My Hypnotized Family

My Hypnotized Family

The Naughty Three

Version: 0.27

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In this story you are a youthful brain research major, who figures out how to lose his employment, his better half and a spot to experience all in only two months and is compelled to return to live with his loved ones: a hot thrilling MILF nurture in her 40s and her two girls (both north of 18, normally).

The more seasoned little girl appears to detest your guts, dresses in gothic style, wears long dim fingernails and has the roundest hottest huge ass you’ve at any point found in your life. The more youthful sister is considerably more gullible, charming, sweet and kind. She is extremely near you, loves sweets, squishy toys and pink. Her new modest bosoms continually divert you from assisting her with getting her work done.

Fortune permits you to get to know a neighborhood hypnotist, and being a brain science graduate, you are recruited to be her colleague. Consistently you see how she mesmerizes her patients. The more you see her make it happen, the seriously enticing it becomes to mesmerize the ladies at home to just turn into yours and yours…


v0.27 Release (one big juicy sex scene added):

– Scene with 14 images of Lucy sucking MC’s dick
– Plus, please, check out previous release log – we didn’t push the post to updates during previous update, considering it not big enough, so many users missed that update

v0.26f Release (minor update, while working on bigger release):

– Many bugs and inconsistencies fixed (thank you forum for feedback)
– Added art for Helen Yoga scene
– New art for Helen shower scene that features juicier ass (we take memed feedback very seriously)
– Minor scenes added that were in the old art version, but were skipped in new one (Lucy hugging MC, MC taking a shower)

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

With our first game we’ve decided to follow a classic (and our favorite) “slow corruption, incest, mind control” canon, but put a lot of soul into it: we are trying hard to make characters deeper, their relationships more dynamic, put a lot of thinking into the writing, art and music (all original). We even consulted an actual hypnotherapist to make hypnosis more realistic.

Also since this is the teamwork of an artist, coder and writer, we have promised ourselves to make very regular updates (at least once every two months).

Please enjoy this labor of love project and share your honest feedback. Thank you!


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