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Lewd Souls

Ethrift Studios

Version: v1.2

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Lewd Souls: Where Duty and Desire Collide

“Lewd Souls” by Ethrift Studios isn’t your typical Bleach fan game. Sure, you’ll encounter familiar faces and navigate the complex political landscape of Soul Society, but the stakes are far more carnal than just maintaining order. Thrust into the role of a young commander following your grandfather’s untimely demise, you inherit not just the burden of leadership, but a hidden truth – Soul Society thrives on a delicate balance of power, and that power is fueled by a potent energy: Lewd Reiryoku.

Lewd Reiryoku is a manifestation of desire, a raw energy that courses through the veins of Soul Reapers. Understanding and manipulating this energy is key to maintaining stability in Soul Society. But how you choose to do so…well, that’s entirely up to you.

“Lewd Souls” masterfully blends strategic leadership with the exploration of forbidden desires. Keeping the peace in Soul Society isn’t just about wielding your Zanpakuto – it’s about forging alliances and maintaining a delicate balance of power. Each Soul Captain, with their own unique personality and desires, becomes a potential ally or rival in this intricate dance. Will you leverage Lewd Reiryoku to form passionate bonds with your captains, ensuring their loyalty through shared pleasure? Or will you maintain a more traditional leadership style, risking their dissatisfaction and potential rebellion?

The diverse cast of characters in “Lewd Souls” goes beyond just the captains. Soul Society is teeming with alluring Shinigami, each with their own desires and kinks. Will you remain focused on your duty, or will you succumb to the temptations that lurk around every corner? The choices you make not only affect the fate of Soul Society, but also unlock hidden aspects of yourself along the way.

“Lewd Souls” isn’t just about steamy encounters and power struggles. It’s about confronting your own desires and wielding them as a tool for leadership. Can you maintain order in Soul Society while indulging in forbidden pleasures? Or will your carnal pursuits lead to chaos?

Lewd Souls challenges the boundaries between duty and desire, offering a unique take on the Bleach universe. Are you ready to take the reins of leadership and explore the intoxicating world of Lewd Reiryoku? Unleash your inner commander and delve into the captivating world of “Lewd Souls.”


v1.2 Public Release
• In this update all sprites of the girls are updated.
• Added a new option to give names to all characters at the start of the game (some of them are later on the game).
• You will be able to find the characters’ old outfits with their new looks in the “Change Outfit” tab.
• Handjob scene has been added to main girls.
• Missionary scene has been added to main girls.
• Added maid dress outfit for the main girls.
• Added Royal Dress outfit to Orihime, Rukia and Rangiku.
• Added date outfit for the main girls.
• Added virgin killer outfit for all the girls.
• Added bunny girl outfit for all the girls.
• Added school girl outfit for the main girls + Nelliel.
• Added gym outfit for the main girls.
• Tongue out emotes have been improved.
• Character’s eyes have been improved.
• Body features have been made more similar to the original characters.
• Rukia’s sprites have been completely updated and refreshed.
• Yoruichi’s sprites have been completely updated and refreshed.
• Rooms are completely renewed with new backgrounds.
• Beach Day Event sprites has been updated and refreshed.
• Now Halloween costume has a different side theme (Succubus, Mummy, Ghost Girl etc.). Similarly, Christmas costumes has also been renewed to be different from each other.
• Futanari sprites has been improved.
• Lesbian Option scene with Rukia and Orihime has been renewed.
• Lesbian Option scene with Rangiku and Yoruichi has been changed.

v1.1 Public Release
• A new girl, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, has been added to the game!
• Removed AI Voicelines from all the game.
• Added “Call a Girl” section to the menu. You don’t have to go to their rooms anymore.
• Added “Girls Rooms” section to the menu. You can go to their room for normal chatting or special events. (New)
• Added new special cutscenes in the Afternoon and Night to the girls rooms.
• Added a new event to Yoruichi when you enter her room at afternoon you can go to the gym with Yoruichi and access to the special event.
• Added a new event to Orihime when you enter her room at afternoon you can access to the special event.
• Added a new event to Orihime when you enter her room at night you can peek her when she’s in the shower.
• Added new event to all girls, when you enter their room at night, you can peek them while they are sleeping.
• Names on Central 46 wall are updated.
• Names in credits are updated.
• Grammar mistakes in texts are fixed.
• Optimizations made.

Initial release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

The biggest feature is that in our game Lewd Souls, you can do almost anything with Bleach girls that you can think of. You can ask them to show their boobs or show their panties or even ask them to do a pose for you. You can get extra scenes with Patreon Tiers, please check them out if you want more content in the game and also help us to develop the game more.


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