desire coexist, or will she succumb to the whispers of the devil? (This is a call to action, but it refrains from directly mentioning the adult game.)


v0.3 Beta

– Includes the complete second day
– Photoshop improvements
– Some sounds have been added


Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.


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