Mad Adventure

Mad Adventure


Version: v0.9

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Game Info

Name: Mad Adventure

Version: v0.9

Updated: 2024-04-25 10:29:44

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Groping, Male Protagonist, Milf, Sandbox, Sex Toys, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism


Mad Adventures: A Descent into Mystery, Mayhem, and Forbidden Desires

Life after college wasn’t supposed to be this thrilling, this utterly terrifying. You (MC), fresh out of your university bubble, had finally secured a cozy apartment near campus. Freedom, independence, and the promise of late-night adventures with new friends stretched before you. But then, your world tilted on its axis.

One seemingly ordinary day, a visit to your parents’ house turned into a scene ripped straight out of a Mad Adventure. They were gone. Vanished without a trace. Calls went unanswered, the house eerily silent. A cold dread snaked its way into your gut. The police, notified after a frantic wait, offered little comfort, their faces etched with a bureaucratic apathy that did little to quell your rising panic.

Finding your missing parents became your sole mission. Your mind raced with possibilities. Were they victims of some random crime? Or was there something more sinister at play, something connected to their secretive past? You vaguely remembered childhood evenings spent peppering them with questions about their work. “Government scientists,” they’d always reply, their smiles strained, the conversation abruptly ending. Now, that seemingly innocuous answer felt like a cryptic clue, a key to a puzzle you desperately needed to solve.

Desperate for any lead, you decided to seek refuge with your mother’s old friend, a woman named Amelia, who lived across town. You hadn’t seen Amelia since you were a child, but a faint memory flickered – you and Amelia’s daughter, Lily, inseparable playmates, giggling over Barbie dolls and whispered secrets. The phone call with Amelia was awkward, a tapestry of strained politeness and forced cheer. Yet, she agreed to let you stay, a flicker of concern in her voice that offered a glimmer of hope.

Moving into Amelia’s house was like stepping into a time capsule. Dusty photo frames adorned the walls, each picture a silent chronicle of a life lived. You braced yourself for an awkward reunion with Lily, now a full-grown woman. But what awaited you wasn’t the childhood friend you remembered. Lily, with her knowing smirk and a glint of mischief in her eyes, exuded an aura of untamed sensuality. The air crackled with a tension that was both unsettling and oddly thrilling.

As days bled into weeks, your search for your parents intensified. You delved into their past, unearthing cryptic research papers and hushed whispers about a clandestine government project. Meanwhile, a different kind of exploration unfolded within the confines of Amelia’s house. Lily, it turned out, had inherited her mother’s adventurous spirit, and a penchant for pushing boundaries. Late-night conversations morphed into whispered confessions, stolen glances lingering a beat too long. The line between seeking comfort and succumbing to a forbidden desire began to blur.

Mad Adventures isn’t just about unraveling a mystery. It’s a heady cocktail of suspense, erotic exploration, and the intoxicating allure of the unknown. Will you uncover the truth behind your parents’ disappearance? Or will the tangled web of desire and hidden agendas lead you down a path fraught with danger and unexpected pleasures?

Ready to embark on your own Mad Adventure? Buckle up, because this is just the beginning. (This is a call to action, but it refrains from directly mentioning the adult game.)



  • 4 New events
  • 107 New Renders
  • 7 New Animations
  • Gallery (Go on the PC there’s a icon on the upper right corner)

– 5 New events – Mostly Susannah and Brianne related
– Around 156 new images
– 10 New animations


  • Around 130 Images
  • 7 new animations
  • 4 Events – Mostly introductions to a bunch of new characters
  • I believe 7 new characters that I had to prepare.
  • 2 New locations that I prepared fully to have scenes in.
  • Advanced the sleep interaction with Susannah(3 animations here without counting the different speeds and simple low count frame animations)
  • Added a new anal animation for Giannah in the living room at night(You can only see this after her third event in the morning living room)
  • 3 Animations for Debra(New Character) working out at the gym.

– 6 New events
– 4 new animations
– Around 170 new renders added
– The 2 new Giannah’s animations are repeatable after you see their events, you just need to find her in the place of the animation at the right time and day of the week.

– More spelling errors fixed
– 1 Event only with 2 animations
– 5 small animations that are triggered with the schedule system(when you talk to characters on the house)
– Started adding some repeatable scenes, so now you can repeat Giannah blowjob scene on the living room at night, and Susannah pool scene
– I added some interactions with Giannah when she’s wearing her “Nightwear” or pajamas, I’m not really sure about this you guys tell me. The upside is, those interactions can occur anywhere she’s wearing the same clothes, otherwise I would just have to render different interactions for every place she’s in the house(which would be better, but it just would take more time).
– Finished making all the buttons for Sue and Giannah, now I just need to start adding small interactions and animations for them, Susannah will have different actions for every place she is. These interactions are unlocked through playing the game, and they can change their reactions based on what part of the game you are with that character.
Here’s how to see every new content, I’ll put this here, so you don’t have to keep looking for it, because for new players in the future they will find them naturally through the gameplay hopefully and there will be much more of these (BTW most of these events will have progressions after some updates).

Living room bj repeat: Go to the living room at night after having watched her first event, Only Monday I believe.
“Show me your boobs”: Only after her first event.
“Let’s fuck” animation : Only after event 2
Pool sunscreen animation: Only after event 1, Tuesday morning and almost everyday at Noon
Pool fuck animation: Only after her second event, everyday she’s at the pool.

Laundry stuck animation; Thursday noon (This is one of the events that will have progress after some updates)
Shower animation: Monday evening in her bathroom, only after you can go inside the bathroom, I believe after her pool event.
Susannah sleep: Most days at Midnight or Past Midnight except when she’s out of the house. (This interaction will have more options if you have seen all of her events, and I will add more later.)
Sunscreen and assjob repeated animation: Every Saturday Noon and Thursday Morning after her pool event.
Kitchen interaction: Tuesday, Thursday evening.

– A lot more spelling errors fixed
– Base of the new map finished
– Around 150 new images
– 3 Animations + some animations that are just a couple or small number of frames
– Added phone system (Didn’t add receiving messages yet), you can check stats, contacts, money, inventory, teleport, mostly empty for now, but when the game gets bigger there will be alot more.

– Fixed a lot of spelling errors from the intro and more.
– Added 100+ renders
– 3 Animations + some animations that are just a couple or small number of frames
– Built a schedule system, so now I can easily alter and keep track of where a character is on the house at certain times, and create interactivity without interfering with the event system. (No interactions implemented yet, only that one where you could see Brianne working out, before that, that interaction was a event, now is just something that you can see on the days she works out in the living room.)
– Added some other parts of the house, a laundry room, bathroom and a corridor downstairs, so later I can build Giannah’s room access there.

Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

– Visual Novel
 with sandbox elements
– Dating sim with multiple event endings
– Event system so you can progress mostly,
with the characters of your choice at your own pace

FEATURES to come:
World Map
– Day/Night cycle
– RPG-esque stats
Mini Games
 Main plot and side missions


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