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Luna in the Tavern


Version: v0.35

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Game Info

Name: Luna in the Tavern

Version: v0.35

Updated: 2024-04-24 08:10:49

Language: English

Engine: Other

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Big Tits, Bukkake, Corruption, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Groping, Group Sex, multiple endings, Oral Sex, Parody, Rape, Sleeping Sex


Luna in the Tavern: Where Liquor Flows and Inhibitions Dissolve

Step into the warm, inviting embrace of Luna’s Tavern, a place where laughter mingles with the heady aroma of fermented grapes and whispered secrets. But “Luna in the Tavern” by TitDang is far more than your typical pub simulator. Here, drinks aren’t just a way to quench thirst, they’re keys that unlock a world of intoxicating possibilities.

The game boasts a deceptively simple premise: drinking with the eclectic patrons of Luna’s Tavern. But beneath this seemingly straightforward facade lies a treasure trove of erotic encounters, each one fueled by the potent magic of alcohol and the captivating personalities you meet.

Four unique chapters, each with its own narrative thread, weave a tapestry of desire and discovery. One evening, you might find yourself sharing a flagon of ale with a fiery redhead who challenges you to a drinking duel, the stakes escalating with each downed mug. Another night, a sultry barmaid with a knowing smile might offer you a private booth and a taste of something a little stronger – a concoction guaranteed to loosen your inhibitions and heighten your senses.

The true magic of “Luna in the Tavern” lies in its six beautiful heroines. Each woman is meticulously crafted, with distinct personalities, desires, and secrets waiting to be unveiled. As you share drinks, conversation flows, and inhibitions melt away. A playful banter with a barmaid might blossom into a passionate encounter fueled by shared laughter and potent liquor. A heart-to-heart with a brooding patron could lead to a tender exploration of vulnerability and unspoken desires.

But “Luna in the Tavern” isn’t just about fleeting encounters. The game encourages you to cultivate relationships with these intriguing women. Each drink you share, each story you hear, strengthens the bond between you. As trust deepens, inhibitions crumble, and the possibilities for intimacy become limitless.

Will you follow the traditional path, wooing each woman with charm and wit? Or will you embrace the more daring side of “Luna in the Tavern” and explore the unconventional desires that simmer beneath the surface? The choice is entirely yours.

With over 90 unique scenes, “Luna in the Tavern” offers a captivating exploration of desire, fueled by the liberating magic of alcohol. Are you ready to step into Luna’s Tavern and discover the intoxicating possibilities that await?


2 new lewd animations with Lanaya and Luna: vaginal sex and double titjob scenes
Buttons in the animation mode adapted for new scenes
Freezing after “bla bla button” clicking bug fixed
Hearts effect positioning and resizing improved
Minor interface changes in gallery
Typo and grammar fixes (thanks to our patrons)
Two “comic bubbles” in animation mode now supported

Big technical and content update:
New animation game mode!
2 new lewd animations with Lanaya: anal and titjob scenes
New camera effects (shaking/scaling)
New gallery tab with animations
Chat bubble effects in animation game mode
Falling hearts effect in animation game mode
4 animation mode buttons: fuck, fuck faster, chat with a girl button, cum button

2 new lewd scenes with Lanaya
New interactive tavern content
Sound bar bug fix
Added android versions

2 new lewd scenes with Lanaya!
New interactive tavern content

3 new lewd scenes with Lanaya and Luna!
New interactive tavern content
40+ frames in new scenes with a lot of emotions
Several skip bug fixes
Choice buttons (multiple buttons) bug fixed
Click zone in the center pf the screen has been added
Inventory context menu bug fix

3 new scenes with Lanaya and Luna
New interactive tavern content
40+ frames in new scenes with a lot of emotions
New question for drinking game

New lewd scene with Selemene and Luna!
New character – Selemene
New interactive tavern content
Some interactive tavern bugs have been fixed

3 new lewd scenes with Luna and Lanaya!
New question for drinking game
50+ frames in new scenes with a lot of emotions!

New scene with Luna!
New interactive tavern content
New tavern location – stables!

3 new lewd scenes with Luna, Mirana and Lanaya!
New outfit for girls
New question in drinking game

New lewd scene with Luna
New interactive tavern content
4 new guys in the tavern

3 new scenes with Luna and Lanaya
New interactive tavern content

4 new lewd scenes
New character – Lanaya
New character – Mimihr
300+ new emotions for characters
New emotions and outfit for Luna
New inventory items
New chapter
Interface changes
Minor text fixes

New lewd scene with Luna
New content in bathroom
Critical bug fixes in 4 Act

Endings for Lina’s story
2 new lewd scenes with Lina and Rylai
The final release of Lina’s storyline

Endings for Lina’s story
2 new lewd scenes with Lina and Rylai

New contest for Lina’s storyline
3 new scenes with Lina and Rylai

v0.18 Public
2 new characters on the map – Patt and Matt
New location – kitchen
2 new lewd scenes
New contest for Lina’s storyline

2 new characters – Matt and Patt
100+ new emotions
2 new lewd scenes

New toilet location
New photoshoot scene in a toilet

4 new lewd scene
Complete Bimbo-Luna story arc
Minor bugfixes

v0.14.5 Public
Skip intro buttons have been added to Lina’s story arc
Original soundtrack by Nikolay Uzlov – 4 new soundtracks
Volume control UI
Switching music depending on the story arc
UX and UI changes

The third contest for the magic competition
4 new scenes with 60 frames
The third location – the street
Interviews with guys in the tavern
New effects for an interactive tavern
Five new guys in the tavern
Part of the toilet location
Lina and Rylai relationship system
Show rating system
Minor bugfixes

v0.12 Electron
The second contest for the magic competition
2 new scenes
New location – roof
Several text fixes
Minor bugfixes

v0.11 Electron
The new story arc with Lina and Rylai!
The first contest for the magic competition.
3 new scenes.
3 new characters.
350+ new emotions.
Interactive tavern mechanics and the first location – tavern hall.
Several text fixes.
Minor bugfixes.

v0.10 Electron
3 new endings in “the story continues” arc
new emotions for Jackie and Luna
new item in inventory

Two separate launches – online and offline
A new free skip button for intros and dialogues
Hints for questions in the drinking game
2 new scene endings in “The story continues” arc

Randomize mode in the gallery in the offline version
Saving game interface was improved in the offline version
The new interface in the gallery in the offline version
“Don’t be so shy” scene was fixed in the gallery
Gallery grid bug fixed in the offline version
Interface hiding feature in the scene viewer mode was added
Game menu hiding after loading the game
Several minor bugs fixed

New client
New question in a drinking game
3 new scenes and a new ending
Inventory system
Full interface hiding in the scene viewer

4 new scenes
Nude Luna sprite
3 new clients
New ending in drinking game

3 new scenes
2 new questions in drinking game
2 new clients
Sprites blinking bugfix

Full refactoring of game’s engine for faster work
New menu with game chapters
100+ new emotions for Mirana and Luna
New Luna’s outfit
Six new lewd scenes
Four new questions for drinking game
New location: town street

v0.4.3 – special electron update
Save feature in offline version
x86 (32-bit) version for Windows
Quick preview loading in gallery
Gray screen bug fix in “Never have I ever been under arrest”
Hiding interface feature in “Tell about fun occasion”
Several minor bug fixes
Music player bug fix (music didn’t work)
Black background

New features:
Loop button
Repeat button
Quick view for erotic scenes
Interface hiding feature

Translations fix for all scenes from v0.1 and v0.2.
*Gray screen* bug fix in all scenes.

New Lyralei’s storyline ending

5 scenes: 1 ending and 4 mini-game scenes
New character – Mirana
Minor text fixes
Skip button bug fixed on mobile
Interface transparency effect in old scenes
Choice buttons bug fixed on mobile

6 new lewd scenes
Minor text fixes
Skip button
Interface transparency effect
Gallery bug fix

Patreon button deleted for Offlaner patrons
Loads of text fixes
Walkthrough updated
Free save slot for everyone
Offering text improved

5 new scenes added
Gallery improved
Minor text fixes
Offline version added

Blackout bug fixed
Gallery and saves bugs fixed

Text mistakes fixed
Security and gallery bugs fixed

Added IOS and safari support
Several minor bugs fixed

First release.
10+ scenes

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.


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