Lewd Invasion

Lewd Invasion

Lewd Project

Version: v0.1.5

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Game Info

Name: Lewd Invasion

Version: v0.1.5

Updated: 2024-05-14 18:48:42

Language: English

Engine: Unity

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, dating sim, Fantasy, footjob, Male Protagonist, Parody, Romance, Titfuck


Lewd Invasion: Where Intergalactic Conquest Meets Forbidden Desires

Forget the sterile sterility of typical space operas. “Lewd Invasion” throws you into a universe where interstellar conquest takes a decidedly… erotic turn. Here, planets aren’t conquered by brute force, but by seduction – a battle fought not with lasers and spaceships, but with whispered promises and carnal knowledge.

You are the commander, a charming rogue thrust into the captain’s chair by a twist of fate (and perhaps a little blackmail). Your mission? Lead your ragtag crew of spacefaring misfits on a “Lewd Invasion” of a series of unsuspecting planets.

But unlike traditional dating sims, “Lewd Invasion” isn’t just about collecting hearts. Each planet harbors a unique culture, a distinct set of sexual mores and desires. Understanding and exploiting these desires is the key to successful “invasion.”

The game offers a diverse cast of alien beauties, each with their own personalities, fetishes, and agendas. There’s the stoic warrior queen, yearning for a partner who can match her strength and prowess in the bedroom. The bubbly scientist, whose insatiable curiosity extends far beyond the realm of astrophysics. And the seductive socialite, whose influence over the planet’s power elite hinges on a single, well-timed encounter.

But be warned, commander. This “Lewd Invasion” isn’t all smooth sailing and bedroom acrobatics. Each planet has its own set of challenges. Cultural taboos can turn a passionate encounter into a diplomatic disaster. Rival factions may vie for control, their own methods of “invasion” far less… charming than yours. And there’s always the possibility of encountering a powerful guardian, a protector whose consent is just as crucial as that of the populace.

“Lewd Invasion” goes beyond the simple act of seduction. It’s a game of cultural exploration, strategic maneuvering, and a touch of intergalactic diplomacy (with benefits). Will you exploit the desires of each planet for personal gain, leaving a trail of broken hearts and satisfied urges in your wake? Or will you use your charm and your crew’s diverse skills to forge genuine connections, fostering peace and understanding through the power of intimacy?

The galaxy awaits, commander. Chart your course, explore diverse alien cultures, and embark on a “Lewd Invasion” unlike any other. Will you conquer through seduction or succumb to the allure of forbidden desires? The choice is yours, and the fate of the galaxy (and your libido) hangs in the balance. Buckle up, captain, it’s going to be a wild ride!**




• New Training Minigame.
A simple minigame to test your reaction while training with Yoruichi.
• Improved Day 0.
Now you can go to the kitchen before go to bed, for example.
• Improved Relationship System.
Now you have more influence over your relationships with your choices.
• Improved Achievements.
Changed achievements, unlock conditions and their descriptions, added 2 more.
• Completed Day 4.
• New Stylized Choice Handlers.
• Added 24 Orihime Sprites.
• Added 6 Yoruichi Sprites.
• Added 6 Backgrounds.
• Added 3 SFX.
• Added a Cheat Code to unlock the Rukia Bonus View in closet H-scene.
• Added a Cheat Code to unlock all available CG’s to Album.
• Added a Cheat Code to unlock all H-scenes.
• Added Reset Achievements.
• Added Reset Album.
• Minor UI improvements.
• Minor text improvements.

• Added Day 4.
• Changed Relationship System.
• Added 4 Achievements.
• Added 4 Backgrounds.
• Added 6 Orihime animated Sprites.
• Added new Yoruichi CG to Album.
• Added new Soundtrack.
• Added 3 SFX.
• Android version now takes less space on the device.
• Added Linux support.
• Added Mac support.
• Added mention of Espada in credits.
• Minor text improvements.
• Changed Build Compression Method for better game performance.
• Fixed a bug where you could take an endless shower on Day 1.
• Fixed a bug where sprites not unloaded from device memory.

• Day 3 has been completed.
• Added new Yoruichi animated H-Scene.
• Added 3 Yoruichi animated Sprites.
• Added 3 Yoruichi Scenes.
• Added new SFX.
• Added new Background.
• Added new Yoruichi CG to Album.

Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Lewd Project Patreon – Discord – Itch.io

The game is currently in early development stage, your support will help us to release game updates more often.

Check out the Patreon page to get Early Access to the game before the public update, Bonus Content, Discord Roles, Behind-the-Scenes and more.


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