Male's Hunter Daily Adventure

Male’s Hunter Daily Adventure


Version: v4.1

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Game Info

Name: Male’s Hunter Daily Adventure

Version: v4.1

Updated: 2024-05-14 18:32:50

Sexual Orientation: Gay Games

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, adventure, Anal Sex, BDSM, Blackmail, Fantasy, gay, Handjob, humiliation, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, multiple endings, Oral Sex, Rape, Romance, slave, Spanking, Teasing, Vaginal Sex


Welcome to the hunt!
In this game, which combines open-world elements with graphic novel, your goal is to help fulfill our protagonist’s great fantasy…. To have all the most handsome and muscular men in town for yourself.
For this you will explore the city, looking for your prey in the most diverse scenarios and situations. You will also have the possibility to find your targets on TV and on the internet … the world is a big open field for your hunts.
In the game you can choose between two paths in your daily life… You can be a romantic conqueror, in search of romantic relationships or just for an occasional shag… or you can simply see others as prey to be conquered and enslaved…
Which way to go? It’s up to you

But obviously it is not an easy task. Some prey are much more complicated than others to catch… which will require a lot of conversation, creativity, effort, risk and of course, money, why not?
Each man’s story may have several paths to follow. There is no right or wrong way to do things … just that your actions lead to different consequences… not just one good and one bad.
Complete your trophy collection by conquering all the hotties in town.
Manage your bank account and explore new possibilities to get money
Keep your photo gallery up to date
Get in touch by phone or message with your new “friends”
And for the more special ones, take them on a tour of your private dungeon

This game may contain sex scenes with women in some specific situations

Happy hunting!


Isaiah’s story finished
New feature introduced: Skills
New skill introduced: Basketball

What’s new in this update?
New character: Josh!
Complete story for both routes.
Introduction of two new destinations: College and Frat House
Introduction of the College Painting Club and its members (Dion, Gregory, Billy and Caleb)
New scenes with Cody
Introduction of two new future target characters: Matthew and Kyle
Tests with a new feature in the game, animations (used mainly in sex scenes)

Today’s will be dedicated entirely to Connor
. But there’s plenty of content.
We continued his story on both path
On the slave path:
Now Martin has entered the story in full. Martin’s wait has certainly been worth it.
This path also includes scenes on two more pieces of equipment in the dungeon… The bed and the table. Connor had little choice but to accept his fate.
On the relationship path
This path now has a lot of new scenes. I’ve practically doubled the number of images.
It’s time for the player to put his seduction into practice and conquer that muscle man.
With this release, Connor’s story is complete!
At the most, in the future I can include some scenes in the dungeon or of sex in other places if requested by an elite sponsor. … but at first it’s time to conclude the other stories and start telling new ones.

Fixed a problem where the messaging application showed an error when accessed

Small fix where an option to choose a table mistakenly appeared in the dungeon in James’s story but gave an error when clicked.

New phone App: Calendar
New themed story: Halloween
New male character: Private James

(2023| October | 08)
Complete redesign of the game images
New main character
New routes (Relationship or slavery)
New scenes and dialog
New story for the character Luke
New scenery and environments
New password system for the sponsors’ area
Minor improvements and adjustments to the phone and house

– Patreon Password bug fixed

– Main base game launched
– Added: 2 new destinations | Gym and Sports Court
– 4 new males available: Connor | Isaiah | Luke| Nick

Installation Guide

1. Download
2. Extract
3. Play

Developer Notes

Developer: guri11mau – Patreon – X (Twitter) –

This is the first game I have developed.
The focus of the game is the story… I tried my best to create a coherent and creative script… with multiple choices.
There is no right order to play. You can start and try to conquer one by one all the objectives or you can simply play all the stories in parallel.
No choice is random. There is always a clue, a phrase, an image, a dialog that gives a hint of which is the best way to go to reach the goal.
Except of course for the choices that are purely of luck.
YES! I am aware that I used a famous simulation game to create the scenes of the game… But give me a credit. I tried to use MODs and customizations as much as possible… as well as the poses and sex scenes.
I also made sure to edit the images, apply HDR filters and other effects in Photoshop to create a unique and differentiated image.
Only then was it possible for me to make this game available in a reasonable time frame
I also ask that in case of any grammatical errors or any sentence that could have been better written, please let me know or suggest improvements.
English is not my first language!
Reach me: [email protected]
And lastly! If you really like the game… consider supporting me by being a sponsor on Patreon. The more support I get, the more free time I’ll have to dedicate to the game and release new content more frequently.
The idea is 1 update per month


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