Modern Luxury

Modern Luxury



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Game Info

Name: Modern Luxury


Updated: 2023-06-24 12:23:25

Language: English

Engine: Unreal Engine

Platform: Windows

Genre: 3d game, Female protagonist, sci-fi, Teasing


Worker droids have taken all difficult work occupations that no one needed to take.
Greater part of individuals took droids to their homes with great affection, some didn’t.
Reports of droids not submitting to orders began after lux base camp were gone after.
All the droids were separated from the organization after the assault


-New: Making drinks is now completely changed
-New: Different drinks to mix
-New: Quality of overall lighting
-New: Extreme shadows option
-New: Sitting at certain places
-New: Waist and ass size adjusted
-New: Lingerie clothing
-Added: Windows to bar
-Added: Larger windows to Dans apartment
-Added: Dans apartment visual improvements
-Added: Hallway visual improvements
-Added: BJ scene with Dan
-Added: Sex scene with Dan
-Added: Interaction hints to holotapes
-Added: BJ with random customer
-Added: More dance animations
-Fixed: Dark interaction text
-Fixed: Camera getting stuck after GH
-Fixed: All clothes fitted
-Fixed: Interaction with tray at Dan’s bar
-Fixed: Corruption requirements for most of the events

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

I included a fps counter and a day/event counters for this early test build.
There is currently only one day of content.
This game is going to include multiple different kind of storylines.
As for now there is only one storyline – Emelie.
Gameplay is more action and event based so don’t expect too much reading.


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