Lust Is Stranger

Lust Is Stranger

The Architect

Version: v0.23

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Lust Is Stranger: Where Time Loops and Forbidden Desires Collide

The Architect’s Lust Is Stranger isn’t your typical high school drama. It throws you into a captivating vortex of time loops, erotic awakenings, and the exploration of forbidden desires within a seemingly ordinary school setting.

Our protagonist awakens with a jolt, disoriented and confused. He finds himself in a classroom, surrounded by his seemingly oblivious classmates, yet utterly clueless about how he got there. As he navigates the familiar yet unsettling hallways, a chilling realization dawns: he’s trapped in a time loop. Lust Is Stranger doesn’t just play with the concept of time manipulation; it uses it as a catalyst for exploring a world of uninhibited desire.

The loop becomes an unexpected playground where consequences seemingly cease to exist. The familiar faces of classmates become tantalizing possibilities. The shy girl in the corner, the aloof jock in the hallway – everyone seems to be caught in the same warped reality, and the lines of social hierarchy begin to blur.

With each loop, the protagonist rediscovers the school environment, but with a heightened awareness of the underlying erotic tension. He encounters familiar faces caught in compromising situations, their inhibitions seemingly erased by the time loop’s strange effect. Lust Is Stranger offers a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique desires and sexual identities. Will he choose to remain a silent observer, or will he take advantage of the situation and explore his own burgeoning desires with a classmate, a teacher, or perhaps even a complete stranger?

The choices you make throughout the game determine the course of the narrative. Each interaction, each stolen glance, and each daring exploration within the time loop leads to a variety of steamy encounters that cater to a wide range of sexual fantasies. But be warned, the consequences of your actions – although seemingly erased by the loop – can have a profound impact on the relationships you forge during your time trapped within this erotic purgatory.

Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of the time loop and explore the uncharted territory of forbidden desires? Unleash your inner voyeur or embrace your wildest fantasies in The Architect’s Lust Is Stranger. Just remember, every choice you make, every encounter you pursue, shapes the tapestry of your journey.


– Added all remaining content until ending sequences
– Added no-romance VIP scenes for “KATE”
– Added Chapter Select feature including and Ending Editor
– Added 6 new trophies
– Extended the “The Privacy Corner” scene in the gallery

– Added VIP area sequence for the “polyamory” route
– Added new hot scene to the gallery
– Misc bug fixes

– Added VIP area sequence for “MAX” romance route
– Added new hot scene to the gallery
– Misc bug fixes

– Added VIP area sequence for “Kate” romance route
– Added new hot scene to the gallery
– Misc bug fixes

– Bugfixes

– Added VIP area sequence for the no-romance route
– Added new hot scene to the gallery
– Trophy “Is It Avoidable? II” is now unlockable
– Misc bug fixes

– Added second scene path to latest quest
– Added new trophy
– Added new scene to the gallery

– Added first stage of party quest with 1 hot scene
– Added Dimensional Resonator to the item shop
– Added new lost money location
– Added options to deliver remaining videos/pictures to the teacher
– Added new parking lot interaction
– Added new scene to the gallery
– Added new trophies

This version adds the second path scene for the latest quest, its entry in the gallery and a new trophy. Notice that if you triggered the secret admirer breakup using the phone in the lockers room, then this quest ends with no hot scene (you still can watch the other possible outcomes in the gallery after completing the quest).

– Added second path scene for latest quest
– Added new trophy
– Added new scene to the gallery
– Text and bug fixes

– Added new exploration area
– Added new quest (1 of 2 routes)
– Added new hot scene path
– Added 3 new trophies
– Added new scene to the gallery

Bug Fix

Here’s the release of v0.15.1, completing the alternate path of the previous version quest.
This new path has itself two sub-paths, and the scene will play differently based on your dominance status over the girl. All variations can be checked in the scene added to the gallery.

– Added second route to the latest quest
– Added new scene to the gallery
– Added a new trophy

– Added transition to Friday
– Added new quest (1 of 2 routes)
– Added new scene to the gallery
– Added a new trophy

– Added sweeping quest resolution
– Completed latest version quest including new hot scenes
– Added 2 new scenes to the gallery
– Added new trophies
– Added happy pill vendor
– Added end of Thursday scene (based on romance statuses)

– Added first path of new quest
– Added 2 new scenes to the gallery
– Added 2 new trophies (1 unlockable)
– Added Scene Log feature
– Text fixes (thanks Berti)

– Optimized and doubled texture resolution of latest hot scene

– Bug fix

– Bug fix

– Bug fix

– Bug fix

– Added new quest with new hot scenes
– Added 2 new trophies
– Added new scenes to the gallery

– Added Cliff escape sequence
– Added Ciff romance path
– Added a new trophy
– Added Cliff scenes to the gallery

Here’s the first part of version 0.11 release. This version adds the transition to Thursday when most scenes and events will be even more affected by your previous choices.

The scripts are pretty much double (or more) the size now due to these different consequences, so I decided to split the release again (it will probably be the usual strategy from now on). This build adds the beginning of the next janitor quest, and a new quest with Max including a new hot scene (only the corruption path is implemented in this version).

– Added transition to Thursday
– Added new Thursday encounters
– Added picture contest winner reveal sequence
– Added start of Thursday cleaning quest
– Added first path of new lighthouse cliff quest with a hot scene path (corruption path)
– Added 3 new trophies

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Hi folks.
Here’s the build of version 0.3.1. I’m changing the version pattern (again) to use “release.major.minor.patch” numbers as it’s more well known by most people than simply adding the labels PREVIEW/RELEASE.
By increasing a minor number, it means this version has not a lot of new content compared to the last one. I just added the last batch of stuff I had planned when reaching this point.
There’s a new “Settings” screen in the main menu, where you can configure some stuff used during game-play like mouse sensitivity, the model’s base shape (ORIGINAL – ENHANCED) and configure (play with) breasts physics parameters.
I also added another item in the main menu: the “Bunker Studio”. It’s just a simple stub for now, but the idea is to use it as the game gallery. I’ll be adding stuff there during the project (including the original bunker scenery) and fill with options to play with the models, lightning, positioning, etc… (ILLUSION style). While playing the game now, you can find items called “Studio Tokens” that will unlock content in this new mode. It’s VERY simple at this point, but I think you can get the idea.
You can now also leave the main building to check a new Campus area, but it’s also a preview with no interactive content.
There’s no new quest/storyline content (except few events when you can earn the first studio tokens). So… Download it only if you’re interested in checking out these new features.


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