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Version: v1.2.5b

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Mila AI: Rekindling Desire in the Digital Age

“Mila AI” by aDDont isn’t your typical infidelity simulator. Sure, it explores the fading embers of a long-term relationship, but it delves deeper, prompting you to confront the complexities of desire and intimacy in the digital age. You take on the role of Mila, a woman trapped in a relationship that’s lost its spark. The passionate fire of high school sweethearts has dwindled to a flicker, leaving you yearning for something more – a yearning that the game explores through three distinct paths, each offering a unique journey of Mila’s rediscovery.

The core of “Mila AI” lies in its diverse approach to rekindling desire. One path delves into the world of NTR (Non-Consensual Relation), a controversial theme explored with a focus on the psychological and emotional impact on Mila. Another path allows you to explore the possibility of swinging, a journey of self-discovery as Mila navigates the complexities of shared intimacy and open relationships. The final path, the “Swing-Netorase” option, blends elements of swinging with the introduction of a dominant male figure, injecting a power dynamic into the exploration of shared intimacy.

However, “Mila AI” transcends the typical boundaries of adult games. The narrative is richly woven with Mila’s thoughts and experiences, offering a nuanced exploration of female desire and the challenges of maintaining passion in a long-term relationship. The game has a strong bias towards dom-sub relationships, but it does so thoughtfully, allowing you to explore the power dynamics within a consensual framework.

“Mila AI” isn’t just about explicit encounters and sexual exploration. It’s about confronting the emotional complexities of desire. Will you choose the NTR path and explore the raw emotions of betrayal and forbidden pleasure? Or will you seek a more consensual route, venturing into the world of swinging or exploring dom-sub dynamics within a safe and agreed-upon framework?

“Mila AI” offers a thought-provoking journey for those seeking to explore the multifaceted nature of desire. Are you ready to step into Mila’s shoes and embark on a journey of Mila’s rediscovery? Uncover the desires buried beneath the ashes of your relationship, and explore the possibilities that lie ahead, whether it’s through forbidden encounters, consensual exploration, or the thrill of a dom-sub dynamic.


v1.2.5b (22.04.24)

One big H-scene with Mila&Paul. Now it have a significant difference in dom/sub paths. Also I changed style again – I finaly managed to learn sdxl and now I am using it. You may see the difference in style, but I hope that will be the last time I change it. Well, in the nearest future, at least… There will be a release of SD3, after that maybe I’ll need to switch to one of the models there. We’ll see.

  • Content:
    • Continuation of the netorase path
    • + 58 CGs and variations
    • +12 sprites
    • ~1300 lines of text
  • BugFixes and tech stuff:
    • Quick jump now leads to the start of 1.2.5 content.
    • Typos

v1.2.4.1b (07.04.24)

One big H-scene with Bob in suit + small scene with Bob&Paul talking. I am not sure about sounds, I made them using some free stuff from the internet, so quality isn’t top notch to say the least. I am not sure should I add it or not. It’s not 1.2.5 because I wanted to make all of it in 1.2.4.

  • Content:
    • Continuation of the netorase path
    • + 68 CGs and variations
    • +9 sprites
    • + sounds for Mila&Bob scene
    • ~1200 lines of text
  • BugFixes and tech stuff:
    • Quick jump now leads to the start of content.
    • When Mila is cleaning she now finds a suit, that will be used in the H-scene
    • Typos and some logic issues (old saves still may work with errors. You can ignore them most of the time)

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