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Version: v0.1

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Game Info

Name: Lumaria

Version: v0.1

Updated: 2024-03-31 11:43:39

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, AI cg, Anal Sex, Animated, Creampie, Fantasy, Group Sex, Harem, Male Protagonist, Management, Masturbation, Milf, Monster Girl, RPG, Sandbox, Sleep Sex, Vaginal Sex


“Lumaria” beckons players into a captivating realm where adventure and desire intertwine, offering an immersive RPG experience tailored for adults. Developed by Sora kun, this enchanting world is teeming with classic MMO elements, from enchanting and crafting to resource mining and mob farming, all seamlessly integrated to provide a rich and engaging gameplay experience.

However, “Lumaria” offers more than just traditional RPG mechanics. Delve deeper into the intricacies of relationships as you navigate the complexities of gifting and forging connections with enchanting girls who inhabit this fantastical realm. Witness the ebb and flow of NPC behavior under the dynamic influence of a day and night system, where each cycle brings new opportunities and challenges.

But what truly sets “Lumaria” apart is its innovative approach to combat and companionship. In this world, all monsters are under the control of captivating monster girls, each possessing unique abilities and allure. Engage in thrilling battles and emerge victorious to claim their summoning stone, forging a powerful bond through a signed contract. As you journey together, deepen your connection and unlock new depths of intimacy, paving the way for exhilarating sex scenes that further strengthen your bond.

Yet, the journey of our protagonist takes an unexpected turn when a golden dildo falls from the heavens, bringing about his untimely demise. In a twist of fate, he finds himself face to face with the goddess of another world, who offers him reincarnation as an apology for the peculiar mishap. With newfound purpose and a second chance at life, our protagonist sets forth on a quest of redemption and discovery, determined to leave his mark on the vibrant tapestry of Lumaria.

Embark on an unforgettable odyssey through lush landscapes and perilous dungeons, where every encounter brings new challenges and opportunities for growth. With its blend of immersive storytelling, engaging gameplay mechanics, and tantalizing adult content, “Lumaria” promises an unforgettable journey into a world where fantasy and desire collide in the most captivating of ways.


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