Magic Academy

Magic Academy

WildPear Games

Version: v0.

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Game Info

Name: Magic Academy

Version: v0.

Updated: 2024-05-10 22:23:56

Language: English

Engine: Unity

Platform: Android, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, adventure, Animated, Fantasy, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Tentacles(Can be avoided)


Magic Academy: Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Enchantments

Magic Academy, by WildPear Games, delves far deeper than your typical coming-of-age wizarding school story. Sure, there are talented students honing their magical abilities, but beneath the surface lies a world of forbidden knowledge, sensual awakening, and the very foundation of magical society.

The prestigious Academe Arcane isn’t your average Hogwarts. Founded not by a single powerful wizard, but by a consortium of pleasure-seeking mages, the Academy serves a far more… provocative purpose. These founders recognized the potent link between magical aptitude and heightened sexual energy. They believed that by cultivating and channeling this energy, they could not only unlock unparalleled magical potential but also create a haven for the exploration of pleasure and power through magical means.

Magic Academy throws you into the heart of this unconventional institution. You aren’t just a student learning spells and potions – you’re a participant in a grand experiment. Your days are filled with rigorous magical training, but your nights are a whirlwind of exploration under the tutelage of captivating instructors, each a master of a specific magical discipline with a unique approach to unlocking your potential.

The instructors themselves are a diverse and alluring cast. There’s the stern yet seductive Sorceress Serena, whose mastery over elemental magic unlocks power through rigorous physical conditioning and ritualistic touch. Then there’s the enigmatic Warlock Vaughn, whose expertise in illusion magic delves into the depths of your psyche, using erotic dreamscapes to unlock hidden magical reserves.

The curriculum at Magic Academy is far from conventional. Classes like “Erotic Enchantments” and “Ritualistic Rapture” explore the intricate connection between pleasure and magical power. Students learn to channel their desires into spells, imbuing them with an intensity that transcends traditional magic. This seductive approach to magic cultivation creates a unique dynamic between instructors and students, blurring the lines between education and exploration.

Magic Academy isn’t just about titillation. The game delves into the complex history and philosophy behind this unconventional school. It explores the ethical considerations of manipulating students’ desires for magical gain, and the potential for abuse within such a system. However, it also celebrates the power of self-discovery and the liberation that comes from embracing one’s full magical and sensual potential.

Ready to step beyond the veil of traditional magic schools and explore the intoxicating world of Magic Academy? Dive in and discover a place where pleasure fuels power, and the boundaries between education and erotic exploration are deliciously blurred.



New Features:

  • Academy Construction Overhaul: The location will now switch to the Academy when constructing buildings, and the new structure will be clearly displayed.
  • Button Visual State: Buttons now have a greyed-out state when they are unavailable.
  • Pensieve Scene Escape: You can now exit the Pensieve scene by pressing Escape.
  • Narrator Text (Testing): Narrator text has been added to some scenes in test mode.
  • Lillian Scenes Update: The first two Lillian scenes now include narrator text.
  • Joyce Scene Update: The Joyce scene has been updated with new animations and narrator text.
  • Project Panel Streamlining: Only Academy upgrades remain in the project panel; all other projects have been moved to tasks.
  • Quest Dialogue Indicators: Quest dialogues are now marked with an star.
  • Unavailable Dialogue Information: Unavailable dialogues are now visible, and hovering over them will display the reason for their unavailability.
  • Button Tooltips: Tooltips have been added to some buttons to indicate hotkeys.
  • Reduced Costs: The cost of many quests and upgrades has been roughly halved.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused music stuttering or sudden changes.
  • Fixed a bug that could break the game when exiting to the menu and restarting the same scene.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pensieve could play extraneous dialogues unrelated to the selected scene.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the background behind the character’s name to resize incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Rose’s “about you” and “about others” dialogues were swapped.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed asking Victoria about Audrey before meeting her.
  • Fixed an issue where points were not returned to Rose until re-entering the location.
  • Hidden an extra character from the quest log.

Installation Guide

1. Download the archive
2. Unzip archive
3. Click on the file Magic Academy.exe
Have a nice game!

Developer Notes

Developer: WildPear Games – Patreon – – Discord – Twitter


  • Famous universe – you will find yourself in a world you’ve read about in books or seen in movies. Learn more about how it lives and operates according to its laws.
  • Create your Academy – the entire plot will revolve around creating a new magical academy. You will go through all stages of its formation from getting permission to triumphantly rising to the top of the rankings.
  • Player-oriented development – our team has its own ideas for project development, but we will rely on your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.
  • Not just a novella – the game focuses on dialogues, but in addition to that, it includes many other mini-games, the number of which will only increase as we implement your suggestions.
  • Music – unique tracks written specifically for our project to support the magical atmosphere.

We invite you to find out an answer to these questions in our game:

  • Take the lead in creating a new magical academy
  • Make decisions that will shape its future and development
  • Shape the faculties to your liking
  • Maintain a balance between your own views, ministry requirements, and the parent committee
  • Seek out new teachers and build relationships with them

The list above is a statement of intentions – we will strive to implement everything that was indicated in it, but we need your support for this. You can find out the current status of the project from the notes or below in the section “Content available in the current version.”

About update format

We have decided to divide all updates into four categories:

  1. Content – These are our first public versions, 0.1.3, and the upcoming version 0.1.4, which will include character story continuations.
  2. Technical (Tech) – These updates are hotfix versions, such as and, and are dedicated to fixing any errors found after releasing the Content updates.
  3. Quality of Life (QoL) – This update,, focuses on improving the convenience of the game and is based on feedback we have received from our players. We will continue to listen to your feedback through various channels, such as Patreon, Discord, forums, and Twitter.
  4. Legacy – Updates in this category will be dedicated to revisiting, enhancing, and upgrading older content based on your suggestions.


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