Love Lust and Rock ‘n Roll

Love Lust and Rock ‘n Roll


Version: 1.5

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Game Info

Name: Love Lust and Rock ‘n Roll

Version: 1.5

Updated: 2023-05-06 10:10:18

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: Animated, big ass big tits, Cheating, dating sim, DCG, Male Protagonist, Milf, Romance, Vaginal Sex


My name’s Flin, and I’m the lead singer in a high school rock band. My best friend, Eric, mans the drums. On bass, there’s my wonderful girlfriend, Stella! And on guitar, Stella’s best friend (and Eric’s girlfriend), Kelly. I love this band, and I know that our big break is just around the corner!

However, in the meantime, I’ve got my studies to worry about. Fortunately, Stella’s sister Amy has offered to help me study. On top of that…her mother, Julie, has mentioned wanting help around the house, and I don’t think it’s ever a bad idea to have your girlfriend’s mom on your side. Right?

This is a story about my rock band’s rise to fame, while I…figure out how to handle a multitude of growing relationships in my life.‚Äč


Every scene in the game is now fleshed out with music! Nearly every song is split into separate tracks that layer in depending on the dynamics of the scene (so the music gets more intense as the scene gets more intense, etc.).

The standard background song “Underdrive” ties an instrument to each character. These instruments weave in and out depending on the order in which you meet or see characters in each chapter (which is randomized). This means different playthroughs can yield unique mixes you didn’t hear before (for example, if Julie’s main event happens to be the first one you experience in Chapter 2, then you’ll get to hear just the acoustic guitar and piano together).

All music composed by me.

In addition to music, there are mattress sound effects and vocal sound effects (male and female). Each has its own volume slider. This has drastically changed every sex scene.

Beyond sound, a number of images have been revamped or added. Amy’s second study scene is practically a new scene. Some lines have randomly been edited throughout the game.

A chunk of imagery has been further condensed to save space without sacrificing any quality.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Roguelike story structure
Randomized order of story events (still organized into chapters)
Regular sets of choices pulled randomly from a larger pool
Designed for maximum replayability
Choice-based conversation mini-game
Abstracted so you can imagine what’s being said, based on the situation
RNG elements to keep decisions interesting
But she’s married, and she’s my girlfriend’s mom…
But you don’t fucking caaaaare
Pursue your girlfriend’s best friend and/or sister, while you’re at it
There’s no “route locking,” so any combination goes
Emotional sex scenes
Despite the attitude above, all sex scenes are sensual and emotional
They aren’t done out of anger or spite; only overwhelming lust/love
During these special scenes, you’ll also see internal narration from the girl’s perspective
Looping sex animations
If you’re lucky enough to find one
Each girl (not named “Stella”) has at least one high-quality one
Don’t get caught!
Different sex scenes come with varying levels of risk, based heavily on how you’ve been playing
If you’re caught, it’s GAME OVER, FUCKER
Things to bear in mind…
I made this visual novel to cater to my own niche preferences. These include the following:

Netori, NOT netorare – the only people in this universe who ever cheat are you and the girl you’re doing it with, should you both choose to.
Technically, you’ll never be forced to cheat (as long as you don’t count a possible stolen kiss you don’t initiate). You can remain fully faithful, but you’ll…kind of be missing the point.
Softcore, vanilla sex scenes
No nipples or genitalia shown – though the text is somewhat explicit.
Front-to-front positions (a lot of missionary), always vaginal.
As stated above, a shared emotional connection.
Did you know? Climaxes are always simultaneous, and coming inside the woman never leads to unintended pregnancy!*
*Don’t apply this bullshit to the real world, but that’s how it works here!

There are no general-purpose backgrounds.


Made using Blender, Gimp, and Ren’Py.


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