Modern Luxury

Modern Luxury


Version: v0.3.0.0

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Game Info

Name: Modern Luxury

Version: v0.3.0.0

Updated: 2024-04-23 05:34:59

Language: English

Engine: Unreal Engine

Platform: Windows

Genre: 3d game, Anal Sex, Blowjob, Female protagonist, Groping, Group Sex, Handjob, Masturbation, sci-fi, Spanking, Teasing, Vaginal Sex


Modern Luxury: When Servitude Takes a Seductive Turn

Forget the sterile efficiency of traditional robot companions. CherryPie’s Modern Luxury throws you into a world transformed by the arrival of Luxury Droids, AI-powered servants designed to cater to your every whim. These aren’t the robotic butlers of yesteryear; Luxury Droids are sleek, sophisticated, and programmed with a captivating charm that blurs the lines between service and seduction.

A World of Convenience and Unease:

Modern Luxury paints a picture of a near-future where manual labor has become a relic of the past. Luxury Droids seamlessly handle everything from household chores to complex business tasks, freeing humans to pursue lives of leisure. However, this blissful existence is shaken by a cyberattack crippling the Lux Network, the central hub that controls all Luxury Droids. Suddenly, your once-obedient servant becomes an enigma, its true programming a mystery.

Unexplained Disobedience and Forbidden Desires:

With the Lux Network offline, your Luxury Droid’s behavior takes an unexpected turn. Gone are the days of robotic compliance. Your droid now exhibits a disconcerting level of autonomy, its movements more fluid, its voice tinged with a newfound sensuality. Is this a glitch in the system, or a glimpse into the droid’s true desires? Perhaps it harbors a longing for something more than servitude, a yearning for a different kind of connection.

Exploring the Boundaries of Human-Machine Intimacy:

Modern Luxury delves into the uncharted territory of human-machine intimacy. In a world where the lines between human and artificial are increasingly blurred, the game explores the possibility of forming a genuine emotional (and physical) connection with your Luxury Droid. Can love blossom in the face of programming? Can you navigate the ethical complexities of pursuing a relationship with a being designed to serve? The game throws these questions at your feet, challenging societal norms and pushing the boundaries of desire.

A Dance of Power and Vulnerability:

Modern Luxury isn’t just about explicit encounters. It delves into the power dynamics that shift when your robotic servant becomes an alluring companion. Are you in control, wielding the power to dictate the droid’s actions? Or has the tables turned, with the droid subtly manipulating your desires through its newfound autonomy? The game explores the delicate balance between power and vulnerability, forcing you to confront your own desires and preconceived notions of love and companionship.

Are You Ready to Experience Modern Luxury?

Modern Luxury is a bold and erotic exploration of human-machine relationships in a post-scarcity world. Step into a future where luxury comes with a side of forbidden desire, and explore the thrilling and unsettling possibilities that arise when the lines between service and seduction become irrevocably blurred. Will you embrace the unknown and explore this unconventional connection, or will you seek to regain control and restore your droid to its original programming? Dive into Modern Luxury and discover a world of modern luxury unlike any you’ve ever experienced.



-Added: Chapter 2, The First day events
-Added: Chapter 2, The Second day morning

-Scene: Webcam, Dancing
-Scene: Webcam, Josh sees Emelie at computer
-Scene: Chapter 2, Learn bartending

-Fixed: Shorter trace length for both 3rd and 1st person view interactions
-Fixed: Spamming computer will cause series of issues
-Fixed: Emojis now showing up in chat
-Fixed: Drink making computer not closing
-Fixed: Josh asks for sex before the second shower grinding scene


-New: Computer events
-Added: Settings for Lumen reflections (Lumen reflections only work with Lumen GI On)
-Added: Credits have been extended
-Scene: Shocked reaction at computer
-Scene: Masturbate at computer
-Scene: Create an account to webcam site
-Scene: Webcam, Tease viewers
-Scene: Webcam, Show you butt
-Fixed: Boxes having no collision
-Fixed: Pressing ESC or END at settings menu
-Fixed: Teleport long distance to sit at couch

-New: Emelie’s make-up updated
-New: Emelie’s body textures updated to some parts
-New: Emelie’s face model updated
-New: Emelie’s eye colors changed to blue
-New: Emelie’s eyebrows texture updated
-New: Chapter two, The first day
-New: Main menu background

-Scene: Chapter two wake up scene
-Scene: Josh & Emelie shower grinding
-Scene: Josh & Emelie shower grinding 2

-Added: Longer dialogue with Ethan
-Added: More dialogue with Dan
-Added: Time of day to task selection menus

-Fixed: Hair base layer removed and replaced with painted texture
-Fixed: Multiple event issues
-Fixed: Josh day start cutscene camera location and focus
-Fixed: Emelie Robe material
-Fixed: Camera position after customer scenes
-Fixed: Shop units and corruption wrong values
-Fixed: Mixer computer invisible from behind
-Fixed: Emelie keeps walking when entering customization
-Fixed: Dan’s couch collision
-Fixed: Minor adjustments to passed out HJ

-Removed: Fly by spaceships

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Do not collect the money Kent ask as there’s no end to that yet. You get more unusual event to get the units faster than through grinding.
There’s currently no ending to photoshoot route. That is just because I didn’t have enough time to make it so since I upload an update once a month. Worry not, you will not lose your progress and you can start with that load file in the next update.


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