Monster Girl Descent

Monster Girl Descent


Version: v0.2b

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Game Info

Name: Monster Girl Descent

Version: v0.2b

Updated: 2024-05-10 20:34:23

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Creampie, Fantasy, Femdom, Game over, Group Sex, Handjob, internal view, Male Protagonist, monster, Monster Girl, multiple endings, Oral Sex, Rape, RPG, Strategy, Titfuck, Turn based combat, Vaginal Sex


Monster Girl Descent is a Card-Based Roguelike Adult game featuring monster girls.
Travel into a dangerous and notorious cave filled with sexy monster girls. Fight them off or face the consequences, they’re hungry for men!




  • Fixed minimap not showing after loading a save
  • Fixed chests and characters having strange positioning on minimap and not disappearing after use, also fixed things appearing on the minimap that are not actually there.
  • Improvements to the way moving to new floors works to prevent encounters reoccurring when loading a saved game
  • Fixed Millenia’s image being very small if you find her in the cave.
  • Fixed Castle showing incorrect level on upgrade screen
  • Fixes to loading saves and how encounters trigger
  • Fixed Queen Bee and Spider Queen rooms causing floor counter to double
  • Fixed incorrect text showing after defeating the Queen Bee and Spider Queen

– Fixed Save button that we broke in the last update (oops!)
– Fixed some issues with the item menu
– More Fixes to the way the floor counter works to prevent getting stuck on boss floors
– Cards now fill the screen more efficiently in the card library screen
– Fixed Artifacts menu showing “No Artifacts” text when you do have some


  • Added new H-Scene in the Tavern when Tavern is Level 3
  • Added new H-Scene in the Church when Church is Level 3
  • Added a way to freely clear all curse cards at once at the church so you can clear negative cards between runs
  • Added a cancel button to card removal and upgrade menu so you aren’t locked into it if you change your mind
  • Removing normal cards at the church now has a flat cost of 50 gold (reduces to 25 at Church Level 2) to prevent it being too easy to cheese (for example removing all cards except a few mega powerful cards) It should be harder to do and more satisfying if you achieve it
  • Added a remove card option to Gobbo’s shop that works the same way as removing in the church, he’ll remove one card for a fee, he will still charge for curse cards individually as they are supposed to be part of the challenge whilst in the cave, they can all be removed for free if you manage to escape the cave. He can only do one removal each time you find him. The price starts at 50 gold and increases by 25 gold every time you use it, The price resets if you leave the cave.
  • Added Quit to Desktop Buttons to Title Screen and Options Menu
  • Name input scene now accepts keyboard typing as input
  • Card mechanics and special keywords are now highlighted and have explanations
  • Added more characters to some locations after upgrading parts of the town
  • Fixed deck bomb damage being the same on all sizes
  • Fixed rare bug that could cause boss floors to add to the floor count incorrectly and trap you in a loop of seeing the boss again

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: MGGEDev – Patreon – Steam – – Twitter


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