My Wife Loves Cosplay

My Wife Loves Cosplay

Tanami Town

Version: v0.5

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Game Info

Name: My Wife Loves Cosplay

Version: v0.5

Updated: 2024-05-09 13:45:06

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Big Ass, Big Tits, Cosplay, Male Protagonist, Netorare, Vaginal Sex


My Wife Loves Cosplay: Where Cosplay Becomes More Than Costumes

Forget the wholesome fluff of “My Wife Loves Cosplay” by Tanami Town. In Threads of Desire, you’re Sota, a rising star in the cosplay scene. Your talent lies in crafting meticulously detailed costumes, each one a wearable work of art. But your muse, your inspiration, your partner in this fantastical world – that’s your wife, Yuki.

Yuki possesses a captivating blend of beauty and expressiveness, the perfect canvas for your creations. With every stitch you sew, every detail you meticulously craft, you pour not just your artistic vision but also a potent cocktail of love and desire. When Yuki steps into your creations, she transforms. A sleek, black bodysuit hugging every curve becomes a second skin for a seductive succubus. Flowing silks and intricate armor turn her into a valiant warrior princess, her eyes blazing with a fire that goes beyond the character she portrays.

The attention Yuki garners is inevitable. At conventions, hearts stop as she walks by, cameras flash like a mesmerizing strobe light. Cosplayers and photographers jockey for a chance to capture her image, their admiration tinged with a hint of something more. You watch, a possessive pride battling with a simmering jealousy you can’t quite suppress.

But the real test comes with the private commissions. Wealthy collectors, their desires veiled thinly behind a veneer of fandom, approach you with extravagant offers. They want Yuki, not just in a particular costume, but in a particular scenario. A dark alley, a dimly lit room, the line between cosplay and something far more intimate blurring with every whispered proposition.

Yuki, ever the performer, thrives on the attention. She throws herself into each scenario, her movements becoming a seductive dance, her words laced with a double entendre that sets your blood on fire. You watch, conflicted. The thrill of seeing your creations come alive is undeniable. But the possessiveness, the primal urge to keep her gaze solely on you, simmers just beneath the surface.

Threads of Desire becomes a delicate balancing act. You navigate the world of conventions, navigating the possessiveness that threatens to suffocate your creativity and the jealousy that claws at your insides. You experiment with private commissions, pushing the boundaries of intimacy while desperately trying to maintain control.

Will you succumb to the allure of fame and fortune, allowing Yuki to explore desires that might push your relationship to the edge? Or will you reign in your possessiveness, nurturing your artistic partnership with Yuki while exploring your own desires within the safe haven of your marriage? In Threads of Desire, the seams between reality and fantasy unravel, and the costumes become more than just fabric and thread. They become catalysts for exploration, for desire, and for a love that thrives on the tightrope walk between admiration and possession.


+1000 words
+3 CGs
+Menu options when starting a new game to access the latest updated content

+1100 words
+3 CGs
+New facial expression For Yuki
+2 BGMs

+1200 words
+2 CGs

+1200 words
+3 CGs

Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Developer: Tanami Town Patreon – – X (Twitter)

The game is centered around cheating. (Netorare/Netorase).


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