Love Island

Love Island


Version: v0.1 Alpha

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Game Info

Name: Love Island

Version: v0.1 Alpha

Updated: 2024-04-23 15:18:46

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, drugs, futa/trans protagonist, Small Tits, Transformation


Love Island: Where Science Meets Seduction in a Forbidden Paradise

Forget the sanitized dating shows of reality TV. AfroM’s Love Island throws you into the shoes of a brilliant young scientist, your mind a playground of chemical concoctions and genetic marvels. After a groundbreaking discovery at a major enhanced chemical company, your life takes a dramatic turn. Fearing exploitation and seeking a fresh start, you escape the corporate clutches, whisking your family away to a secluded island paradise.

A Refuge Turns Playground: Unlocking Forbidden Desires:

Love Island isn’t just about sandy beaches and tropical cocktails. The game delves into the psychological impact of isolation and the transformative power of a new environment. Your initial focus may be shielding your family from the outside world, but as weeks turn into months, a potent shift occurs. The untamed beauty of the island awakens something primal within you, the inquisitive scientist morphing into a curious explorer of desire. Imagine the thrill of observing the captivating islanders through your scientific lens, analyzing their pheromone reactions and the subtle cues of attraction.

Beyond Chemistry: Exploring Diverse Desires:

Love Island celebrates the vast spectrum of human sexuality. With your scientific background, you approach relationships with a unique perspective. Will you leverage your knowledge of genetics to create potent aphrodisiacs, igniting passionate encounters with a variety of partners? Perhaps you’ll delve into the intricacies of pheromone manipulation, orchestrating sensual connections that defy societal norms and explore polyamorous relationships. The game offers a diverse cast of characters, each with their own desires and secrets, waiting to be unlocked through your scientific experiments and erotic adventures.

Choices that Shape Your Paradise:

Love Island delves deeper than simply pursuing fleeting pleasures. Your choices, both scientific and romantic, shape the course of your island experience. Will you focus on creating a utopian community built on shared pleasure and scientific exploration? Or will you succumb to your darkest desires, manipulating and exploiting the islanders for your own erotic gratification? Every decision carries weight, influencing the relationships you form and the future of your island utopia.

Unleash Your Inner Scientist and Embrace Forbidden Desires:

Love Island offers a refreshingly honest exploration of human sexuality through a scientific lens. It’s a story of self-discovery, erotic experimentation, and the intoxicating allure of a hidden paradise. Will you use your scientific prowess to create a haven of pleasure for yourself and your newfound companions? Or will you succumb to a darker desire, manipulating and controlling those around you in a twisted game of love, lust, and scientific exploration? Step onto the shores of Love Island and discover a world where science and seduction intertwine, and your deepest desires hold the key to unlocking a forbidden paradise.


v0.1 (alpha)
Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract the game and run the game

Developer Notes

This is the start of the VN for now it’s only the prologue explaining the backstory and the family so people can test it and tell me what they think of the game

The game is heavily inspired by games like Corruption and My new neighbours so there will be some elements of both games


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