Life Adventures

Life Adventures


Version: v0.4.0

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Game Info

Name: Life Adventures

Version: v0.4.0

Updated: 2024-04-27 16:28:49

Language: English

Engine: Other

Platform: Windows

Genre: Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Female protagonist, Futa Protagonist, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, Multiple Protagonist, Oral Sex, Sandbox, Text Based, Vaginal Sex


Life Adventures: Where Every Choice Shapes Your Erotic Odyssey

NomadFunbite’s “Life Adventures” isn’t your typical life simulation game. Sure, you navigate the familiar aspects of daily life – finding a job, hitting the gym, catching a movie. But beneath the surface lies a pulsating world of erotic possibility, where every encounter holds the potential to ignite a passionate adventure.

“Life Adventures” throws you into the vibrant tapestry of a nameless city, teeming with a diverse cast of NPCs. Each interaction unlocks a new thread in the narrative tapestry. Will you strike up a conversation with the charming barista, their eyes lingering a touch too long on yours? Perhaps the enigmatic stranger at the bookstore piques your interest, their whispered suggestions hinting at hidden desires.

The beauty of “Life Adventures” lies in its open-ended nature. There’s no singular path to follow, no preordained destiny. The game thrives on your choices, transforming each seemingly mundane interaction into a potential gateway to an erotic encounter. Imagine flirting with your co-worker, their initial professionalism slowly melting away as your playful banter escalates into a steamy rendezvous in the office after dark. “Life Adventures” lets you explore these possibilities, crafting a unique story of desire and fulfillment tailored to your deepest fantasies.

The NPCs in “Life Adventures” are more than just pixelated faces. NomadFunbite breathes life into them, imbuing each character with distinct personalities, desires, and even sexual preferences. This diversity ensures that every playthrough feels fresh and exciting. You might find yourself drawn to the shy librarian, their hidden sensuality waiting to be unleashed. Or maybe the gruff personal trainer catches your eye, their gruff exterior masking a yearning for a passionate connection.

“Life Adventures” isn’t afraid to push boundaries. The explicit nature of the game allows you to explore your deepest desires in a safe, non-judgmental space. Whether you crave a dominant encounter or a tender exploration of intimacy, “Life Adventures” provides the platform to live out your fantasies.

Ready to embark on an erotic odyssey where every choice shapes your destiny? Dive into the world of “Life Adventures” by NomadFunbite and discover a world of pleasure waiting to be explored.


-When creating a new game, relationships between NPCs attracted to each other will be randomly generated. It will be more difficult for the player to seduce NPCs who are married or in a serious relationship
-The “Cheater” trait has been created. A NPC with this trait will have the same desire toward the player whether they are in a relationship or not.
-The player can now ask a NPC if they are in a relationship. The NPC will lie if they have the “Cheater” trait and are very attracted to the player.
-The player can now ask a NPC to start a serious relationship. The player can also break up with a NPC they have a serious relationship with.
-It is now only possible to call someone on the phone once a day.
-The phone UI has been reworked.
-The player will now occasionally receive text messages from contacts.
-Fixed a game-crashing bug with the “Ask about sexual preferences” talk action.
-The game no longer stores a database file in appdata/local, it should prevent security alerts.


Here are some of the first features I implemented in the game for this release :
-Create a character
-Save and load a game file (in the Saves folder created next to the .exe file)
-Get a job as a janitor in college, work to make money
-Go to the gym, work on cardio, muscles or butt firmness
-Go to the nightclub, dance and buy drinks
-Talk to NPCs
-Ask to hang out with NPCs
-Have a sex scene with a NPC in your bedroom (bring them there when hanging out)

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

About NomadFunbite
Developer: NomadFunbite Patreon

I am developping an adult game called LifeAdventures. In this game you will have to make money and manage stats such as energy and happiness. You will be able to make friends, lovers or even enemies. Some of the NPCs are unique, others are randomly generated to offer a new experience everytime you launch the game !


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